Hi, i'm 16 my name is Gabriela Cassie Cruz, my Best friends call me Gab and my mom calls my Gabby, but everyone else calls me Cassie. I've just moved from america, where i had a great life, but all that changed when my mom started dating this guy from Australia. Don't get me wrong he's a good guy he treated my mom right and came to see her as much as he could so, i didn't argue much about him. Until she decided to marry him and move across the world to Australia with him and his son. His son name is luke robert hemmings ............. oh what a pain he is, but he just might make me fall head over heals for him or is it his friend????


7. Mind your business

        Gabby's/Cassie's pov      

I woke up to something hitting my face

I looked up and saw Luke there laughing

"What the fuck, i was sleeping" i said frustrated 

"i see you and him hit it off last night" Luke said 

"oh shut up we didn't do nothing" i said

" yea right i saw you guys all cuddled up" he said looking upset

i went to brush my teeth and came out

"it was cold, and why do you care what i do? why don't you mind your business"

i said throwing my pillow at him but missing 

" ah-ha you missed" he said as he threw it back and it hit my face

"LUKE I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU" i said throwing my shoe and getting him this time

"owww that hurt" Luke said 

"shut up i'm trying to sleep here" ashton said

"sorry " i said as i chased Luke out the room

 i went to the kitchen and got whip cream and put it on my hand

i hid in the big cabinet till i saw him and jumped out and scared him

"ahhh what the hell" he screamed as i smacked him with whip cream

"its on" he said as he went to get ice cream

i ran to get more whip cream and we started having a food fight

Luke than pushed me against the wall as he poured ice cream over the top of my head

we started laughing at how funny we looked 

we stopped laughing and Luke's face was so close to mine 

he kept looking into my eyes and lips

he then leaned in and kissed me 

i push him off and said 

" Luke are you crazy? you have a girlfriend and where kinda like brother and sister" i said 

"i know i'm sorry its just......" he stopped, looked at me and kissed me again 

this time i let him as our lips moved in sync 

we got interrupted by my mom saying

"gabby if your in the kitchen can you bring me a banana" 

" sure mom" i said as me and Luke walked out the kitchen with the banana 

"what the hell happened here" she said seeing me and Luke covered in food

" food fight " i said kinda nervous

"what? you guys better clean the mess and go get clean up" she said with a stern face

"okay mom" i said rolling my eyes 

me and Luke cleaned the mess and went to go get cleaned up

i went to the room and ashton was still sound asleep

he looked soo adorable 

i just jumped in my shower with my clothes still on 

an took them off there

i started to wash my hair when i heard the door open 

i couldn't open my eyes because of the conditioner

so i washed it all out and looked to see who it was when i saw ashton peeing 

"oh my gosh, i didn't need to see that" i said yelling

"i'm sorry i couldn't hold it" he said laughing

" you should of told me it was you so i wouldn't have looked" i said 

"it wasn't that bad i bet you liked it" ashton said 

"oh shut up irwin" i said as he walked out

******20min later******

i came out with my towel and went to grab some clothes to put on

when i saw ashton on my bed on his phone

"ashton what are you still doing in my room" i said 

"sorry i like it in here, its cold and downstairs its hot" he said 

"ugh okay" i said as i grabbed my outfit and went to my bathroom

i had a white summer dress with yellow flowers

that was above my knees

i decided to put my hair in curls and put white flats

i put a yellow bandana on to match

(what? i love bandanas)

i came out to put make-up on 

not to much, just mascara blush and a light pink lipstick

"where your going?" ashton said 

"nowhere i just wanted to look pretty for your birthday" i said jumping on his back 

"i cant breath" ashton said 

i then got up and layed next to him

Ashton just kept looking at me 

"what?" i said

"nothing your just gorgeous" ashton said

"why thank you young man" i said laughing

    Luke's pov            

"oh my gosh" i said brushing my hair 

i cant believe i kissed her

i have a girlfriend and she likes ashton

oh my gosh what if she tell ashton 

but worse what if she tells my dad.

i kept thinking that in my head, but wait a minute

she didn't push away the second time

does she like me? 

but even if we do we can never be together 

i need to get over her 

i shouldn't be thinking this 

1 week ago i hated her now i like her, whats going on, why do i like her?

 well because her smile, her laugh, her carefree personality, 

she's not like most girls, she rather go to the music shop than go to the mall to shop

she's like one of the guys.

"hey how was movie night?" my dad distracting me from my thoughts

"its was fun" i said with a smile 

     Ashton's pov     

*******1hr later*********

"i cant stay i have to go hang out with my family for my birthday"

i said looking at gabby giving me the puppy dog eyes

"ugh okay, when you leaving?"she said 

"in 1hr" i said 

"ughh that's to soon, tell your mom i kidnapped you and you cant leave" she said laughing

"if i could i would" i said 

"i know" she said

i then clicked her radio on and told her lets dance

she threw her self on her bed and said "no"

i than picked her up and put her on my shoulder

"ashton put me down" she yell while smacking my back

"only if you dance with me" i said 

"ugh okay fine" she said

then a slow song came on, i put her down and said 

" are you ready" 

"yea" she said

i put both my hands around her waist as

she put her hands around my neck she then layed her head on my chest 

as we swayed back and forth, 

she then stepped on my foot and started laughing

"i'm sorry i'm not good at this" she said while looking at me 

"everyone makes mistake" i said while looking in her eyes

we were about to kiss when her mom knocked on the door and we pulled away

"ashton your moms out side waiting for y-"

"I'm sorry did i just interrupt something?" she said

"no mom you didn't" cassie said blushing

i walked downstairs as she followed 

"bye ashton see you tomorrow "she said kissing my cheek 

"see you love" i said back








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