The Chat Room

*** For the Solitaire competition***

"Come chat. Why not? It isn’t saying ‘come take naked pictures on Chatroom’ or ‘come meet some physco stalker on Chatroom’ does it? No. So, very warily, you click the pop up..."


4. Chaper 4

At moments, you are thankful you joined Chatroom. You and Catlover, who has revealed himself to be Alex, are going well.

Catlover: what you up to? Xx

Yes, you have started sending kisses. Not one kiss, two kisses. He has sent you pictures of himself, and he looks good looking. Swept brown hair, blue eyes, light scattering of freckles. Seems to be your type too.

Random_girl_432: Not a lot, you? Xx

Waiting for a response is exciting for you. It gives you a thrill, a sort of mix of excitement and nerves. What will he say?

Catlover: same as you... bored out of my mind xx

Sometimes Alex can be very, how to put it, casual. Maybe that’s not the right word. He’ll send a message, but the thing is, you can’t really reply. That irritates you, but usually you brush it off. There is the chance he can’t think of anything to say. Or he wants to end the conversation. You can’t think of any reply, so you type in something lame.

Random_girl_432: So... xx

Catlover: what you up to? xx

For a moment you’re a little confused. Didn’t you already ask that? You brush it off.

Random_girl_432: Not much, you? xx

Catlover: trying not to fall in love with you.

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