Her Boyfriend

"I didn't mean to fall in love with him"

"But his Kelly's boyfriend, for crying out loud his also our bloody teacher"

" I know, ok" I say looking down

When did everything get so complicated


4. 3. The Academy

As me and Luke make our way out of the car and towards the front doors I see a few faces I know.

At the Academy you have your popular groups, like the Athletic guys who have no brains, like Mr Cameron Dalles, Niall Horn, and Louis Tomlinson with there pack of idiots. Luke's pretty popular too because of this hole band thing he has going and that smile of his. Soooo I get a free cool pass for being his best friend, most people think where brother an sister or dating but there all idiots.

And than you have your cheerleader/mean girl types like Selena.G, Eleanor.C and Bloody Cara.D who only believe in the wonders of plastic. You then get you normal people like the arty group with Zyan Malik and his girlfriend Perrie or just rich and cool like Justin Bieber and yea the schools pretty chill but some people do make the cut of being idiots and s!uts.

Me and Luke start walking the halls to our lockers earning smiles from people we haven't seen all summer also getting a few hey's and hi's.

We finally reach our lockers that across from each other and grab our books for music. Than luke comes and leans on the locker next to me frowning.

" Well nothing like the smell of the academy in the morning to make you wish it was still summer" Luke says miserably starring at the ground. " Hey look on the bright side we have music first" and as if with magic A smile is on his face in a madder of seconds at the mention of music.

" LUKE!... Heaven!" a deep voice yells from across the hall. Me and Luke both turn to find Ashton, Calum and Mickey who are in the band with Luke rushing towards us with smirks and grins plastid on their faces. " Ladsss" Luke says as they meets us. " hey guys" I say lamely as they reply with smiles and hey's.

The boys all break into conversation and I am soon left not even knowing what there going on about when suddenly I see a mop of curls walking towards us.

The guy was tall, with amazing curly hair, I felt a strong urge to run my hand through it. He had denim jeans on and a button up white collar shirt. As he walked passed carrying sheets of paper I notice that almost every girls eyes where on him in the hall.

Only a few steps away from me a guy I think his names Nathan and a girl where talking and when he notice that her attention was on the new guy walking pass. Of cause he did what all idiots do. He tripped the poor knew kid.

The sheets went flying in all directions, the new guy scrambled to grab them. he moved closer to where I was. That's when I noticed the last sheet was at the bottom of my feet.

I bent down to grab it and to hand it to the new guy. An My Oh My what a sight I got. Those eyes had me the minute I looked into them. They were green??? No emerald?? I don't know but they were beautiful. I passed the sheet towards him and our hands touched goosebumps covers my skin from the contact.

" Th....Thanks" he said in a deep english accent " I melted...this boy would be the death of me. He flashed a smile revealing two dimples before turning away and making his way to the guy who tripped him.

" Idiot, that's Nathan wannabe Skyes" says Calum from across me "Even though Nathan's a try hard I wouldn't want enemies on my first day" Luke says quietly always Mr wise guy. we all wait to see what would happen.

" I think it's time for my apology " say the new kid. Nathan burt's into laughter " I'm sorry but who do you think you are mate"

" I think the correct term to that statement is teacher, not mate" as if on time everybody's faces changed from surprise to embarrassed. All the girls sighed, depressed knowing that there chances of getting in with hot british guy was Zero. I mean it was crazy he was so young! And we'll hot! Dam of cause his a teacher ugh.

Nathan was slow with with a reply but managed a mumbled "sorry sir" and in reply he got a " it's Mr styles".god I love sassy guys. " I hope to see you in my music class, I'll be taking over for Mr West" Mr Styles says loudly so everyone can hear before walking down the hall into a staff room. Wow.

" Okay ? so I guess his the replacement for Mr West " Mickey States " His a bit young don't you think?" says Ashton curiously "and hot" I mumble quietly, but not quite enough " What was that?" Luke says quickly from beside me and all four boys eyes are looking at me, waiting. I crack and mutter a simple rushed "nothing". "Sure" say Calum with a cheeky smirk.

Before Luke no doubt try's to push for an answer the bell rings saving me. " we'll we all better head to music " Calum says as everybody agrees and we all make our way to the classroom for music A.

Butterfly's enter my tummy all of a sudden knowing I would be seeing a certain new hot and British..... Teacher.

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