Midnight Memories

One Direction adopted me! How is Bailey's life change being the adopted daughter if One Direction. will they ruin her dreams of being loved.
Book 1


4. Take Me Home

Louis is flying out of the orphanage leaving the rest of the boys in the dust. Lois's stops and throws a door open to black SUV. He pulls me in and I start to laugh hysterically watching the boys running up to the car. Louis pulls me into his lap whispering "I will save you from those freaks" which only makes me laugh harder.

Liam walks into the car with a stern face "Now Lou we you have to share Bailey" he says. "But Liam I don't want to share" Louis whines. We instantly all start laughing except for Louis and Niall who are playing tug-a-war with ME.

Liam finally yells throughout the car"We are home"which causes me to be in the middle of a bloodbath. Louis and Niall are still pulling my arms out of their sockets. While Harry and Zayn are trying to push each other over Louis and Niall's heads. As all of that's going on Liam is trying to stop it all.

Liam finally detach the boys from my arms so I jump into the passenger seat and out the door. As I reach the ground I yell "freedom" which causes all the boys to laugh. I look at the house and my jaw drops. As on cue Louis runs like a freak right to the door. He gets tk hevre and looks back at me.

"Not again" I scream racing away as Louis now heading my way. I run to Harry hoping for cover. Wrong choice Harry picks me up and hands me to Louis calling him Boobear or something. Lou's puts me down at the door and tells me to open it. I take the cold metal and throw it open.

"AWWWWWWWWWW THANK YOU THANK YOU " I scream hugging all the boys . The boys all have grins as big as the mleaning tower of pizza. I take the first step out of my past and head to my new home.

Please comment Shout Out to my friend I tut Michaela and thank her for being my Best Friend.

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