Hi, i'm 16 my name is Gabriela Cassie Cruz, my Best friends call me Gab and my mom calls my Gabby, but everyone else calls me Cassie. I've just moved from america, where i had a great life, but all that changed when my mom started dating this guy from Australia. Don't get me wrong he's a good guy he treated my mom right and came to see her as much as he could so, i didn't argue much about him. Until she decided to marry him and move across the world to Australia with him and his son. His son name is luke robert hemmings ............. oh what a pain he is, but he just might make me fall head over heals for him or is it his friend????


3. Music Shop

     Ashton's pov            

We got out the car and went straight into the music shop. I was with Luke Calum and Michael were together and Cassie just wandered off.

"Luke can I ask you something?" I said

"Sure, what is it?" he replied

"I think Cassie's hot and she's really funny,

So she kinda like your sister, so I guess what I'm saying is,

If I flirt with her and stuff would you get mad? I said really fast but he still heard

"She's not my sister so I don't mind at all" he said 

"Okay cool" I said then continued to look at the music.

       Gabby's/Cassie's pov            

I walked to the guy behind the cash register who was picking CDs off the ground.

"Excuse me" I said

"Give me a second, sorry" he said

"Its okay " I said back

"Okay I'm done, what ma-" he stop and stared at me 

"hello" i said waving my hand in his face

The guy had green eyes, freckles and curly brown hair.

"Sorry I just saw something behind you " he said while smiling.

I turned around then looked at him with a grin

"Sure u did" I said while I winked at him 

"What? cant blame a guy for trying" he said while laughing

I laughed back and he said "So what may I help you with?"

"Oh yea, do you have guitar strings?" I said

"Yea, its right over her, follow me" he said 

I then started to follow him

"You play guitar?" he said 

"Yea its kinda my passion, I guess" I said smiling

"Cool, here's the guitar stings pick which ones you want, then check them out with me" he said 

"Okay thanks Noah" I said 

"How u know my name" he said

I just laughed and pointed at his name tag on his shirt.

"Right" he said a little embarrassed 

I then picked the strings I wanted and walked to Noah.

"13 dollars" he said 

I then payed him the money and waited for the boys to come.

"You know my name so can I know yours?" he said 

"Cassie" I said 

"That's a nice name and where are you from? I can tell your not from here" he said with a grin 

"What gave it up? I'm from america by the way, I just moved here" I said laughing 

"Your accent, and that's pretty cool what made you move?" he said 

I didn't want to answer but I didn't want to be mean so I answered 

"My mom married some guy who lives here so, yea" I said while rolling my eyes

"Ahh I see" he said 

we laughed then he said "Since your new here maybe I could show you around sometimes"

"That sounds great, should I give you my number so, You can text me when your free" I said

"Sure" he said 

"Do you have a pen and paper?" I said 

"Here you go" he said with a big smile 

I than wrote my number and gave it to him.

       Calum's pov         

"Hey Michael get the boys see if there done" I said

"Okay be back in a second" he said 

then he came back with the boys a minute later

"Okay lets get Cassie" ashton said

"Okay, she cant be far" Luke said

we walked a few aisle then we saw her talking to Noah

(he's always here when we come, and we go to the same school but, since its summer we haven't seen him much)

she was writing something on a paper than gave it to him with a smile he smile back and said "Ill be sure to use this" ashton then walked up to her and said "We was looking for u"

"Oh sorry I was here the whole time" she said back 

"Hey, haven't seen you guys in awhile" Noah said

"You guys know each other?" Cassie said 

"Yea we go to the same school" i said

"Oh" is all Cassie said

we rang are stuff up and payed Noah then started to walk out when I heard cassie

"See you around Noah" he smiled and winked at her

I saw ashton face turn from happy to upset

"Oh my gosh" I said 

"What ?" everyone said 

"Ashton can I talk to u?" I said 

"Yea sure whats up?" he said 

"Do you like Cassie?" I said with a grin

"No, I just met her, why?" Ashton said while blushing

"You know you cant lie right?" I said smiling

"Okay I think she's pretty cool but I don't know yet" he said with a grin

"Aawwe you like her" I said doing a little dance 

Michael then walked up saying " I wanna know what your talking about"

"No its nothing" ashton said

"We don't keep secrets from each other remember?" Michael said 

"Ugh, okay I think Cassie's kinda cool" ashton said

"Cool ? Do u like her, does Luke know because shes kinda like his sister now?" michael said worried

"I don't like her, but Yea I talk to him, he said he doesn't care because she not his sister" ashton said 

"Can we go already I'm hungry" Cassie said

"Lets go get pizza" Luke said 

"I don't know I'm not in the mood for pizza" ashton said

"Oh my gosh, yes please lets get pizza" Cassie said with puppy dog eyes

"Why pizza?" ashton said 

"Because its the best food ever made" Luke and Cassie said at the same time 

"Hahaha I see one thing you guys have in common" I said 

they both rolled there eyes and got in the car.

      Gabby's/ Cassie's pov      

"How old are u guys anyway?" I said 

"18, I'm gonna be 19 July 7" Ashton said still watching the road

"17 almost 18 my birthday January 25" Calum said

"17 gonna be 18 on November 20" Michael said

" Luke is the baby he 16" Ashton said 

"Hey I'm turning 17 in 18 days" Luke said 

"So your the oldest I see" I said looking at Ashton

"But he acts the youngest " Calum said 

"Oh shut up nothing wrong with having a little fun sometimes" he said smiling 

I then started to laugh

"How old are you?" calum asked 

"Well I'm the baby here, I'm 16, Ill be 17 on October 18" I said 

"See Luke now your not the baby no more" calum said 

"We're here" ashton said 

"Yay pizza" I said happy.




















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