Forbidden (L.H)

Ashton's sister Ashley comes for a visit while the boys are on tour , and Ashton is a bit worried knowing , that in the past Ashley and Luke have had a connection.

Ashton has always tried to keep Luke away from Ashley , not wanting his little sister to get hurt, but what happens when Luke and Ashley's feelings find their way back to the two.


16. Jacob

" alright, that's not fair."

Luke said leaning over and kissing my cheek while laughing.

We've been on a plane for about four hours already,And Luke has been trying to take pictures of me, and I haven't let him, so when he wasn't looking I tried to take one of him, but I forgot to turn off the flash so he immediately noticed.

"Your not very sneaky."

He said pointing his phone towards me.


I told Luke putting my hand in front of the camera so he couldn't take a picture.

"But your so gorgeous. "

I smiled and pulled his mouth to mine.

"Can you two not."

Michael said from behind us.

"Shut up."

Luke said flipping him off.

"Hey don't do that."

I grabbed his hand, and He laughed.


He replied, wrapping his arm around me.

"I hate plane rides."

I said letting out a tired sigh.

I pulled on Luke's shirt so his face moved closer to mine.

He smiled and left a quick kiss on my lips.

I laid my head on his shoulder, and He grabbed my hand, as he rested his head on mine.

After a bit he began to quietly hum lyrics to a song I didn't know, but it was nice and I closed my eyes and listened to his sweet hums as I felt myself tiring.

After not too long his hums faded.


"Uhhhhhh I'm so tired."

I said sitting down on the couch. Luke laid his head in my lap, and looked up at me.

"You can go rest in my bed if you want."

"No it's fine. It's only noon. I can sleep later."

I told him running my fingers through his soft hair.

"Luke,Ashley I'm going to the store to get some groceries for dinner and the others are coming with.Do you two wanna come?"

Liz asked as everyone else walked out the door.

" oh, and Ashley, your welcome to stay the night with us if you'd like."

She added on.

I looked down at Luke and he nodded.

"Oh, okay. Can you drop me off at my house so I can grab some things, then pick me up on your way back from the store?"

I asked, and she nodded.

"Of coarse, come on."

She replied.

"I'll wait here."

Luke said sitting up and pecking my lips.

"Alright, see you in a bit."

I said leaving with everyone else.

Liz dropped me off at my house, then left to meet the others at the store.

When I walked inside a smile spread across my face.

I've missed being home.

I threw my purse on the couch before running up the stairs into my room, but when I walked in, my sudden happiness faded away,and I felt my body tense up at the sight of my ex.

I turned around to leave, but he pulled me away from the door and shut it.

"How did you get in here?!"

I said not turning around to face him.

I felt his hands run up my arms to my shoulders and I moved away brushing him off.

"You never lock your window, and when I heard you were coming back today I knew you weren't going to let me inside, so I found my own way in."

He said as a whisper into my ear.

"What do you want Jake?!"

I moved away from him.

"I miss you baby."

He said again moving in front of me, blocking me so I couldn't go to the door.

" we're not together anymore, and we're never gonna be. Why can't you just leave me alone already!!"

I said pushing him back.

He grabbed onto my wrist, and pushed me to the wall.

"Jacob stop, your hurting me!"

I yelled trying to push him off, but his strength overpowered me.

"Your hurting me Ashley!! Do you know how many times I've called you since you've been gone. You won't fucking talk to me!!!"

He yelled back, and I felt my heart start to race out of fear.

"Get off of me damn it!!"

I told him as he tried kissing me.

"I thought you loved me!!! How could you just leave me!!"

I winced in pain as his grip tightened around my wrist.

"I loved you. Past tense!!"

His face angered and he threw me to the floor.

"Loved me!!! I still love you! Your such a little bitch!!! You've never appreciated me!!"

He climbed on top of me and pinned my arms above my head.

"I've never appreciated you?! You don't love me! You never have. The past 3 years I was with you, you'd done nothing but treat me like I meant nothing to you. your not supposed to be afraid of your boyfriend Jacob. I regret everything, I regret ever letting you in, I regret staying with you after all the shitty things you did. Your a piece of shit!!! You always have been, and we'll never be back together!!! Ever!!so let it go and move on."

After I spoke, I immediately regretted it when he raised his hand and slapped me, leaving a stinging sensation on my cheek.

He pulled me up roughly and pushed my back to the wall.

"Stop Jacob, please.!"

I yelled as he pulled on my shirt, trying to take it off.

"Stop Jacob please!!!"

He mocked.

I hit his chest and he pulled my shirt harder, ripping the side of it.

"Come on!"

He pushed me back onto the bed, forcing his lips to mine, and moving his hand down to my pants.

"No!!Get off Jake I'm serious!! Stop!!!"

I yelled louder, trying to kick him off.

(Luke's POV)


I said answering my phone.

"Is Ashley with you?"

My mom asked.

"Um nooo, why what's wrong?"

"Well we're on our way to go pick her up and I've been calling her to tell her and have her wait outside for us, but she isn't answering. But maybe she decided to walk since we were taking awhile. I'll go and check to see if she's there."

"Oh, but she always answers her phone. I'll meet you there, just wanna make sure she's alright."

I hung up and grabbed my car keys, quickly driving to Ashley's house.

My mom pulled up right after me, and I ran up to the door.

"Where's everyone?"

I asked knocking on the door.

"they went back to our house."

When no one answered the door I decided just to go in.

"Stop it!! Get off!!"

I heard Ashley's voice yell.

I looked at my mom then ran up the stairs.


She didn't respond, but I heard her yell again.

"I said no!! Get off!!"

I ran to her room and Jacob was on top of her.

"What the fuck are you doing?!!Get off of her!!"

I yelled pulling him away from her.

I grabbed Ashley's hand and helped her up.

Her shirt was ripped, and her jeans were unbuttoned.

She had a red mark on her cheek, and tears were falling from her eyes.

(Ashley's POV)

"What the hell did you do to her you son of bitch!!?"

Luke yelled punching him causing him to fall to the ground.

"Don't you ever come near her again!!"

"And if I do? What are you going to do about it pretty boy?! Ashley is mine, I control her. Just wait, it won't be long until she comes crawling back to me."

Jacob said sitting up, but Luke quickly knocked him down again with another punch.

"Fuck you! Stay away from her!"

"Sir. Please step back."

I heard a man say from behind me.

I turned around to see two police officers walk in and over to Luke telling him to move back again.

He did as they said and grabbed my hand, pulling me along with him out of the room.

"Are you alright Ashley?"

Liz asked worriedly sitting me on the couch after Luke and I made our way downstairs.

Luke sat next to me and wrapped his arm around me.

"Are you alright?"

He said repeating his mother's words.


(Luke's POV)

"Did anything happen?"

I asked looking down at her pants.

She shook her head.

"Come here."

I say moving her closer to me.

I buttoned her pants and pulled her on my lap.

"I'm sorry. I should have come with you."


She pressed her mouth to mine.

"It's not your fault."

She said holding tightly onto my hand as the cops walked down the stairs with Jacob in cuffs.

I felt myself anger boil up again just looking at him. He makes me sick.

I wanted to get up, but Ashley turned my face towards hers.

"It's fine Luke. Leave him."


"Is she okay?"

Ashton asked sitting on the couch next to me.

We'd just finished eating dinner, Ashley said she wasn't hungry so she's been asleep in my room.

"Yea...Well that's what she said anyways."

"Okay. Just keep an eye on her for me."

He said standing back up.

"I will."

"Alright, I'm gonna go now."

"Ok. See you tomorrow?"

I replied giving him a quick hug.

"For sure."

I sat back down and switched the station on my tv as Ashton left.

"Goodnight Luke, tell Ashley goodnight too for me."

My mom said shutting off the light.

"I will, Goodnight mum."

She walked down the hall and I heard her bedroom door shut.

After watching tv for about 15 more minutes I went upstairs to my room.

Ashley was laying down, she looked like she had just taken a shower. She was wearing a tank top, and a small pair of shorts.

"Hey babe, feeling any better?"

I said laying next to her and rubbing her back.


She replied softly.

I pulled the covers over us, and she scooted in front of me.

(Ashley's POV)

He wrapped his arm around me and laid his head on my chest.

He grabbed my hand, and I felt him touch my wrist.

"Why did you never tell me?"

I felt my heart start to beat faster at the sudden and random question.

"Um tell you what?"

he sat up and pushed my sleeve up, moving my bracelets as well.

"Ashton told me."

I looked down at the scars on my wrist, and felt tears start to fall from my eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

He looked me in the eyes and I pulled my wrist away before getting off the bed.

"When did he tell you?"

I said, my cheeks now covered with tears.

"The day we were at the restaurant. He said I'd make you worse, thats one of the reasons he made break up with you."

I shook my head and he walked over to me.

"Nothing can make me worse, I can't help that I'm fucked up."

He pulled me into a hug.

"Your not fucked up. Your perfect to me."

"You don't think I'm crazy?"

"No. I don't. I just wanna know why, why you didn't come to me."

I looked up at him and a couple tears fell from his eyes.

"I didn't want you to not like me."

"Nothing could ever change how I feel about you. Please, promise me if you ever get the urge to hurt yourself again you'll talk to me, or call me if I'm not around.

"I promise."

He grabbed my face and gently pressed his lips to mine.

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