The Chat Room

*** For the Solitaire competition***

"Come chat. Why not? It isn’t saying ‘come take naked pictures on Chatroom’ or ‘come meet some physco stalker on Chatroom’ does it? No. So, very warily, you click the pop up..."


6. Chapter 6

The cool night air is cold and you rub your arms, trying to stay warm. You wanted to look nice for Alex, but maybe the lack of warm clothing was a mistake. Everybody that has walked past you hasn’t been Alex.

You’ve tried waving at random people but they ignore you, smiling at them and actually his name as if you’ve lost him. You check your watch. 7:10. He’s late.

“Hey,” whispers a voice. You turn around. Who said that? What’s going on?

“In the bush,” says the voice again. You stare at the bushes, trying to make out a figure.

“Alex?” you whisper and one of the bushes shake.

“Third from your left,” he says and you find it then stand by it. Staring at the mess of leaves and brambles, there seems to be nobody there. You take another step closer. Then something grasps your ankle and yanks you in.

“Hello,” he says and you smile. You can’t make him out through the falling leaves and soggy berries hanging limply.

“Do you have any light?” you ask and he nods, getting out his phone. Something inside you tells you to relax and you realise your tensed up. You relax and stare at Alex in front of you.

Except it’s not Alex.

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