The Chat Room

*** For the Solitaire competition***

"Come chat. Why not? It isn’t saying ‘come take naked pictures on Chatroom’ or ‘come meet some physco stalker on Chatroom’ does it? No. So, very warily, you click the pop up..."


5. Chapter 5

You’re shocked. Staring at the screen, looking at the glowing green words, trying to make sense of it all. Do you love him? You hardly know him! But then again, you do a little bit. You’ve talked for so long and he’s told you all about himself. How he plays rugby, goes to a school near your school, likes listening to music.

What do you reply with? Your mind buzzes and whirrs, trying to think of something. In the end there is one answer that is clear:

Random_girl_432: I love you too xx

It is sent. Right now, Alex or Catlover, is reading that message. Does he feel the same as you? Is his heart pounding, is his mind racing, his he shocked and scared and freaked out?

Catlover: i wanted to ask you for a long time... xx

He did? You try and think back to previous conversations. He was never flirty or jokey towards you, he was just him. There wasn’t anything more to it.

Random_girl_432: To be honest, I had no idea xx

You have to be truthful. That’s the main base of a relationship, right? You start to freak out again. Are you in a relationship with him now? Is he your boyfriend?

Catlover: yeah, I can be secretive... xx
Secretive? No. He can’t be secretive if he will be in a relationship with you. No. No. No.

Catlover: we should meet xx

Meet? Well, he does love you after all. And you love him, so why not go ahead and meet? It’ll do you some good. Get out of the house. Yeah, go meet him.

Random_girl_432: Ok xx

Ok? Is that all you can really say? You’ve probably just cut off the entire conversation and made it awkward. You silently curse yourself.

Catlover: how about seven tomorrow by the Great Oak? Xx

Wait, what? He had already got ideas? And tomorrow? That’s very soon. You know where the Great Oak is. It’s that huge Oak Tree next to that run down, shabby pub no one goes to.

Random_girl_432: Sure xx

And that is how the next day you find yourself by the Great Oak searching for Alex.

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