Her Boyfriend

"I didn't mean to fall in love with him"

"But his Kelly's boyfriend, for crying out loud his also our bloody teacher"

" I know, ok" I say looking down

When did everything get so complicated


2. 2. morning times

" HEAVEN", "hurry up and get ready for school"mom yells from out side my bedroom, as I hear her foot steps walk away I jump out of my bed trying to wake my self up. Today was the day. I quickly make my way to the bathroom and hop into the shower before coming out to put my clothes on.

I walk to towards the hanging wrack and put on my teenage dirtbag top and skinny jeans, then Tie on my white vans. I sigh as I turn to the mirror and brush my nest ....hair as some call it. I then put on some light make up. Than I do one little look in the mirror before i head to my room to grab my things knowing luke could be here any minute.

As I grab my things I hear a noise from the door where I find my mom leaning against the door frame. " Is everything all right" i say curiously as she stairs back at me with a small smile.

" just thinking ", "your sister called". "I guess you forgot to tell me she isn't coming today." she replies in a serious tone before flashing me a fake smile to " brighten" the mood. "Oh Crap sorry I totally forgot, look I'm sorry but Luke should be here any minute. I have to go" I rush pass mom an through my bedroom door.

" Fine, send Luke my love. Anyway I should be going. Off to work too" She says shaking her little heart shaped head " Oh by the way I'm ducking to the shops to get some stuff before Kelly's boyfriend comes, need anything?" " No I'm fine thanks"

" I talked to him on the phone he has work but will join us for dinner so be home early after school" mum says seriously " look I mean it Hay, apparently it's serious" my says smiling . Ugh of cause talking about Kelly would make her happy.

" He'll I'm off have a good day hun" mom says in her fake cheerful voice before kissing me on the cheek and walking out the door as her blond hair sways back and forth leaving me standing alone.

Not long after I here a beep from outside. I grab my things and run for the door.

Sitting in an old black car Luke stares back at me waiting in the drivers seat wearing his nirvana top and black jeans. He flashes me his famous smile that makes every girl in school melt. But not me. Luke's been my bestie since we were babies. Our Dad's were friends from school.

"Hey, you ready for today" Luke says in a sarcastic happy tone as I jump into the seat next to him. " Ready as I'll ever be" I say jokingly while I play with the radio looking for a good song to play and luke starts the car.

At first me and Luke are quiet but it's a good quite as we listen to the music on the radio, after awhile Luke speaks "So what's your first class for today ?"

" I think it's music" I say trying to recall my new timetable. "No way same!" Luke says too excitedly, but then again anything about Music makes Luke over excited. Him and a few other boys in school are starting a band called 5 SOS.

"Did you hear? Mr West left so there's a new music teacher" "ughhh omg yes" I say in relief. Mr West was always so up him self. I love music but I almost didn't want to do it this year because of him.

A sour expression crosses my face as a thought comes to mind. " what if the new music teachers badder than Mr west" I say helplessly slouching down in the leather seat.

" we'll at lest we will have each other" Luke says confidently, like it was a fact as he playfully hit me in the shoulder. God I loved him he was like the brother I never got.

" huh and here we are Hilton Edge Academy" Luke says depressingly as we pull into the schools parking lot.

And so it begins.

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