Her Boyfriend

"I didn't mean to fall in love with him"

"But his Kelly's boyfriend, for crying out loud his also our bloody teacher"

" I know, ok" I say looking down

When did everything get so complicated


3. authors note #%^*#%^*#%^*

Heyyy guys. Thank you so much to everyone reading! So as you probably know by now I suck at gramma and spelling......* awkward laugh*

which is one of the many reasons I'm " trying to write" you know practices makes perfect as I'm pretty sure everyone has been told. And also because I'm a huge fan of One Direction! And 5sos!

I actually saw them last year and I'm seeing them twice next year when they come to Australia yay! so that's exciting. But yea I shall try my best to edit and I hope you like the story.

Plz Like, comment, fav ( I'm feel like a YouTuber)

Stay cool x ~ jay 🌴

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