Forbidden (L.H)

Ashton's sister Ashley comes for a visit while the boys are on tour , and Ashton is a bit worried knowing , that in the past Ashley and Luke have had a connection.

Ashton has always tried to keep Luke away from Ashley , not wanting his little sister to get hurt, but what happens when Luke and Ashley's feelings find their way back to the two.


4. Aquarium.

(Luke's POV)

The plane finally landed and we all got out of our seats. I saw Ashley stand up and I tried to pass a few people to get to her. But when I was behind her Ashton stood in front of me.

I sighed and blankly starred at the back of Ashton's white shirt until it disappeared.

"Excuse me, are you going to stand there all day? Because I'd like to get off of this plane."

A small older lady said from behind me.

" oh. No. I'm sorry miss."

I said while I started to walk to the door of the plane.

When the cool air hit my face, I pulled out my phone.

The time read " 6:08pm"

I read aloud.

I looked around and saw everybody getting in the car that was sent to pick us up and take us to our hotel.

I made my way to the car and got in.

" damn. What took you so long to exit the plane? It wasn't that big."

Calum said patting the spot next to him.

" oh I was just......... I dropped something."

I replied not knowing what else to say since I myself didn't know what took me so long.

When I sat down I felt the vehicle begin to move.

Michael was sitting across from me, and next to Ashton who had Ashley on the other side of him.

" how long are we going to be here?"

Ashley asked looking at Ashton.

" three days."

He replied slightly smiling at her.

(Ashton's POV)

" three days."

I replied.

" oh."

She said glancing at Luke.

I looked over at him and he turned away trying not to meet my glare.

What am I doing? What are they doing?

I crossed my fingers and looked back at Ashley who's was looking out the window.

I don't want anything to happen. She's my baby sister and I know Luke will hurt her. I mean I know he's my best friend and all and I trust him, just not when it comes to my sister. I don't trust any guys with her, especially after her last boyfriend, and things that happened over a couple months.

If only I could let go and not worry. it's hard. Ashley and I have always been close. Ever since we were little. But it feels like we're drifting apart. We're not like we used to be. I miss my sister and I just don't want anything to come between our relationship. Especially not a relationship with one of my best mates.

She means everything to me, and when she's hurt I'm hurt. So......... I guess I'm hurt now. I just can't let her be with Luke. It would only break us farther apart. And besides she doesn't have time for a relationship right now. She's going to be starting college soon and Luke would only be a distraction.

Maybe I should just call my mum and have her come and get Ashley. I've really missed her but I don't want her to be here with Luke.

I went from crossing my fingers to crossing my hands as I starred down at my legs.

The talking if everyone in the car drowned out my thoughts making me forget what was even going through my mind.

" so, should we all stay in and just watch movies all night?"

I heard Michael ask.

" yes we really should, it would be fun. Wouldn't it Ashton?"

Ashley said tapping on my shoulder pulling me out of my daze.

" yea whatever."

Her smile faded and she sat back in her seat.

" okay then."

She said a bit quieter than before.

" rYou don't have to be an ass, she was only asking."

Luke said .

" I wasn't being an ass. It's not my fault she gets upset easily.!"

Ashley looked at me. Her face saddened .

"What!? Why are you acting like this?"

She turned to the window.

" Just drop It ok."

I said sighing.

" you drop it ash!.Get ahold of yourself and stop being a douche.!"

Luke said switching spots with Calum, so he was sitting directly in front of Ashley.

I felt my heart drop and my eyes stared to water.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I am being a douche. I looked back at Ashley and Luke was holding her hand talking to her.

I didn't hear anything he was saying though. I didn't want to, and didn't care. I turned my head away before my tears could escape and looked at Michael and Calum who we're sitting in silence.

(Ashley's POV.)

I turned away and looked out of the window. What is wrong with Ashton?

" you drop it ash!. You never treat her like this. Get ahold of yourself and stop being a douche.!"

I heard Luke say, then felt someone grab my hand.

I slightly turned my head and Luke smiled at me.

" don't worry. He just needs some sleep."

He said scooting to the edge of his seat.

I shook my head and tried not to look over at Ashton.

" yea, your probably right."

I said looking down at our hands.

I felt the car slow down and I looked back out the window as we pulled up to a big hotel.

We got out of the car and people greeted is at the door.

(Luke's POV)

I looked over to where Ashley was standing by the door. Some guy was talking to her. Flirting with her.

I felt anger boil up inside of me and I looked around and saw Michael, Ashton, Calum already going inside.

I walked over to Ashley and wrapped my arms around her from behind.

" come on, everyone is inside."

The tall, well not as tall as me, but still tall brown haired guy standing in front of Ashley looked at me then back to Ashley.

" oh I'm sorry. I didn't realize you had a boyfriend ."

He said making me grin.

Ashley looked up at me and laughed.

" I didn't realize I had one either."

She said reaching up and poking my my cheek.

The guy standing in front of us looked confused.

"Well maybe you need one."

I said grabbing her hand.

" maybe I do."

" um I gotta go."

The guy said before walking away.

We both laughed and she turned to me.

" so. Who should be my boyfriend then?"

She said, her eyes meeting mine.


I was interrupted by Michael.

" Luke, Ashley. Come on."

Her hand let go of mine and she walked to the door and I followed.

" where's Calum and Ash."

I asked as we followed Michael past the front desk, down the hall, and into the elevator.

" in the room."

" room?"

Ashley asked.

" yea, we got a sweet. so we're all in the same room now."

Michael replied.

" which is a plus for you two, since you just sneak into each others room anyways."

He added on while laughing.

" What?"

Ashley asked laughing along.

" dude I know Luke was in your room at the last hotel. Don't play dumb."

I looked over at Ashley and smirked as she covered her face with her hand.

The elevator doors opened and Michael led us to the room.

When we walked in only Calum was sitting on the couch.

" where'd Ash go?"

Michael asked sitting on the other sofa.

" he went to his room. He said he was going to sleep."

" really? Is he angry with me? I always ruin his mood."

Ashley said leaning over the sofa and looking at Cal.

"Ashley stop it. He isn't angry with you. He's just upset, with himself not you. And you could never ruin his mood. You mean everything to him. He just needs to be alone for the night."

He replied.

" yea. You could never ruin anyone's mood. If anything you make, everyone happy."

I said sitting next to Calum.

She smiled lightly.

" thanks. But I don't think so. I think I'm just going to spend the rest of the night in my room too. Maybe call my mum."

She said giving Calum a hug then Michael then me as she pecked my cheek.

" see you boys in the morning."

She walked into her room and I heard the door shut.

" how come you got a kiss.?"

Michael said laughing again.

" oh shut up."

I said as Calum grabbed the pillow that was on my lap and threw it at him.

"We should just go to her room and hang out with her. Make her feel better."

Calum said looking to to me then Mikey.

(Ashley's POV)

I closed the door behind me and looked around the room for my bags.

When I saw them I went over to them and grabbed my laptop out of my pink case.

I sat down on the big bed and opened my it up. The screen lit up and I opened up Skype and called my mum. As it rang I crossed my legs on the bed and took a deep breath. Why do I always do something wrong. Ashton is so perfect and I'm not half of what he is. I look up to him and I wish I was as good a sister as he is a brother.

" hello darling is everything alright.?"

I looked to the screen and smiled as I saw my mums face.

" hello. Yes everything is fine. I just missed you."

She smiled.

" aww. Are you sure your alright? You look a bit upset."

" I think I should come home."

" why what for? Yesterday you were certain you wanted to stay."

I took a slow breath and put my hand to my forehead.

" I'm just getting in the way. I don't want to distract Ashton with my silly problems."

" oh darling what happened? You and Ashton are never upset with each other."

" nothing. I just think me coming here was a mistake."

My mum was about to speak but there was a knock on the door and Luke, Michael, and Calum walked in with a bowl of popcorn.

"I hope you don't mind but we're going to watch movies in here since you won't watch them with us out there."

Calum said setting down the bowl of popcorn.

" wow. Okay I guess."

I said laughing a bit.

Luke plopped down next to me and kissed my cheek.

" what was that for?"

I asked.

" oh just returning . Probably would have done it anyways though."

He said Turing to the computer screen.

" oh hello Anne, I'm sorry I didn't realize she had you on Skype."

He said waving as well as the other boys.

" hello boys."

She replied sweetly.

" can we play video games?, while we wait for you to finish talking with your mother."

Michael asked.

" go ahead. I'll be done soon."

He and Calum rented a game and started playing.

" so Ashley when would you like to come home? I can't believe you want to come home after you just got there, but I can get you a ticket for tomorrow if you'd like. "

My mum said crossing her arms and looking to me.

My eyes widened and I looked to Luke who had wide eyes as well.

" What? You can't go."

He said rather loudly.

" oh um.... I'm not. It was only a thought was all."

" well clear that thought because your staying."

He said sitting up.

I looked over to my mum and she smiled at Luke.

" I'm going to go finish talking In the bathroom."

I said standing up and walking to the bathroom.

I set the laptop on the counter and shut the door, but not all the way.

" Luke is adorable with you."

She said making me smile.

" yea."

I said feeling my cheeks get hot.

" so it's settled. Your staying?"


" okay well I've got to go. I'll talk with you tomorrow."

" okay bye, love you."

I closed the laptop and walked out of the bathroom.

I sat back on the bed after putting it away and the boys put down their controllers.

"What movie do you wanna watch.?"


I shifted in the bed and felt my foot hit something. I slowly moved again and gelt a weight on my stomach.

I opened my eyes and saw Luke laying on my stomach, and Michael and Calum laying at the bottom of the bed. All of them sound asleep.

I don't remember falling asleep.

I looked over to the tv and it was lit up. it was on the screen where you rent the movies. I grabbed the remote that was laying on the bed next to me on shut it off.

The sun was peaking through the the blinds and I yawned while rubbing my eyes. I looked at Luke as he started to move. His head turned so it was facing me and his arm swung across me, making my shirt lift up, exposing my bare skin.

His eyes slowly opened and he sat up then laid on the pillow that was next to mine.

" good morning."

He said showing his perfect teeth.

" morning."

" did you sleep well.?"

He asked putting his hand on top of mine that sat in the little space between us.

" I did."

I replied, a smile forming on my face.

" good. Then I need to ask you something."

I nodded, urging him to go on.

" would you maybe wanna hang out today? Just me and you?"

" like a date?"

I asked as he entangled his finger with mine.

" yea. Well unless you don't want it to be, which is totally fine."

He said nervously.

I squeezed his hand.

" no of coarse I want it to be.what did you have in mind?"

He smiled widely.

" well I was thinking we could go to the aquarium. You like that kind of stuff don't you?"

" I'd love that. But what about Ashton.?"

" Michael and Calum said they'd talk to him."

Right then the door opened and Ashton walked in causing Michael and Cal to wake up.

" why is everyone one in here?"

" we watched movies in here."

Calum said running his hands through his hair.

" oh. Well Get up. Its almost eleven."

Ashton said walking out of the room.

Luke and I sat up.

" um I'm going to go get ready."

I said letting to of Luke's.

" okay see you in a bit."

Luke said as his eyes followed me to the bathroom.

I grabbed my bag and shut the door behind me.

I walked over to the shower and turned it on before slowly sliding down to the floor.

My head on my knees a smile creeped on my face.

Steam started to to fill the large bathroom and I undressed and got into the shower. The hot water ran down my back and I quickly washed up and stepped out.

I wiped the steamy mirror then brushed my teeth before drying off and blow drying my hair.

I got dressed in a simple teal colored dress that went just above my knees , and a with a pretty light brown belt. Once I was done getting dressed I opened up the blinds to let some sun in, put my hair in a braid and did a natural makeup look.

When I was satisfied with my look I walked out into the cool air of the bedroom. I slipped on a pair of white flats with bows on the end and put on a sliver necklace.

After I grabbed a sweater and my purse, and was about to walk out of the room,Luke walked in and we nearly ran into each other.

" I'm so sorry, I should've knocked."

He said looking me up and down.

" oh no it's fine."

" alright. Are you ready?"

" yes I am."

" okay, then we should probably go, Ashton is in his room."

We both walked out and Calum and Michael were watching tv.

" we'll be back later."

Luke said as we walked out of the door not giving them a chance to reply.

When we got to the lobby the lady at the front desk stopped us.

" Oh Mr. Hemmings we have your car waiting out in back. There is a huge crowd outside, and we don't want you having trouble leaving."

She said nicely showing us to the back exit.

We quickly got into the car and it started driving.

As we passed the front of the hotel we saw the huge group of fans crowded outside the door.

" we would have been stuck in there forever if the lady didn't help out. But maybe I'll go out when we get back."

He said scooting closer and putting his hand on my thigh.

" By the way you look gorgeous. Like always."

" thank you."

I said kissing his cheek, barely missing his lips.

"You look good as well Lucas ."

He smiled and put his arm around me.


We had already walked through almost all of the aquarium. It's been fun, just us. We've talked, just like when we were back home.

" I love spending time with you Luke."

I said wrapping my arm around his.

" and I love being with you. Even if we aren't doing anything."

He said putting my back to the wall and softly pressing his lips to mine without warning, but I didn't mind.

Butterflies filled my stomach and I ran my hands down his chest before pulling away.

" we should probably go."

I said looking at the few people that were in the same room.

" yea probably. Do you wanna go to the gift shop first."

" yea come on."

I said grabbing his hand.

" look at this hat."

He said as we walked into the shop.

I smiled as he put the dolphin shaped hat on my head. I looked

In the mirror and started to laugh.

" I look weird."


He said pulling out his phone and quickly taking a picture .

" NOO delete that."

I said trying to grab his phone.

" nope." He said popping the "p".

" fine you can keep it, but only if you wear one too."

I said grabbing another one and handing it to him.

" okay."

He said taking It and putting it on, then taking a picture of us together.

" see, we look good."

He said laughing and pecking my lips.

" sorry. I don't know why I keep doing that."

I laughed at his cuteness and kissed him.

" it's fine. I like it, now come on."

We pulled up to the hotel but in the front this time because the fans had now crowded in the back as well the front.

We got out if the car and and slowly made our way past the screaming fans who only got louder.

We finally made it inside and Luke waved to the crowd.

Then he grabbed hand and put his arm over my shoulder as we walked to the elevator and back to the room where the boys had the the balcony door open and were trying to talk with the fans.

When they heard the door shut they walked in.

" so did you guys have fun.?"

Ashton asked looking at Luke's arm.

" yea we did."

I relied and Luke moved his hand s to his pockets.

" cool."

He said sitting down on the sofa.

" have you gone out yet?."

Luke asked.

" not yet. We just got back."

Neither of us asked where they went. Luke walked back to the the balcony with Michael and cal, and I sat next to Ashton.

" I'm sorry."

He said as I landed next to him.

I threw my arms around him and him wrapped around me.

" don't be."

" I'm a horrible brother."

He says squeezing me tighter.

" Stop it Ash. Your the best brother in the world and I couldn't ask for anyone better. I was just upset. You did nothing. "

I laid my head on his shoulder.

" are you mad at me?"

He asked.

" I could never be mad at you. I love you Ashton."

" I love you Ashley."

(A/N) hey in so sorry for not updating. I love Ashton 💙💙. My baby is sick. Plz send your love to Ashton on twitter and instagram #FeelbetterAshton. Anyways I'll try updating tomorrow. Thanks for reading. Byeee💙💙.

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P.P.S. Sorry this chapter suuucks. I kinda rushed , I wanted to update.

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