Forbidden (L.H)

Ashton's sister Ashley comes for a visit while the boys are on tour , and Ashton is a bit worried knowing , that in the past Ashley and Luke have had a connection.

Ashton has always tried to keep Luke away from Ashley , not wanting his little sister to get hurt, but what happens when Luke and Ashley's feelings find their way back to the two.


5. Camera flashes



      (Ashley's POV)
I was laying on the sofa waiting for the boys to come back up after meeting some fans.
They've been outside for more than an hour already.
I sighed and walked over to the balcony.
As I looked down at the huge crowd I spotted Luke.
He looked up and smiled before blowing me a kiss.
I smiled and blew him one back,and laughed as he pretended to catch it then put it on his cheek.
Flashes of cameras focused up at me and I quickly stepped back and shut the doors before anymore pictures were taken.
I sat on the couch, and pulled out my phone and checked the time.
      They should be coming back up soon... Well hopefully.
          About twenty minutes later they all walked through the door and dropped down exhausted on the couches.
I looked over at Luke and his cheeks were red as he smiled down at his phone.
 " I'm gonna go shower."
      Ashton said getting up and leaving the room.
When he was gone I sat next to Luke and he looked over at me.
   " what were you smiling at?"           
He turned his phone to me and it was a video someone took of Luke blowing me a kiss.
 " it's everywhere already."
        He said laughing.
       " are you guys talking about this?"
              Calum said turning his phone to us. 
" yup."
            Luke said as the same video appeared on Calum's phone.
 " how the hell did that spread so fast?"
         Michael said laughing along with Calum.
 " who cares."
        Luke replied.
"  I'll be right back."      
I said standing up from the couch and going to my room.
I pulled out my phone again and I had tons of notifications on my twitter and Instagram.
I looked through them. And of coarse they were the same pictures and videos I saw on Luke's phone, and everyone else's phones.          I continued scrolling and saw a picture of Luke and I walking out of the aquarium together ...... Holding hands.
How do people even get these pictures. I didn't see anyone with a camera outside.         People are really sneaky.
I scrolled through more of my Instagram feed and saw that Luke had posted that picture of us in those silly hats.
A small smile grew on my face and I looked at the caption.
 "Had a wonderful day with this beautiful girl"         
I read aloud then hit like on the photo as a bigger smile spread across my face.
There was too many pictures and videos, It would take me a whole day to look through them all.
As I kept scrolling I decided to read a few comments.
 : OMG!! So cute.
: are they together?
: Wow, I didn't think Luke had a thing for the Irwin sister.
: I love theeeem.
: is this happening?
: nooooo, Luke is no longer single?
 : sorry but no.
There were much much more nice comments, and much much more rude comments.
            I  don't think I want to continue reading them.
I clicked out of Instagram and set my phone on the bed.
( days later)
   We had gotten to LA last night and the boys have an interview tomorrow after their concert.
When we got to the hotel we were surprised by our mums.
They said they wanted to come visit all of us before I have to go off to college, Which isn't for another 4 months.
This morning we're all going to the pool and spending the day together.
I put on my pink bikini,and a pair of shorts and a tank top over it, then grabbed my shoes before meeting everyone in the lobby.        "hello darling, are you ready?"
 My mum asked turning to me.
 " yup."
 I said popping the p.
 " then let's GOOO."        
Calum said running out the door and to the pool.
When we got outside I sat down with my mum , Liz, Joy, and Karen as the guys jumped in the pool splashing water everywhere.
"Are you going to go in mum?"
             I asked turning to her, then looking over at Luke as he pushed Ashton's head under the water then started laughing as he came back up. 
" I think I'm gonna wait until those crazy boys calm down."
          She said as her and the boy's mums laughed. 
" just come and sit on the edge with me then."
      I stood up and reached my hand out.         She stood up an walked with me over to the edge of the pool and we both sat and dangled our legs in the water.
 " do any of you want anything to drink, I'm going to go grab some lemonade."
      Joy yelled so everyone heard her, then stood up. 
" yes please.!!!!"
        Ashton and Calum shouted.
Joy walked over to us. 
" and what about you ladies, would you like anything?"
      She asked
 " um yea a lemonade is fine thank you."
 I said then looked at my mum.
 " I'll have one as well"
 She said before Joy walked away.
    " how long are you going to be here with us?" 
I asked.       
" I'm not sure yet. Why? Do you not want us around?"
           She said slightly laughing. 
" no, of coarse i want you around. I was only wondering."
" okay, whatever you say then."
 She replied with a smile.
Ashton swam over along with the other boys, and splashed water.
 " Ashton, go splash over there. I don't want water in my face."
             My mum says and Ashton laughed.
" sorry."
 He said.
 " sure you are."     
Mum replied.
He laughed again and climbed out of the pool.
 " I'll be back." 
He said walking away.
     " hey Ashley, what if I pulled you in? Would you be mad.?"
 Michael said grabbing my legs.
       " DON'T You Dare!!"       
I yelled.
 " well I take that as yes you would get mad."
" yes now get back."
 I told him pushing him back with my foot. 
" here mum."       
Ashton said as he walked over with a towel.
 " thank you Ashton."
 She dried herself off.
Ashton got back into the pool and Calum and Michael started messing around with him.
Luke came in front of me and put his hands over top mine.
 " do you not like swimming?"
 He asked.
      " no I do, i just don't really wanna get pushed into the water by Ashton or any of those other weirdos." 
I said looking over at Michael, Calum, and Ashton.
" yea, they are pretty rough huh."
 He rested his arms across my lap. 
" I think you should come in still."          
" maybe." 
I replied making him pout like a little kid.
I laughed and ran my hand across his cheek, then looked next to me and realized my mum wasn't sitting there anymore. She was sitting next to Liz on the chairs.
 " are you going to come in.?" 
He asks making me turn my gaze back to him.
 "I don't know. I'm not really in the mood for swimming."
 I replied. 
" just come on. Pleaaaaase."
 He says making a sad face.                
 I said laughing.
I got in and he smiled.
We went over to where the rest of the boys were sitting on the stairs that went under the water.
" I know right. Crazy."         
I heard Calum say before they all stopped talking, and looked at us.
I said splashing water at Ashton.
" oh nothing."      
He said splashing water back.
I said wiping my face and coughing out some water that had gotten in my mouth. 
" oh my gosh, sorry Ashleigh. I didn't mean to splash it in your face."          
He came over and pulled my hands from my face. 
" no, it's fine ash."
       I replied rubbing my eyes.
He sat back on the steps and Michael leaned against the wall. 
" here you go everyone. Sorry it took so long." 
Joy said setting down drinks by the edge of the pool. 
"thank you."
            we said each grabbing one.
I took a drink then set it back down.
                 we spent most of the day outside and went to a couple of stores after lunch. 
               we've been back in the hotel now, and have been for about half an hour.
  I turned to the door when my mom walked in and smiled at me.
        I said smiling back.
                 "What are you doing in here all by your self?" 
she asked sitting on the bed next to me. 
"I'm just a little tired, that's all."
                      " well come and be tired with us."
she said grabbing my hand.
  I smiled again and sat up.
   "alright, come on."
                  I wrapped my arm around hers and walked out of the room with her.
   I looked around .  Ashton was laughing and talking to Calum, and Michael.
Joy,Liz, and Karen were all talking and smiling in their own conversation, probably because the boys were talking about weird shit like they always do.
             I didn't see Luke until we had made our way over. he was laying on one couch by himself asleep.
  I smiled and sat down next my mom.
 "do you guys want to order in tonight or do you want to go out and grab something?"
      mom asked looking around at all of us.
                " order in."
 Ashton said to her.
      I nodded         " yea I'd rather eat here."
 Calum agreed. 
"well okay, is everyone alright with eating here?"
       my mom looked around the room and everyone nodded.
             "  okay then, I'll be back."
 she said getting up and leaving the room followed by Joy, Liz and Karen.
                          " well I'm going to go to find something to do." 
Michael said leaving as well. And of coarse Ashton and Calum followed.
      I sighed and looked at Luke who shifted on the couch.
 " where'd everyone go "
         he asked opening his eyes.
           " I don't really know. My Mum got me to come in here, because she didn't want me alone in the room, then everyone left anyways."
              "Your not alone,I'm in here."
        he put out his hand.
 " Come here."
                I grabbed his hand and he pulled ,me next to him.
 My back was to the couch and his face was in front of mine.  I smiled and he moved closer, our foreheads touching.                    My phone buzzed and I sat up, taking it out of my pocket.
     A message popped up on the small screen and I opened it, it was... Was from Jacob. My ex.       " hey. I heard you were in Cali. I'm here too. I miss you, we should meet up."
      Were the words on the screen.               I clicked off the phone and laid back down next to Luke, nuzzling my face into his chest as I felt tears build up in my eyes. 
" are you okay, who messaged you?"
                          He asked wrapping his arm tightly around me.
            " nobody. I'm fine."                     ~~~~
       " Ashley, Luke. Wake up."
                       I heard my mom's voice say.
 I said not opening eyes.
            " you two slept on the couch all night?"            " oh, ummm... Yea."
         I said sitting up when I realized I had my head on Luke's chest, his arms around me and my legs entangled with his.               My mom smiled and looked at Luke when he sat up next to me, and sleepily rubbed his eyes.
          I smiled at his cuteness before looking away.   
"Well get ready you two, we're going out for a bit before you Luke, and the rest of the boys have to go to soundcheck."        I nodded and answered my phone as it started ringing. " hello."        " Ashley."
 Dammit, I should have checked the caller ID before answering.
          " Jacob, what do you want!?"
          I said whispering so my mom couldn't hear.
         I got up when she looked at me and shook her head.
 " I want to see you. Please meet me."
          He said in a begging voice.
          " Ashley!."
 My mom yelled pulling the phone from my ear. 
" mom!!"
                      " I'm not deaf, I heard Jacob."
 She got on the phone and started talking.
       " I'm sorry Jacob, Ashley can't talk right now."
       She hung up and set the phone on the table.
            "Do you remember what happened the last time you talked to that boy!?"        " yes mother, I know, but..."
 She cut me off.
                " but nothing."
   " what's going on?"
           I turn and see ashton walk out of his room.
             " your sister thinks it's a good idea to talk to Jacob again."         He shook his head and stood next to me.
 " are you serious.  He's not good for you, all he's ever done is hurt you!!"               " Just STOP yelling at me! Both of you!"                    (Luke's POV)     She stormed into her room, and Anne left right after.          "What's going on? Who's Jacob?"
   I asked looking at ashton who sat next to me, and put his face In his hands.    "He's her ex."
"Oh...why all the fuss?"
            "Because. When they were together, he didn't even love her, he said he did but he always messed around with other girls, and when she cut him off he found his way back into her life. He always had his way with her, he knew how to make her fall in love over and over again, and I guess he still does, considering she answered his phone call.he just takes advantage of her because he knows she'll give in to him. She always has and probably always will."   
     I nodded and sighed. 
" is this why..."
                   " why what?"   " why you don't want me to have anything to do with her. you know me, and you know I care about your sister a lot."              " um yeaa...just drop it Luke."   He got up and started to walk away but I stood up and grabbed his arm making him turn to me.
  " Ashton."
                     " Luke, please stop , I don't want to fight with you. Just go get ready, we're going to be leaving soon."
                  I let go of his arm and watched him walk away.                                                ~~~~   " Ashley?"                I said grabbing her hand before she could leave the room.
                     " yea?" 
She replied turning to me.
             I mumbled forgetting what I was going to say.
          She smiled, and moved her hand to my cheek. 
"Listen, Ashton told me about Jacob... Are you still into him?"                She shook her head. 
" No. Last night he texted me, but I didn't answer. That's why I was upset, because last time he talked to me it didn't go well. And when he called me today, I wasn't paying attention. I wouldn't have answered if I knew it was him."            She looked away and her hand dropped from my face.            "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked."
                     I said wrapping my arm around her.
         " it's fine."                    
"I didn't mean to upset you."            " you didn't make me upset. My mom and Ashton did. They just come at me whenever they think I'm doing something wrong, they never let me make my own decisions."                   "Well what do you want?" 
               She smiled and tugged at my shirt, pulling my face to hers, unexpectedly pressing her lips to mine.
          I gladly kissed back and pulled her into me.
               When she pulled away the taste of her lips lingered on mine.
           " you should probably go. Your going on stage in a few."    I nodded  and she hugged me tightly before stepping back.        I let go of her hand and smiled as I headed for the stage.                

  (A/N)         Hey everyone, sorry for not updating in forever. I was so busy with school, but it finally SUMMMER!!!! For me anyways. So now I'll try updating every week, but I'll have a couple updates this week since I haven't been posting new chapters. So another chapter tomorrow. Thanks for reading byeeee💕


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