Daddys Baby

What happens when you cross Louis baby girl with Harry's Teen son? A whole lot of trouble. Lots of lies and secrets.


3. chapter 2

Derek's POV

She is quite a sight , beautiful. I can't help but stare at her sea blue eyes. She has Louis eyes.

"What's your name?" I ask

"Oh, I'm Louise ." She smiles making my heart rate pick up.

"Lulu! Who's at the door?" A man calls, her father. She sighs and rolls her eyes

"The pizza man. Who do you think is here ?" She answers

Sassy, like her dad. I turn around and grab a few bags from the SUV . I struggle a bit but I gotta look strong for Louise . She smiles as I walk by. I walk into the door.

"Let me help ya!" She picks up the bags with ease. Show off .

"Louis !" "Harreh!" The dad's greet each other with a hug.

I chuckle as they kiss cheeks, Louise pulls her dad away.

"Daddy! Come help or get a room!" She laughs and he blushes.

"Harry, we will continue this later." He winks and sashays to the car. Louise bursts out laughing.

She's soooo gorgeous

"Yo! Take a picture, it lasts longer!" Louise punches my arm, hard.

"Ok, miss punches hard, I will." I pull out my phone and snap a picture of her. She frowns at me and walks off.

Great, scared her off. Now what

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