Hi, i'm 16 my name is Gabriela Cassie Cruz, my Best friends call me Gab and my mom calls my Gabby, but everyone else calls me Cassie. I've just moved from america, where i had a great life, but all that changed when my mom started dating this guy from Australia. Don't get me wrong he's a good guy he treated my mom right and came to see her as much as he could so, i didn't argue much about him. Until she decided to marry him and move across the world to Australia with him and his son. His son name is luke robert hemmings ............. oh what a pain he is, but he just might make me fall head over heals for him or is it his friend????


5. Band practice

       Gabby's/ Cassie pov    

I groaned to the sound of music being played loudly. I looked at the phone and my eyes went wide it was already 1:30 pm 

I had a text from some number I've never seen before saying "I'm free at 3:30 to show you around"

Then I realized it was Noah and I text him to come to Luke's house But anyway I didn't sleep last night so that's why I woke up so late. I was just playing my guitar and writing a song on the balcony outside of my window until I got cold and came inside and try to fall asleep, I hope I didn't wake no one.

I took a shower and did what I do every morning 

*I brushed my teeth

*I brushed my hair And put it in a pony tail

* I put face wash on my face and washed it after 10 minutes

I then went through my suitcase and hung all my things up. I decided to put a blue crop top that said BO$$ and black skinny jeans with blue converse to match the shirt and a black bandana to match the jeans. I went to the table with the makeup and did a natural look. I went downstairs to the basement when they saw me they all just stared at me and stop playing there instruments

"You guys are really good" I said to break the silence 

"You really think so? around here they don't really like the music we play" michael said 

"I really like it, you guy can become big one day" I said 

"Thanks for having faith in us" Calum said 

"No problem"I said before sitting down to watch them

"Hey can you record us so we can put it up on Youtube?" ashton said 

"You guys put videos on youtube? whats your name on it ?" I said sounding Surprized

"5 seconds of summer" Luke said 

"Oh yeaa I Should've figured" I said grabbing ashtons phone to record them

*******skip that part******

"Wow you guys are go- "I said before I got interupted by my phone 

"Sorry give me a sec" I said before walking out the basement 

I came back to the basement 5 min later 

"Hey Luke, do you know where my mom went?" I asked

"She went somewhere with my dad why?" he answered

"I'm going somewhere" I said 

"You don't know your way around where your gonna go ?" ashton said 

" Noah showing me around"I said 

"Oh I Should've known" he said

"When you leaving?" ashton said 

"I don't know yet he gonna text when he's In front" I said 

"Oh guys I forgot to tell you last night I came out the shower and when I came out someone was playing the guitar and singing this song she wrote and it was coming out my window so I when I got closer it stopped and when I came out Cathy was on her roof I think it was her but I don't know it sounded like the girl was closer but, it couldn't have been, she was the only one out there" Luke said

I shot my head up so fast when he said that, I wanted him to know it was me but I didn't want him to know I could sing or play guitar, I got stage fright.

" Cathy the girl you like?" ashton said 

"Yea and now that I know she plays guitar and sings it makes her more attractive" Luke said 

"Maybe you should ask her and see if it was her" Calum said 

"Maybe your right" Luke said

"um hello, yea so can one of you close the door behind me, I'm leaving?" I said 

they all walked up I don't know why I only asked for 1 but they all came up I then looked at my self in the living room mirror and put on red lipstick and nerdy glasses 

"Do you like him that your getting all prettied out ?" calum said 

"No I just met him but I'm not gonna go outside looking hideous" I said laughing 

"you look really pretty by the way, I didn't know you dress like that" ashton said smiling

"Close your mouth you'll get flies and I dress like this from time to time but I have my lazy days"

I said smiling while someone knocked on the door

"Hey Noah" I said to him while I opened to door

"Wow, you look great and why are you at Luke's house" he said 

"Remember I said my mom got married to a guy from here?" I said

"Yea " he said kinda confused

"Well she married his dad" I said rolling my eyes 

"Oh soo you guys are kinda like brother and sisters now?" he said

"I guess you can sa-" i was cut off by Luke saying 

"No we're not, okay bye now" Luke said before pushing me out

"Asshole" I said with a face while Noah laughed.

"Stepbrothers, what can you do?" Noah said while I laughed

      Michael's pov      

*******2hrs later*******

"lets play true or dare" I said 

"okay you first" Ashton said 

"okay Luke truth or dare" I said 

"dare" he said confidently 

"I dare you to go knock on Cathy's door and ask her on a date" I said

"okay" Luke said 

he then got up and walked out the door

Luke came back 5 min later

"well" we all said to him

"I have a date on Friday with her" Luke said 

"your such a liar" Ashton said

"No I'm not" Luke said 

"prove it then hemmings" I said 

"okay ill prove it clifford" he said back

 Luke then called her it rung 3 times until she picked up

"hello" she said

"hey Cathy" Luke said

"whats up" she said 

" oh nothing i just wanted to know what time should i pick you up?" Luke said

" 8 o'clock" she said 

"okay see you then" Luke said

"bye" she said 

then they hung up,"told you" Luke said

"okay then, point proven "I said

"okay Luke your turn" calum said

"ashton truth or dare" Luke said 

"dare I'm not scared" he said 

Luke had a devilish smile, I knew he was gonna say something crazy

"I dare you to go up to Cassie room and take her panties, take a picture, put it on Instagram, then put them on your head for a few rounds." luke said 

"what are you try to get me killed?" ashton said 

"its a dare and you have to do it" I said 

"yep you should of never picked dare" calum said

"I hate you guys" ashton said 

he walked up and went in her room, 1 minute later cassie came home

"hey guys" she said

"hey" we said back 

"wanna play truth or dare?" I asked kinda nervous

"uh sure let me go to my room real quick" she said 

"NO" we said at the same time

"why? wait a minute where ashton?" she said 

"kitchen,bathroom, luke's room" we all shouted then she ran up to her room and we followed

       Ashton's pov      

I opened Cassie door and looked around then I found her closet. I opened it and started to look around then I found a draw, I pulled it open and found her panties. I took her lace panties and put it in my pocket but then I bumped into something, it fell and then some paper fell out of it so I picked the paper up and started to read it. It sounded like it was a song, so I went to pull the sheet off of what had just fell but before I could the door slammed open and when I turned around it was A very pissed off Cassie.

I tried to apologize but before I could she started screaming at me so fast I couldn't really understand what she was saying. She started to hit me and I ran out of the room. The boys started to laugh at me.

I started to play fight them when Luke said  

" did you get them ?" 

" yess and now you ruined my chances with her.. I mean friendship" I said

"Right...... " Calum said

"You liar show them" Michael said 

so I pulled out the pink lace panties I took from Cassie's room

"you bad ass" calum said

"I didn't know you had it in you" Luke said patting my back

"Oh and I found th-"I was cut off by Cassie calling me 


"good luck" they all said to me 

I walked up the stairs and looked at her and said

"how was your day with Noah?" 

"Oh shut up" she said

"look I know what you saw don't tell them please" she said

"What are you talking about?" I said 

"My guitar and songs I wrote don't play stupid" she said

"okay I'm sorry, I wont tell them and Luke dared me to go in there" I said walking away from her

"Wait, for what?" she said 

"Oh nothing" i said with a grin

"ashton give me my panties or bra, whatever you got" she said

"How u knew?" I said

I gave him a look like if that was a dumb question "now pass it up" she said 

"Right.... That was stupid of me" I said as I passed her, her panties "Thanks" she said

"There quite nice you know" I said laughing 

" eww ashton " she said laughing before chasing me around the house

**********20 min later************

we started to leave cause we started to get tired

"bye Cassie and I'm still soo sorry" I said 

"its okay bye guys" she said giving us all hugs.

      Gabby's/Cassie pov   

My mom showed up with Robert around 12:30 pm

"hey mom, hey rob" I said 

"hey" they both said 

" where were you guys all day?" I said 

"he invited me to a party at work" my mom said 

"oh okay I'm kinda tired, goodnight mom and Rob"

"goodnight" they said


 (A/N): I hope you like it so far..... Ill try to update more often


















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