Forbidden (L.H)

Ashton's sister Ashley comes for a visit while the boys are on tour , and Ashton is a bit worried knowing , that in the past Ashley and Luke have had a connection.

Ashton has always tried to keep Luke away from Ashley , not wanting his little sister to get hurt, but what happens when Luke and Ashley's feelings find their way back to the two.


18. Two Months

" would you like us to take you home?"

Liz asked turning around to look at me as she started the car.

"Actually, is it alright if I stay with you guys for the day. I don't really wanna go back home yet."

She smiled at me.

"Of coarse Hun. I love having you around.Just let me know and I'll take you home whenever."


I put in my headphones and watched out the window as the car started moving.

I think Ashton had already gotten on the plane before I got there. when I was saying bye to the boys, I didn't see him.

I know I'm mad at him, but I was still gonna say goodbye. He's still my brother, and I'm still gonna miss him.

As we were driving the sun was barely starting to come up, and I rolled down the window letting the fresh air hit my face.


"Hey Ashley, you need to come home now."

My mom said on the other end of the phone.

"What if I don't feel like coming home?"

"Well you have to, and your going to listen to me because I'm your mother. Now ask Liz to bring you home."

I sighed and Liz sat on the couch next to me.


I said hanging up.

"Hey, my mom wants me home, would you mind taking me?"

"Of coarse not. Go get your things, and meet me in the car."

She smiled and got up after taking her keys off of the coffee table.

After the front door shut, I got up and made my way to Luke's room where my things were.

I picked up my bag and looked around the room and saw Luke's black hoodie laying on a chair in the corner.

I put my bag down on the bed and grabbed the hoodie before slipping it on and grabbing my bag again.

I breathed in and his scent filled my nostrils. It made me feel a bit better, since I wasn't with him.

I'm surprised he didn't take this with him, he loves this hoodie.

I walked out of the room and outside, closing the door behind me.

I got into the car, as I felt my eyes tear up.

"What's the matter?"

Liz asked rubbing my arm.

"I really wish I just would have went with them. I regret not going now."

"Awh Hun, you made the right decision. You were with them for a little while, but now you gotta get ready for school. You have things to do. College isn't that far away, and your gonna be really busy soon."

I nodded. She's right. But I can't help but cry knowing I'm probably not gonna see them for awhile.

"Yea, your right. But When will they be back."

"I'm not sure, probably not until the holidays. They have a day off here and there. But it's time to worry about you now."


"Ashley, wake up and get ready. I invited Jessica over to come help you pack."

"Alright mum."

I said rolling over in the covers, not wanting to get up.

I sighed and sat up knowing I had to be productive today.

I clicked on my phone and a message from Luke showed on the screen.

Luke: hey, our plane just landed.

I had gotten the message while I was sleeping, so I decided I'd just call him after I finish getting ready.

I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom,

took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed in some black leggings and a beetles t-shirt.

After that, mascara was the only makeup I bothered putting on.


I heard Jessica's voice call.

I walked out of the bathroom and she was sitting on the bed.

"Hey bestie."

She said standing up and giving me a hug.

"So where should we start?"

She asked.

"Um just grab some of the boxes out in the hall and start marking what is going them."


I went over to my desk and opened up my laptop before Skype calling Luke. It didn't take long before his face appeared on the screen.

"Hey love."

He said with a smile.


Jessica said popping her face in front of the camera.

I heard Luke's laugh and I pushed her out of the way laughing at what a weirdo she is.

"Hello Jessica."

He responded.

"So what are you doing?"

He then asked.


"Why so soon?"

I shrugged.

"I guess my mom wants me to move earlier."

I laughed trying to make a joke out of it so I wouldn't get upset about leaving so soon.

" so, when do you start again?"

"In two months, which isn't very long since I have tons of packing to do, and a few other things I need to get done before I leave."

I looked down at my lap as I felt myself sadden. Just two months then I'm on my own.

(A/N) this chapter was hella boring I know and sorry. But I'm gonna update another one later on today.thanks for reading<3

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