Daddys Baby

What happens when you cross Louis baby girl with Harry's Teen son? A whole lot of trouble. Lots of lies and secrets.


8. Chapter

Louise POV 


As I walk down the long halls of my house I walk by Derek's room. He's talking on his phone. His phone is on speaker. I peek in the room through a crack in the door. He states silently at the phone as the girl blabs on. I roll my eyes as she talks about heels, like Derek cares.

"Sooooo, Derek , I was wondering if you want to be my Boyfriend?" The girl suddenly says. Derek stiffens up, his eyes get wide as he stares at the phone. The room fills with a silence. Not even any breathing can be heard. I soon realize I'm holding my breath. 

"Yeah, why not." My heart shatters , I feel like collapsing . But I don't . I feel warm tears run down my face. I can't move, as if I'm glued to the floor. Then I run . I run down the long halls to my room. I shut the door and collapse on my bed and let the hot salty tears flow.

i thought he liked me back. I feel stupid for liking him. I can't believe he let me like him if there was another girl. 

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