Midnight Memories

One Direction adopted me! How is Bailey's life change being the adopted daughter if One Direction. will they ruin her dreams of being loved.
Book 1


3. You and I

I slowly eat as ideas of parents form in my head. I'm so deep in my thoughts I didn't notice a man with brown hair a a quiff come over. "Hello love I'm Louis" he says as I'm pulled pulled out of my day dream. I stare at him for a second. "Your name is" he says laughing as I blush in embarrassment. "Bailey, Bailey Ann Rose Blank" I reply trying to hide my still rosy cheeks.

Louis slowly grabs my chin and lifts it so we are eye level and says in his deep British accent " You have a beautiful name but what does the blank mean love". I explain to him that like all the children in this room that I was just an unwanted orphans and the blank is a filler. He looks surprised by my reaction and as he stares straight into my eyes. As he stares it feels as if he is looking straight into my heart and spilling all my secrets.

"How would you like to be Bailey Ann Rose Tomlinson" he asked completely serious. I didn't know what to do was this guy seriously serious. I started to nod my head as a huge smile spread on my face. "Would you be my dad" I ask. "We'll I would be one out of your five dads"he says as he picks me up and carried me to four other guys. " Meet your other Dads Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. Guys meet Bailey Ann Tomlinson" Louis said proudly. We all headed to Mrs. Katz office. Louis had to sign a bunch of paper so while he did it I ran upstairs to grab my song book, gutair, and backpack. "Ready to go kiddo" Niall asks. I nod as he looks over what I have. "That's all you got love" he asks clearly confused.

I grab his hand and start to head in the other boys direction. Niall still shocked on how little I have whispers something in Liam's ear. Liam suddenly looks at me and then back at Niall. Liam's and Niall's conversation is stopped as Louis walk out. He stops at the door with and evil grin. Suddenly he is sprinting towards me at full speed. He grabs me and throws me over his shoulder shouting "She's mine" and runs out of my past and into my future.

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