Real Life Fan Fiction

Have you ever read a fan fiction and thought, 'but what would happen in real life?'


1. Spilling Coffee

Spilling Coffee

1. I tripped and spilled it on myself because why would my favorite band member be outside of my coffee house?

2. I tripped and fell into some guy next to my favorite band member and he awkwardly walked away and I was too busy apologizing to the guy I fell on to go after him.

3. I wuz lyke wlking down the street wen I tripped & fell into miy fav band member!!!! I spilled miy coffee on him lolol I'm clumsy. He yelled bc it wuz hot coffee & said, 'watch where you are going' I was lyke, 'do u wanna have miy children' lolol. He was lyke,

'Um... No.' He was confused lolol. I was lyke,

'Lol, y?'

'Because I don't know you.' He said. I was lyke.

'Lolol that doesn't matter for tru luv bby!' He rolled his eyes & wlked away lolol he still luv me tho.

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