The Chat Room

*** For the Solitaire competition***

"Come chat. Why not? It isn’t saying ‘come take naked pictures on Chatroom’ or ‘come meet some physco stalker on Chatroom’ does it? No. So, very warily, you click the pop up..."


3. Chapter 3

Catlover: hi

A message already? Something inside of you feels momentarily popular. Then it sinks that they probably have computers that automatically send you messages to make you feel welcome.

Random_girl_432: um... hi?

Catlover: why um and a question mark?

Something inside you clicks. Whoever this was seemed to not be a computer and you smile happily.

Random_girl_432: Because I didn’t know if you were a computer.

Catlover: a computer????

Random_girl_432: Don’t worry...

Catlover: why would I worry?

You frown. This conversation really wasn’t going well.

Random_girl_432: Should we start this conversation over?

Catlover: yeah... :)

You pause. Do you say something? What do you say? For a minute you completely freak out. If this person was somebody, possibly your soul mate, what do you say? Then you stop freaking out when you get another message.

Catlover: hey.

Your mouth splits into a happy grin.

Random_girl_432: You alright?

Catlover: yeah you?

And your conversation starts to grow bigger. You can feel a connection growing, a friendship, just from these mere words on the screen. Wondering, you think about who might be behind the laptop on the other end. Catlover had opted for the cat, the same as you, so you can’t see who he really is. Is Catlover even a he? Maybe. Should you ask? You click around his profile until you come across his ‘friends’ list. All boys. Catlover must be a girl then.

Catlover: you have no friends on your list

Random_girl_432: I only just joined. You have loads!

Catlover: sadly I go to an all-boys school so I don’t know a lot of girls...

You smile. He goes to an all-boys school. You’re talking to a real life boy on a real life computer.

Catlover: got to go bye

Random_girl_432: bye

And to that there is no reply.

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