Hi, i'm 16 my name is Gabriela Cassie Cruz, my Best friends call me Gab and my mom calls my Gabby, but everyone else calls me Cassie. I've just moved from america, where i had a great life, but all that changed when my mom started dating this guy from Australia. Don't get me wrong he's a good guy he treated my mom right and came to see her as much as he could so, i didn't argue much about him. Until she decided to marry him and move across the world to Australia with him and his son. His son name is luke robert hemmings ............. oh what a pain he is, but he just might make me fall head over heals for him or is it his friend????


2. Meeting luke

      Gabby's / Cassie pov       

I moved around on the bed then got up and look at my phone

and it was only 10 am. 

I had some texts from my friends from back home, I quickly answered them back, showing I'm still alive. I was suppose to call them when I landed but I kind of forgot. My best friend Alyssa called me , so I answered.



"And what never your one of a kind, I just been arguing with my mom, you know the usual"

I continued to talk to her for about 20 min then hung up.

I got up, brushed my teeth and took a shower.

when I got out I put other Pjs since it was only 10:30am and I had nothing better to do, so put my fluffy slippers on. I went to the kitchen and made my self coffee and left some for whoever wanted. I sat at the table and started to think about the boyfriend I left back home, me and him make a year tomorrow.

My thoughts were interrupted by Robert saying "good morning" which I didn't mind at all

"Morning" i said in return

"So you drink coffee?" he said 

I then nodded my head and said "I love coffee my dad use to make me it every morning so, now I'm hooked on it I guess" 

He then looked at me and said " look I'm not trying to play the role of your father, but if you every need someone to talk to or to get u out of something Ill be there you know that right?" I didn't hear him much because I started to think of my dad. but then he repeated him self and I snapped out of it and I answered him back. 

"Look Robert I'm glad my mom met you, you treat her how a man is suppose to treat a lady. my dad treated her like shit and left us and didn't even say bye to me, he's with someone new, has a family and treats them some much better and hasn't even contacted me for about 7 yrs but, I bet you know that already and I know your there for me I know u care for us, You proved enough that you do, don't worry. Stop trying so hard " I said then i smiled at him and asked

"Do you want some coffee?" 

"Sure" he answered

"Black or half & half ?" i asked 

"Black please" 

"Yuck how can you drink that ? I like mine sweet." I said while passing him the coffee

" Everyone's different" he said before sitting on the couch

"Oh and Cassie" Robert said 

" yes Robert" I replied

"Luke should be here later and u don't have to call me Robert, so formal me rob okay?"

"okay rob" i said laughing while joining him watching t.v.

********2 hours later*******

My mom just had woken up and sat next to me.

I didn't mind it even though I was mad at her.

"Gabby" my mom said

"Yess mom" I replied 

"Are u still angry with me? I'm sorry I've should of asked u before I moved out here" she said 

"Its okay. I kinda like it out here" I said with a smile.

she smiled back then there was a knock on the door.

my mom got up and said "Its the storage guys with our stuff"

I got up to go get my things the storage people had of mines. I put the boxes in my room when I realized my long box was missing. I ran down stairs to my mom and asked her

"Mom did u remember to put the box with my guitars

and the guitar stands in the storage truck?" 

"Yes why " she said in her room

"Its not here. OH MY GOD MOM ARE U SURE U DID?" I said walking to her room

"I should have I think" she said 


"You can always buy one here" she said 

"Mom, those guitars were dads" I said holding my tears.

"Why you care so much about him he treated us like shit?" she said upset


"YESS I KNOW THAT" she said but felt sorry

"Ill call and see if they forgot to give it to us okay?"

"Okay" is all I said

"Gabby they have it, I didn't forget it" she said 

"Okay good " i said

~~~~20 min later~~~~

There was a knock on the Door so I ran down stairs to open the door. "Thank you" i said as I smiled

I put my stuff in my room when I heard rob call me.

"Yes rob" I said 

"Come down " he said 

I walked down and walked to the living room as I saw the back of 4 boys standing there

"I'm here" I said 

"Great, this is my son Luke and his friends Calum, Michael, and Ashton" 

they were all really cute but I snapped out of it realizing I cant think my step brother is cute.

"Hey i'm Cassie nice to meet u all" I said back.

Robert then walked away, leaving me with the boys

"Hey ah Cassie right?" Luke said 

Luke had really pretty eye they were a ocean blue, there were kinda like rob's but more brighter

"Yea" i answered

"Listen up just because u moved in here with your mom doesn't mean anything, and i don't want to call someone who clearly don't know how to talk, only scream , my step sister so why don't u go back to where you came from" he said while his friends agreed then laughed

"You don't scare me one bit and if I could leave I would, I never wanted to come here anyways" I said while walking away 

"Oh and I'm from america by the way"

I said while walking towards the steps to go up to my room.

            Luke's pov       

"You didn't need to be that mean" Ashton said 

"Oh shut up you were laughing to" I said 

"Still, she look kinda upset about being here and it looks like you made it worse" ashton said

while Calum and Michael agreed with him.

"Oh well, she'll get over it" I said

"Luke" my dad said 

"Yes dad" I replied back

"I'm going food shopping with Rosie (my dads wife) Cassie's here so if u leave to the mall or something take her with you, I don't want her here alone and if I come back and Shes here alone your grounded you here me ?"

"Yess dad I understand" I said 

"Okay see u in a little bit" he said 

***********30 min later************

"Lets go somewhere" Ashton said 

"Well your the one with the car " I said 

he laughed and said "You're right" 

We all got up and was about to leave when we remembered what my dad said so we all went to tell her to come join so I opened her door with out knocking 

(what? its my house I could do that if I want to) 

she was on the balcony outside her window crying about wanting to go home. I Then felt someone elbow me which was Ashton saying " I told u so"

she had the person on speaker and it sounded like a boy he was saying things like "I love u "and "I miss u " and she said it back then he said he would try to come visit her and make it work but she said "there's no way you could save enough money to come and go, I can't do this I'm sorry but it's over"

I then tripped over her shoe and fell. She heard me and wiped her tears, she came in the room screaming at me and the boys but then I apologized and invited her to come with us to the music shop she agreed and told us to leave while she got dressed

"I'm finished" I heard her say  

"Okay lets go" I said 

"How are we getting there and why you invited me ?" she said 

"Ashton got a car and i want to be nice" i said

"Stop lying your dad said if you left her here by her self he would ground you" Michael said

I gave him a dead stare until I heard her voice again, She had a sweet voice when she wasn't screaming or mad.

"Its okay I don't mind that but really ashton drives ? awesome "

we walked out the house while cassie talked to ashton.

"Oh my gosh, you got a jeep?" she said 

"Yea why ?" ashton said 

"I love jeeps" she said 

"Have you ever been in one?" he said 

"Yea my dad had one" she said sounding sad 

"Oh Im sorry I-" ashtion said before she cut him off and said 

"No need for that lets just go " cassie said a little happy

"Shotgun" cassie said 

" WHAT? WHERE ?" everyone said nervously

I heard her laugh (which was kinda cute) 

"In america when we say that its like I got the passengers seat"

"Americans are weird, you almost scared me half to death" calum said 

"Maybe a little" she said before sitting In the passengers seat.













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