Hi, i'm 16 my name is Gabriela Cassie Cruz, my Best friends call me Gab and my mom calls my Gabby, but everyone else calls me Cassie. I've just moved from america, where i had a great life, but all that changed when my mom started dating this guy from Australia. Don't get me wrong he's a good guy he treated my mom right and came to see her as much as he could so, i didn't argue much about him. Until she decided to marry him and move across the world to Australia with him and his son. His son name is luke robert hemmings ............. oh what a pain he is, but he just might make me fall head over heals for him or is it his friend????


6. Movie night

      Gabby's/ Cassie's pov     

Its been a week  since I've been in australia

Luke went on a date with the neighbor already

me and Ashton became really close 

his birthdays tomorrow 

I let him hear me sing and play guitar he says I'm really good,

he knows already that, the day Luke heard someone sing,

it was me and not the neighbor but we rather him find out himself

ashton said Luke and Cathy kinda hit off on there date

so they kinda hang out all the time and she comes over a lot

I don't like her though she gives me a bad vibe

and when she comes over to watch them practice,

she give me a dirty look

it makes me wanna say something to her but ashton says its not worth it 

so I don't say anything I just let her do what she wants.

"hey case " ashton said walking in my room

"hey ash, and what I said don't call me that you call me Cassie, gabby or gab" i said

"but I want to make a new one for you" he said with a smile

"no"i said laughing

"ugh how about love" ash said

"love?" Isaid 

"yea like, hey love, can you pass me that love" i said laughing

"okay fine"

"i'm gonna go out to get some stuff for the movie night later do you want anything?" ash said 

"yea can you get me vanilla ice cream?" i said 

" okay do u want me to buy sprinkles to?"he said

"sure and is anyone home ?" i asked

"well your mom opened the door and she said Lukes with Cathy so thats it i guess" he answered

" oh okay" I said 

" see you in a half an hr" ashton said while walking out my room

I then went to my closet and took out my guitar and grabbed my song book

I started to play and sing until I finished writing the song

"yes finally" i said 

"hey gabby are you hungry?" my mom said scaring me half to death 

"mom you almost made me pee my self and no I'm not hungry" i said kinda frustrated

"I'm sorry" she said laughing 

"its not funny" i said

"sure it isn't" she said smiling about to leave 

"hey mom, It finished my song wanna here it?" i said 

"sure honey in a minute when i'm done cooking okay?" my mom said

"okay" i said while she walked out

i started to play the song again.

Every now and then i see a part of you i've never seen,

birds can swim the fish can fly, 

the road is long no wonder why?

one of these days you'll realize what you mean to me,

ohh-hh, every now and then i see a part of you

every now and then i try to tell you just how i feel,

heaven talks, the rain begins, the sky turns black nobody wins

well, i try to talk but, i cant ,

my soul has turn to steel

this happens every now and then when i try to tell you just how i feel

so if you ever love somebody,

you gotta keep them close,

when you lose grip off their body,

you'll be falling

cause i'm falling 

deeper in love, in love

deeper in love, in love

deeper in love, in love

deeper in love, in love 

in love

"that was great" Ashton said

i jumped a little and look at him

"what is it with everyone with scaring me today?" i said laughing

"i don't know but that was hilarious" ashton said laughing so hard

"it wasn't even that funny"i said

"okay, okay i'm done laughing" he said with a smile

"okay so when is everyone coming?"

"calum and Michael got grounded so its just me, you, Luke, and cathy" ash said

" ugh who invited her?" i said rolling my eye

" Luke apparently" ash said 

"okay Ima shower and change to my onesie" i said 

"okay see you later love" ashton said before he left

******40 min later*********

i was all done for the movie i had my hair in two braids

that layed on my shoulders with my bangs out

i heard a knock on my door 

"who is it?" i said 

"cookie monster" ashton said 

i came out to look at him

"oh my goshh" i said 

"hahaha you have Elmo onesie" ashton said

"and you have cookie monster onesie?" i said

"there gonna think we planned this" i said 

"i don't care" he said

we then both went down stairs to the living room when we saw Luke and Cathy 

Luke had penguin onesie and Cathy had monkey onesie

"Aawe now you match Mr. penguin"i said laughing then ashton joined in laughing

and Luke just gave me a dead stare so i stuck my tongue out at luke

as he did the same and we both laughed

while Cathy gave me a look. if looks could kill i would of been died

"oh calm down Cathy, Luke is my step brother nothing more" i said while smiling 

Luke looked at cathy and ashton looked at me and whispered

"why u did that?"

"what ?" i said laughing 

then everything went silent.

" lets start the movie" ashton said to avoid the silence 

"ill start to make the popcorn" i said

"Aawwe you guys look adorable can i take a picture" i heard my mom say

"sure" every one said and posed for the picturee 

"got it" she said 

"what are u doing down here mom?" i said

"i wanted to make Robert tea he doesn't feel good" she said 

i just looked at her and smiled 

"what?" she said

"nothing i just haven't seen you this happy in awhile i'm happy for you" i said with a smile

"Aawe come here "she said while giving me a hug

i finished with the popcorn so i entered the living room

"popcorn's done" i said 

"yay" ashton said

" what movie you guys picked ?" i said 

"conjuring" luke said

"oh i saw that movie already its pretty good i said" while sitting between Luke and Ashton 

*********skip the movie**************

"hahaha you guy are all babies" i said

"shh Cathy's sleeping but hey that movie was scary" luke said 

"no it wasn't" i said 

" you liar, i saw you jump a few time" ashton said 

" okay like 3 times, but you guys were hiding behind the sheets" i said 

"haha okay you win there"Luke said 

"your not that bad for a step brother" i said as i elbowed him

"ow that hurt" Luke said 

"your a liar" i said

then he pinched me 

"oww that hurt" i said as i went to smack him but he ran 

he ran to his room but i caught up to him and jumped on his back and messed his hair up 

i than jumped off to run but he grabbed my arm and pulled back i then tripped and fell

and he fell on top of me, are faces were so close together

i thought we were gonna kiss, he was looking in my eyes as i was doing the same to him 

but then i snapped out of it and said

" i think ashtons waiting for us" i said as i pushed him off of me 

"do you like ashton ?" Luke said as he sat on his bed

" as a best friend of course, nothing more why you ask ?" i answered back

" just curious" he said

"okay, hey what time is it ?" i said

"11:58 why" he said

"ashtons birthday " i said before running down the stairs

"ASHTON" i said

"shh everyones sleeping you know" ashton said

"oopps, i forgot" i said

"but anyway what you want love?" he said 

" oh yea, happy birthday" i said jumping on his back

"haha you remembered?" he said 

"of course" i said 

"guess what ?" i said

"what?" he said 

" i got you something" i said

"you didn't need to" he said

"i know but its a gift to u, Calum, Michael and Luke but,

since there not here ill give it to them later" i said

" what is it" he said

"close your eyes and give me your hand" i said

he did as i said and i put a necklace in his hand that said

5 Seconds of summer and on the back i engraved

your biggest fan, gabby .

he then opened his eyes and look at it 

"flip it around" i said 

"wow, im speechless i love it, how much did it cost you"

"my cousin works at a jewelry store and

he kinda owes me so i got it for a good price" i said

he then hugged me his hands were around my waist

and my arms were around his neck.

i heard someone clear there throat so i turned around and saw Luke 

"here's an early birthday present" i said 

"wow this is nice thank you where you got it" he said

i turned around and looked at ashton

"you guys ask so much questions don't you? cant you just accept the gift" i said

" oh yea and turn it around" i said 

he did as i said and read a lot

your biggest fan and pain in the butt, Cassie 

"hahaha i love it thanks " he said while hugging me

"i think we should head to bed" i said 

we all walked to the living room Luke cuddle up to cathy while me and

ashton started to laugh at them

"hey ashton wanna sleep in my room? i kinda don't want to sleep here it gets hot

and i dont want to leave you here" i said 

"sure" he said

we walked to my room and got in bed 

10 minutes later ashton fell asleep

ashton started to snore so i started to shake him 

but instead he pulled me so close to his chest 

i could here his heart beat. i didn't fight my way out 

i just stood there (what? he was a good cuddlier) and

listen to his snore and heart beat until i drifted off.



(A/N): i didnt really write the song.

its called no name by Ryan O'shaughnessy.

Anyways i hope you guys like it so far.






















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