Daddys Baby

What happens when you cross Louis baby girl with Harry's Teen son? A whole lot of trouble. Lots of lies and secrets.


4. chapter three

Louise POV

Maybe it's just me or does Derek take things a little too seriously. I told him to take a picture, normal sass, and he did! It's a phrase! Not a literal action!

"Louise! I'm sorry!" He yells through my door I roll my eyes. He burst through the door .

"Sorry, love." He blushes as he realizes I'm in a bra and pj pants.

"It's alright." I say. I grab a blanket off my chair and wrap myself in it.

"Look, we've kinda started off on the wrong foot. How about we forget what happened" I smile

He nods and smiles back.

"Ehem" I turn around to see my dad standing in the doorway.

"Oh hi daddy" I nervously laugh and wave at him

"Hope I'm not interrupting, dinners ready." He says

"Oh, sir I was just apologizing to her about something I did earlier." Derek saves me

"Yeah. Sure, an apology ." My dad mocks and crosses his arms.

"I think I'll go now." Derek says and scurries past my dad.

"What was that!" I say once Derek's gone

"Oh, nothing just your shirtless with him in here." He says plainly

"He came in to apologize! I just happened to be dressed like this." I say innocently

He nods his head. "Oh, ok, I see. Go put a shirt on." He says as he backs up with his hands in the air.

I throw on a black shirt and throw my wet hair into a braid.

I make it to the table to see Derek with an open seat next to him. I walk over to him but the seat is quickly claimed by my dad. He smiles at me. I frown at him.

I sit next to my brother Tommy. He's to busy writing music in his book to care.

As the dinner drags on I constantly catch Derek stare at me. But I also catch my dad eyeing me and Derek .

It's like as if he was somebody guard or something . Annoying

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