Daddys Baby

What happens when you cross Louis baby girl with Harry's Teen son? A whole lot of trouble. Lots of lies and secrets.


5. chapter four

Louis POV

I'm a little aggravated that Louise took a liking in Derek . Ok I'm Very aggravated. I can't stop her until I confront Harry . He's already asleep.

"Louis, is there something wrong?" Alicia asks worried

"No dear, everything is peachy." I grumble.

"Louis, I know something's up. What's wrong babe?"

"Ally, Louise has taken a liking in Harry's son." I confess

She giggles

"Oh, Louis . Our baby girl is growing up!" Alicia gushes

I cross my arms and turn away from her. She sighs, I look towards her.

Her turquoise eyes gleaming as she looks at a picture of the kids.

Louise, Thomas, and Veronica.

"Louis, I have a confession." Alicia looks at me.

"I'm pregnant ." She smiles at me

I'm shocked. I couldn't believe it.

I look at her stomach, revealing a tiny bump.

"Ally! That's amazing!!!" I hug her

I rub the tummy, it's amazing .

I jump up from the bed and run down the hall to where Harry and Darcy are staying.

I knock on the door.

"Come In." I hear Darcy say and I open the door.

I jump on top of Harry .

"Ow!" He yells in pain

"Harry! Harreh!!! Wake up!!" I yell in his ear.

"What." He groans and pushes me off.

"Harreh! Ally's expecting!!" I exclaim

"She is?" Darcy and Harry say at the same time

I nod my head.

Yes!!! :)

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