Harry's angel


2. intro

Hi, my name's Allie, I'm 16. I live in Sydney, Australia. That's supposed to be a happy place right? Well not for me. My dad used to show me off to all his friends and they all used to coo at me and make a massive fuss of me and we were all really happy. My life was amazing, I felt like I had the world in my hands. The beaches were beautiful, the sea a sparkling turquoise, the sun always shone.That all changed when my mum died. The world was now the darkest grey. I don't really remember it. All I remember is I was four and we were on our way to Queensland to stay with my uncle in his new house, when we were hit by another car and being rushed into hospital. All the doctors thought I was going to die. For certain. My mum was in a coma for five weeks. I remember the doctor saying "I'm extremely sorry but we'll have to turn off life support." Me and my dad cried so much that day. You think it would bring us together right? Well it made him hate me more than you could ever imagine...

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