Her Boyfriend

"I didn't mean to fall in love with him"

"But his Kelly's boyfriend, for crying out loud his also our bloody teacher"

" I know, ok" I say looking down

When did everything get so complicated


5. 4. Luke's pov


Lukes p.o.v 


Heaven Grey has been my crush for almost 10 years, and she has no idea at all. I still remember the first time i knew i felt something for her. We were seven and at school when Cameron walked up to Heaven and gave her his lolly pop and before i knew it little Cameron Dallas was asking My Heaven to “be HIS girlfriend".


I remember feeling so angry, and then i remember asking myself. why am i angry? I mean Girls are gross, and they have girl germs! But as i looked at Heaven wearing her curly hair in piggy tales and colouring a butterfly drawing i knew then and there yes even little seven year old Luke knew he was in love with Heaven Grey.


Then at lunch time Heaven came up to me crying. and when i asked her what was wrong she told me, "Cameron Broke up with me because i said i didn't want to play tag and now his going out with Cara" I remember hearing her try to hold back sobs and tears from coming down her little heart shaped head.

I also felt very happy that Heaven was no longer Cameron’s Girlfriends. Because she was my heaven NOT his or anyone else


Throughout middle school i saw the way Heaven looked and felt about me. i was friend zoned. And it capital S-U-C-K-E-D i watched her go out on dates and she watched me too with a smile and soon after it just became the way things were. I will always love Heaven but sometimes it comes to much and i need to remember boy friends are for then best friends are forever.


Heaven Grey is my heartbreak girl and i wonder if she will ever relies that I’m her cure. And here we are now the end of high school the first day of the last year. As we head into music i think maybe one day heaven will love me more than a brother.

Because everyday I fall just a little bit more in love with her and it gets harder to control my feelings.

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