Hi, i'm 16 my name is Gabriela Cassie Cruz, my Best friends call me Gab and my mom calls my Gabby, but everyone else calls me Cassie. I've just moved from america, where i had a great life, but all that changed when my mom started dating this guy from Australia. Don't get me wrong he's a good guy he treated my mom right and came to see her as much as he could so, i didn't argue much about him. Until she decided to marry him and move across the world to Australia with him and his son. His son name is luke robert hemmings ............. oh what a pain he is, but he just might make me fall head over heals for him or is it his friend????


9. Perfect Day

Gabby's/Cassie pov

So it's been a month since me And

Ashton been together He's such a sweet heart

It looks like Luke is finally over me

He hasn't talk to Cathy in awhile

He's talking to someone new actually

I'm happy for him

"Hey baby girl" Ashton said kissing my cheek

"Hey handsome" I said kissing his jawline

"You coming to my gig next week?" He said

"Of course I am" I said excited

I then went down stairs holding hands with Ashton when I heard Michael say

"Aawe so cute look at the love birds"

"Oh shut up at least I have a love life" I said joking around but he still took it offensively

"Wow thanks" he said looking upset

" I'm sorry Michael I didn't mean it like that you know I love you" I said feeling bad

He smiled and said

"Your lucky I love you" while giving me a hug

*************later on that day************

Luke's pov

"So are u ready to start school next week?" I said to gabby

"To be Honest I'm not" she said nervously

"Don't worry u got us" Calum said while they all nodded

"Gotta love you guys" she said smiling

"It's crazy how me and you started off as enemies and now we're close" I said to gabby

"God works in mysterious ways" she said with a smile

She has the most beautiful smile

It can bright up your whole day

I've tried to get over her but it's not working

I tried to talk to other people but there not her

But I can't have her

She's with Ashton, my best friend, she's my step sister

Why am I falling for her ???

This shouldn't be happening

Gabby's/Cassie pov

Ashton ends up leaving because something urgent happened but he didn't want tell me what it was which was kinda weird

I went up to my room when I saw a red dress with black heels with a note saying

"Hey baby, there was nothing urgent,

put this on I'll pick u

up at 8 o'clock, see you then

Love tomato ❤️

(Haha yea I call him tomato kinda weird but I have my reasons)

I smiled at the paper and went to take a shower

I finally got out the shower and did a natural make up and curled my hair, last but not least I put my beautiful dress and heels on

When I was finished it was 7:30 so I decided to go downstairs and wait for Ashton when I saw my mom

"You look so gorgeous, my baby's getting so grown up" my mom said getting all emotional

"Aawwe mum I'll always be your baby girl" I said

"Woah where are you going?!" Luke said with his eyes all wide

I couldn't help but blush but once I noticed I blushed I brushed it off and said

"Ashton's taking me out somewhere"

"Sounds like fun" he said with a smile before walking away

I was kinda upset he didn't make a face of jealousy, but why am I feeling this way?! Do I wanna be with him?! No I can't I'm with Ashton and he's my step brother ...... What am I thinking ?!?!

A few minutes later Ashton showed up, When he saw me his eyes went wide

"I'm speechless you look more beautiful then I imagined" he said

I blush and said "thank you"

I said bye to everyone and left with Ashton in his car

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