Her Boyfriend

"I didn't mean to fall in love with him"

"But his Kelly's boyfriend, for crying out loud his also our bloody teacher"

" I know, ok" I say looking down

When did everything get so complicated


1. 1. Yes, I know

" Heaven, Darl I need you to come here for a second " I hear my mum yell from her room down the hall. "Fine! Coming" I say half heartedly.

Summer was over, And now school wast starting ugh . The final year of high school, Gosh finally!!This year should be a breeze as long as I had my best friend Luke everything should be great!

" Heaven! I'm serious hurry up! " , "Crap,coming" I say as I rush towards my mums room an make my way on to her bed as she finishes gets of the phone to someone. " Good, now I just got off the phone from Kelly. Her boyfriend and her should be here tomorrow sometime" mum says with a toothy smile.

It's no secret Kelly was her favourite daughter. She was the golden child! She had mum's looks tall, blonde, blue eyes, and a love for anything pink and girly. I on the other hand was much more like my father. Lanky, hazel eyes, brown wavy hair not really a fan of pink and girly thing you get the gist. Honestly next to Kelly I felt like the ugly step sister, I mean anyone who stood next to her felt that way she was a bloody model!!

" wow that's great huh mom" I say rolling my eyes as I walk too lean against the door. Before she can reply her attention is taking away from another call. I turn to head back to head to my room knowing my mum won't even notice I was gone till she wanted something from me.

It's not that she's a bad mom or anything, I guess it's just that I was always dad's favourite..... more like him I guess in more then just looks but personality too we were just so close me an my dad.

He died in a car crash when I was 10 and Kelly was 13. A lot has changed since then, me and Kelly aren't as close as we where. Dad kinda was like the glue to the family, he kept us balanced. Let's just say when he died a lot changed.

I reach my bed when my phone starts buzzing and a picture of Luke and me at the green day concert flashes on my screen.

"Heaven? You there"

"Lukeee long time no hear from you" I say with a giggle

" it's been a day" Luke say flatly know doubt rolling his eyes

" haha so what's up " I say as I see a email on my mac from Kelly.

" I was just wondering if you wanted me to pick you up for school tomorrow, you know first day and stuff and with your sister coming I don't know?... what do you think ?"

" ohh umm yea that would be great" I say as I start to open the email from Kelly.

"Great we'll I'll see you than, night Hay"

" night Lukeyy" I say quickly before hanging up and turning my attention towards my lap top screen to see what the email says". it's not often I get a email from Kelly an when I do there not usually good.

Hey Heaven,

I couldn't tell mummy this before, I didn't know how, but something with work came up so I can't make it tomorrow so I'll have to come in a Few more days, but Harry is still coming up. He got a job there so he might pop around before I get there. Please look out for him xxx LOVE Kels xxx

Ugggh I groaned in frustration. This was so Kelly leaving me to deal with mom and us to look after her new boy toy. She didn't live that far away but we never saw her.

I quickly forward the message to Luke to show what an "amazing " sister I have. I shut my lap top and hop into bed. I lay for awhile like I do most nights just.... We'll thinking I guess thinking till I think no more an I fall asleep. Drifting off I think of nothing more than what is to come.

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