Forbidden (L.H)

Ashton's sister Ashley comes for a visit while the boys are on tour , and Ashton is a bit worried knowing , that in the past Ashley and Luke have had a connection.

Ashton has always tried to keep Luke away from Ashley , not wanting his little sister to get hurt, but what happens when Luke and Ashley's feelings find their way back to the two.


2. Memories of you and I

(Ashley's POV)

I woke up not knowing where I was but remembered seconds later that I was on my brother's tour bus sleeping in a bunk. I slowly sat up making sure not to hit my head and rubbed my eyes before getting out of bed.

I went to the bathroom and got ready before joining the boys , who sat at the couches and table.

" good morning ."

They all said in unison , then laughed.

" morning."

" you slept forever."

Ashton said scooting over and patting the spot next to him .

I started to walk over but the bus jerked making me fall.

" are you okay?"

Everyone said standing up.

Luke rushed over and helped me up, before walking me over to the couch.

" yea I'm fine , thanks."

(Luke's POV)

" is there a mark on my neck , it kind of hurts."

Ashley said moving her hair out of the way.

" yea I'll go get you an ice pack ."

" I got it."

Michael said reaching into the freezer and grabbing one .

He tossed it to me and I sat back back down next to Ashley , and placed it over her red neck.

She winced in pain and put her hand over mine that was holding the Ice pack.

" sorry am I pressing to hard?"

" no , your fine."

I looked over at Ashton who sat on the other side of Ashley , and he gave me a weird look then sat back at the table , pulling out his phone and turning his head down.

" you fall a lot Ashley."

Calum said laughing.

" yea I know , but this time was because the bus so shut up."

She let out a small giggle before looking at me.

" she's always been clumsy."

Ashton said laughing along.

" I think it's cute."

I said , and a smile spread across her face.

" really?"

" yea."

She grabbed my hand making the ice pack drop from her neck.

" if you guys are going to make out can you please go to the other room."

Michael said as him and Calum started laughing.

" Um no .come sit over here Ashley."

Ashton interrupted making the boys go silent , then getting up and giving me a dirty look.

He grabbed Ashley's arm but she pulled it away.

" Ashton stop it , Michael was only joking."

" I don't care , now come sit over here."

" I am eighteen years old , you've got to stop treating me like a baby.!!"

She pushed past Ashton and disappeared behind the door of the back room.

" what's gotten into you Ashton!?"

I said standing up in front of him.

" you've gotten into me Luke , you flirting it up all the time with my sister. I told you to stay away from her."

He replied angrily.

" you can't keep him away from her Ash , I mean she is going to be on tour with us for a little while. Just let them be ."

Calum butted in standing in between me and Ashton.

" mind your own business Calum ."

" really Ashton you want me to mind my own business when your in here fighting with your sister and Luke right in front of me. You can't expect me not to interfere."

I felt the bus stop and Ashton stormed out without speaking another word.

Michael and Calum both looked at each other in silence before turning to me.

" don't worry about Ash , we'll take care of him."

Michael said breaking the silence before him and Calum exited the bus as well.

I looked out the window and we were parked at the venue we are supposed to be performing at tonight , then I walked to the back room and slowly opened the door.

Ashely was sitting on the small sofa with her face in her hands.

" I'm sorry."

I said sitting down next to her.

She looked up at me with a confused look.

" for what?"

" For Ashton yelling at you. "

I pulled her into a hug and buried my head in her neck.

" it's not your fault."

She pulled away , and I stood up grabbing her hand .

" let's go inside."

She said tightening her grip on my hand and wrapping her other hand around my arm.

As we both walked up to the venue , we heard girls screaming.

I looked over and a group of fans were running towards us and , seconds later they were surrounding us taking pictures and asking for autographs.

I gladly signed a few things and took a few photos before pulling Ashley out of the crowd and walking into the venue.

We sat on the couches backstage After getting ready and sound check waiting for the show to start.

Ashley sat on the couch across from me next to Ashton.

I looked at Ashton then at her.

she sweetly smiled making my heart beat a little faster.

I quickly looked down at my hands trying not to stare to long , so Ashton wouldn't notice.

Something about her beautiful smile brings back so many memories from when we were back home. When we'd hang around each other a lot and talk , tell things no one else knew about us. When she was almost mine , until Ashton got in the way and made sure to keep us both busy so we couldn't talk much.

My hands slightly trembled and I slid them into my pockets to make them stop. When I'm around Ashley I always get a little nervous , and I don't know why , well I do but I pretend I don't.

I wanna say I'm over her , but I can't because I don't think I am , I just have to pretend so I don't upset Ashton anymore than I already have.

" show time boys."

Calum said standing up.

I looked up as the boys got up and headed towards the stage , and Ashley to the audience so she could watch the show.

I joined the band , before going on stage the lights dimmed and the fans screamed.

(A/N). Heey sorry this chapter absolutely SUCKS!! I wrote it fast so I could update. Thanks for readings though , it means a lot . I'll update again tomorrow and I swear the chapter will be better. Byeeee💚

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