Real Life Fan Fiction

Have you ever read a fan fiction and thought, 'but what would happen in real life?'


2. Not Liking The Band

Not Liking The Band

1. My best friend wanted me to go to a meet and greet with her to a band that I didn't like. I went because she was my best friend and when we were done I still didn't like the band and they were not in love with me.

2. I bumped into a band member that I didn't like. I apologized and we walked away.

3. My best friend made me go to a concert with a band I didn't really like. At the end I kind of liked their music, but I did not want to have sex with any of them.

4. "O bby hav the sex wit me." Harry whispered into my ear.

"No thanks." I said. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him, his green orbs searching my soul.

"Plz." He said huskily.

"If you do not unhand me right now I am calling the cops."

"U kno u want me." He licked his lips. I felt like I was stuck in a Fanfiction. I was terrified.

"Lolol Harry wat r u doin'?" Louis asked, appearing from under the sink.

"She won't hav the sex wit me." Harry stated.

"Lolol tht cuz she's rlly in luv wit me bc she lykes carrots." Louis said.

"Okay what is going on."

":)" said Harry.

Now I was really confused. How did he say ':)'.

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