Her Boyfriend

"I didn't mean to fall in love with him"

"But his Kelly's boyfriend, for crying out loud his also our bloody teacher"

" I know, ok" I say looking down

When did everything get so complicated


6. Mr styles

Walking into the room I make my way to my favourite seat next to a window at the fount, as Luke and the boys sat in the back.

That's weird normally Luke sits next to me. Oh we'll he might just want some guy time. I guess ?? I turned around to give him the look but his in deep conversation with Ashton.

I decided to just forget about it, I mean it's not like I just did something wrong? Before I could think about it more a soft voice spoke from beside me.

" Hey is the seat next to you saved" said a small girl with long brown hair, I actually think she was the one with Nathan this morning.

" oh no it's not please, sit " I say as she sits and flashes me a smile. " I'm Ariana by the way the girl says the pretty girl reaching out her hand.

But before I could shake it a deep voice from the room starts to speak " Hello Class my name is Mr Styles I will be teaching music A this year" he says cooly with a wide smile as he walks around the class room. Shit he is so cute.

"I look forward to getting to know all of you" he says as his eyes met mine for a few seconds, I smile but to quickly his eyes are moving away. But that was enough for a bit of heat to run to my face.

"Now everyone should know what to do you can chooses to do your music piece in a group or solo act, if you have any questions just ask" Mr Styles says smiling before sitting on a stool looking around, while student rush to go ask questions.

I look over to Luke but of cause his already with the boys in his band. I look around and see everyone's pretty much already got a group or they are going solo. A few people ask me to join them but honestly I think I wanna do this one by myself.

I walk over to a quite corner to think of what song to sing.

" is everything alright love " Mr styles suddenly appears from behind me as he grabs a chair and pulls it next to mine, I notice Luke from across the room staring but not quite meeting my gaze.

"So love what's your name?" Me styles says politely with a smile and I can't help but melt as he gains all of my attention.

" Heaven or hay both are fine " I say trying to sound confident with a small smile

" what a beautiful name" Mr styles says as a grin on his face widens while my face turns red.

"Thank you", " So heaven what song have you chosen to sing or play?"

I nervously look around trying to think of a really good song to say but all that comes out is" I'm doing ummm you know um yea". God. Smooth Heaven.

Mr styles simply laughs and boy what a laugh he has as his face lights up and his dimples play a game of peek a boo, he than pats my shoulder and gets up to go " oh heaven before I go " he says rushing back

" how would you feel about staying after class to talk about a song, I've herd good things about you from other music teachers"

I tried to reply a clam yes but I just nod instead as heat rushes to my face sadly another quality gained from my father . He smiles at me before moving on to help someone else he than turns back around and smiles at me again.

Mr Styles will be the death of me and for the rest of the lesson I steal glances at the handsome figure. Waiting for the bell to Ring so we can talk again.

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