Midnight Memories

One Direction adopted me! How is Bailey's life change being the adopted daughter if One Direction. will they ruin her dreams of being loved.
Book 1


2. Luminescent


I wake up screaming from my nightmare. It felt so real the heat, the smoke, the flames, and mostly the lost feeling inside. I dreamt about my parents and the day they saved my life killing theirs. I'm sitting up in my bed as my body shakes in fear.

I decide not to go back to sleep scared that the dreams will come back and haunt me. I look out my window and watch as the luminescent light begins to take away the stars.

I decide it was time to get dressed so I put on the only outfit that fits me still. I walk down as I enter the dining room I hear whispers of adoption. I get nervous just hearing the word. I want it so bad but that never has helped before. I sit down as I my mind wanders into thoughts of adoption.

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