Forbidden (L.H)

Ashton's sister Ashley comes for a visit while the boys are on tour , and Ashton is a bit worried knowing , that in the past Ashley and Luke have had a connection.

Ashton has always tried to keep Luke away from Ashley , not wanting his little sister to get hurt, but what happens when Luke and Ashley's feelings find their way back to the two.


8. wait

" Ashtooon."

Michael yelled as he walked onto the bus.


He said coming to the back with the rest of us.

We arrived in San Jose about thirty minutes ago.

I was laying on Ashley's lap but sat up when Ashton walked in.

He looked at Ashley, then sat down.


Michael said handing Ashton a control.

They started another round of Call Of Duty and I handed Ashley my control so she could play.

I liked watching her play video games, it was cute.


She screamed as she died for the second time already.

"What the hell Michael, how do you keep finding me?"

She said kicking his leg.

"He's behind you."

I told her before Michael could kill her again.

"Hey no screen peeking Luke.!"

Michael shouted at me.

I laughed and put my arm around Ashley.

"I'm not even playing, there's no rules about screen peeking for someone else."

"Yea shut up Michael."

Ashley said laughing at him.

Ashton looked over at me and motioned for me to move my arm, but I only moved it around her waist so he couldn't see it.

About five minutes went by and they had finished the match.

Ashley handed me the control and got up.

" it's getting late, I'm gonna go to bed."

"Okay goodnight Ashley."

Ashton told her

She left and after a couple of minutes I snuck out while the boys were to involved in another round.

Ashley walked out of the bathroom wearing some black shorts and a white tank top.

She walked up to me.

"Are you done playing?"

She asked grabbing both of my hands.


I said leaning down to kiss her.

"Can you Lay with me?"

She asked wrapping her arms around my torso.

I nodded and kissed her forehead.

"I'm not sure if one of these bunks would fit both of us though."

I said moving the curtain back on the bunk.

"Just lay down."

I did as she said and she laid on top of me before closing the curtain.

She moved her face up to mine, and I grabbed her face pressing my lips to her cheek, then her lips.

"Are you two seriously both laying in this small ass bunk."

I heard Michael's voice say as he pulled open the curtain.

"Come on you two."

He said hitting both his hands on the mattress.

We got out of the bunk and followed him outside.


I said grabbing onto Ashley's hand.

"Calum and I called a cab because we got you and Ashley a hotel."

He smiled and looked at her.

"Thanks, but why?"

"So you two don't have to worry about Ashton for the night. Now go, we put you some stuff in the car already."

"Awe, thanks Michael."

Ashley said kissing his cheek then getting into the car.

"Thanks man."

I said giving him a hug.

"Be back by nine."

"No promises."

I said getting into the car with Ashley.

When we got to the hotel I got our stuff and Ashley checked in.

"I can't believe Michael did this."

Ashley said opening the door.

The room was nice. It was big, and had a huge bed.

I set down the stuff we had, then sat on the bed next to Ashley.

(Ashley's POV)

I took off my jacket, and threw it on the small couch in the corner, then walked over and opened the balcony door.

"I've noticed that this is one of the first things you do when you stay at a hotel."

Luke said following me onto the balcony.

"Yea, I like being high up from the ground. It makes me feel away from everyone else."

He stood behind me, and put both hands on the railing on both sides of me.

"That's funny, because everyone else just wants to be around you."

He said resting his chin on my shoulder, and putting his hands on top of mine.

"That's a lie,everyone is always trying to get away from me.its funny how you still want to be around me."

I replied turning to face him.

"Wow,that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. So many people adore you."

"Really, like who?"

"Are you kidding, basically everyone who knows you personally, or just knows you. All of your friends are always talking how much they love having you, your family, our fans, hell all of our mums would adopt you if they could."

He replied with a small laugh, then added on... " The boys fucking cherish you,and would do anything for you... And I just happen to be the one who's been falling hard for you since the day we met."

I felt a small smile grow on my face, even though I tried to hold it back.

He smiled back and kissed my forehead. "Come on,let's go back in."

He said grabbing my hand.

I followed him back into the room.

I sat down, and he pulled out his phone.


He asked looking over to me.

I nodded.

"Yea sure."

He hooked his phone up to the tv so the music would be louder. I watched as he looked up at me, then back down at his phone, and began to scroll.

He set his phone down and I heard Nicotine by Panic At the Disco start to play.

"You still like this song don't you?"

He asked sitting next to me.

"How could I not."

He smiled.

"They were all you ever listened to."

I smiled back and nodded.

"Yea, true.still kinda true."

"Glad I still know what your in to."

He said with his adorable smile still on his face.

"Come here."

I said patting the spot next to me.

He scooted closer, and I ran my hand up his chest to his face, his forehead against mine.

"Why do you like me?"

I asked, his lips inches from mine.

"I don't know.probably because your so perfect."

"I'm not,I have so many problems."

He softly pressed his lips to mine for a second then pulled away.

"Your perfect to me Ashley, you always have been, and you always will be."

He pressed his lips back to mine, and slowly pushed me back onto the bed, climbing on top of me.

His tongue ran across my lips, and slid into my mouth.

I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling his body closer to mine.

He ran his hands up my back, and I reached down,and pulled at his shirt.

(Luke's POV)

I felt her hand move down and pull at my shirt. I pulled away from the kiss only for a second while I took it off, then reconnected our lips.

Again I pulled away and looked at her.

"Wait.are you sure?"

She didn't respond, just pulled my mouth back to hers.

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