Her Boyfriend

"I didn't mean to fall in love with him"

"But his Kelly's boyfriend, for crying out loud his also our bloody teacher"

" I know, ok" I say looking down

When did everything get so complicated


7. Harry.


  "Thank you for staying back Heaven" Mr Styles says from across the room as he leans against the classroom door with his hands in his pockets.

" Oh no really it's no trouble at all  Mr Styles" I mumble out trying to hide my smile that grows quicker by the second , Mr Styles than makes a coughing sound and gestures to his desk which I then realize I’m leaning on.

“Right I’m sorry" I say standing up quickly,” No Heaven it's fine really" Mr Styles says with a small smile as he starts to walk closer from the door towards me. Which of cause makes my breathing start to quicken as I look into his deep bright green eyes as they dart around the room.

Mr Styles make his way to a chair near me and pats the chair next to him for me to come. I make my way to the chair quickly trying to control my breathing. The last thing I wanted him to know was that I thought he was cute. I mean talk about desperate student crushing on new hot teacher. God that would scare him an be embarrassing.

" So the reason I asked you to stay behind is so we could pick a song for you to sing for your assignment, which if the rumors are true you will do amazing in " He says as his brilliant green eyes shine while he continues to talk. I just nod and stare like an idiot.

“I mean you have quite the range there Missy, so what kind of song were you thinking of doing?”

“To be honest I haven’t really thought about what song I want to do, but I would like to do a song from The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Cold play, John Mayer and Kings of Leon something like that”

 Mr Styles looks speechless “well they just so happen to be some of my most favorite artist, I can’t believe it Wow of I do say so myself you must have great taste”   

A smile forms on my face as I take in what is being said. “well as least you have good taste in music, let’s just say Mr West wasn't really impressed with my taste” I clothes my eyes. Maybe dissing Mr West isn't the best thing to do in front of a teacher.

But He is not like most teachers. I open my eyes to see Him laughing from my comment a small smile forms on my face. "We'll I'm glad you've got a humour" he says shaking his head.

“You know what Heaven, for your homework I want you to pick the song by yourself, surprise me and tell me next time we have class, I’m sure you will pick an absolutely brilliant song to sing”

I have to admit I was disappointed that we weren't picking the song together, but hey it means I get to speak to him when I do find a song.

“Sure that sounds….” But before i could finish a ringing noise comes from a phone near by

“Oh excuse me a moment” he says before rushing off to grab his phone to answer as I sit awkwardly knowing that this is where I should be saying “I’ll see you tomorrow” and rush off, but that’s just it I don’t want to leave so I just sit and listen.

“Hey, yep Mmmm what time is that? Oh I see, I will, yep yea ok, I’ll tell them, love you to honey, by”

Love you too. Crap well looks like Mr Styles has a girlfriend ugh twat, she’s probably really pretty to, well it’s not like I had a shoot anyway I mean he is my teacher.

“Hey Heavan, Hay?? look I have to go I have something important on tonight and need to leave early” I watch as he runs his hands through his curls, and stand up to head for the door.

 “Oh yea right I should be leaving to, well um thank you for your help I guess I’ll see you next class” I say with a with a smile. I can’t wait for the next class I don’t want to go. I rush to join him at the door.

“Goodbye Love” Mr Styles says as we make our way through the door “Bye” I say quickly. He called me love, even though I’m sure that’s just a British thing I can't help but feel extra happy. Then I remember the girl on the phone Man what a lucky girl ughhhh.

I stand for a minute outside the classroom before someone calls my name. “HEAVEN, HEAVEN HAAAAAY”

“What?” I say looking for the voice as a tall blonde walks towards me form down the hall waving his hand around like a crazy person.

" Oh hey Luke” I say as he makes his way closer.

I lean against the door as Luke begins to speak. “Why did you have to stay back, what did he want, you don’t like him do you, why didn't you text me back while you were in there?

“Wow Luke chill, why so many question? I say taking a step back. All we did was talk about homework gosh his a teacher for crying out loud, who you think I am. I say crossing my arms as Luke’s face softens.

“Look Heaven I’m sorry I just…I don’t know" . Changing the subject he soon says sweetly "I’m sorry hey look what are you doing tonight do you want to come over or something?"

“Can’t the sisters boyfriends staying with us and it’s his first night so mom wants me there and stuff" I say rolling my eyes. "I mean I feel sorry for the guy my sister makes him get some job In the area and than ditches him at the last minute saying she can't come till later". I knew when she said her an her boyfriend were moving in the area it would be bad for all parties involved.

“Right yea I remember you telling me now, well good luck for tonight then I guess ”. “Yeah thanks” I say before realizing I should still be mad at Luke or not I don't know.

“You know what I need to go, by Luke” I say before trying to rush pass him “What? Arrrrr bye, call me latter Hay!” Luke yells as I make my way down the hall as the bell start to ring.

Well first class down…….. I just hope this day goes quick



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