Kidneys- A Capaldi Fanfiction

This is how I think the first episode will go (Yes I have seen the official first episode) The Doctor takes Clara to his favourite planet in the whole universe, Altrasinia, on this planet, almost everything seems to glow, the water, the flowers, the fruit and even the stone paths, it is beautiful and magical, but of course, there is trouble.


1. Altrsinia


                "Kidneys, I have Kidneys!!" I exclaim as I clutch at my stomach region. I ran my hands over my body, poking at my cheeks and nose, "Oh look at you, aren't you a little cutie, and a nice chin too, not as big as the last one though." I frowned. "Which one are you? Jaime? No, you're a girl not a boy. Leela? No you're too petit... Who are you?"  circled her, looking down at her curiously. She stumbled backwards.

                "I-I'm Clara" She stuttered, holding out her hand. I picked it up in mine, turning it over. I then placed a kiss on the back of her hand.
                "Nice to meet you miss Clara." I bowed at the waist and then leapt up and turned around. Running around the console desk at the centre of my T.A.R.D.I.S. I pulled some of the switches and twizzled some of the knobs and sticks. Lights blinked and noises begin to whir from her. I laughed. I couldn't wait to begin another adventure. Clara approached me cautiously.

                "Doctor... Are you okay?" I looked up at her, smiling.

                "Of course my dear, I'm all new and fresh! Now where would you like to go? Anywhere in the Universe? Anytime across everywhere. Give me a destination!" She smiled brightly, eyes teary.

                "Show me your favourite place?" She asked me, not suggesting but as a question, as if she wasn't quite sure who I was. I thought for a moment, watching her with my eyebrows raised. Did I even know who I was? I felt like me. I was in my clothes. But was I me?

                I shook my head and began pulling switches, "Well then boy, it's off we go!"

                "I'm not a boy!" She shouted over the loud noise of the TARDIS. I looked at her, one eyebrow raised, I looked her up and down.

                "Indeed. Sorry, slipped my mind. Let's go Clarice!"

                "It's Clara!!"

                "Details, details." I waved my hand at her dismissively. She lifted her hands at me and made a huffing sound. She was going to be a handful.

                I flew the TARDIS through time and space, it bounced off centuries, worlds, planets and various eras, I ran around the desk, fiddling with switches and buttons until finally, we landed on the ground with a loud, hard thump, the TARDIS bouncing a couple metres. I walked to the door, Clara walking cautiously behind me. I pulled open the door, just a little bit to peek outside.

                "Is this the right place Doctor?" I turned to look at her, excitement firing up in my eyes.

                "Indeed it is miss Clara" She smiled, eyes sparkling, she looked as though she had been crying, eyes slightly puffy and red. I opened the door, and gestured for her to pass through. She stepped through the door and out into the open plains of Altrasinia.

                She gasped and I smiled brightly, she looked at me, eyes tearing, "It really is still you" She exclaimed. My eyebrows furrowed and I looked at her quizzically.
                "What do you mean?" What did she mean? Of course it was still me, I hadn't changed. I looked at my reflection on the window, I was older I guess, quite a lot older with grey hair, wrinkles on my face, eyebrows with their own independent state. But I was still me, I could see it in my eyes, the centuries of adventure and pain. I looked back at Clara, "I'm definitely still me."

                "I know, I guess..." She mumbled, "You just look.. older... more grey and wrinkled." I laughed loudly.

                "Come along now, I have many things to show you." I bounced out the door, over the bright green grass, fluorescent in the moonlight. I looked up, arms spread, turning in a circle. The billions of stars sparkled above, millions of different planets, suns, moons and meteors. A shooting star dashed across the sky, quickly disappearing. Clara stepped out the TARDIS cautiously. Uncertain as to if it was safe. I didn't blame her, her experience with me must have involved a lot of sticky situations. My memory was slowly coming back, but regeneration always made things a little fuzzy, especially my memory.

                I glanced around my favourite place in the universe. It hadn't changed much, the grass had been cut recently, the trees were full of fruit and the river was flowing at a decent pace, weird aquatic creatures leaping in and out of the water. Though it wasn't quite normal water, it glowed with an purple hue, and each rock that sat in the water, barely peeping over the top of the flow, was completely clear. Inside lay hundreds of colours, different points of light, reflected from the moon.

                I took Clara's hand as she closed the door to the TARDIS and led her to the path. It was a mosaic of pieces of the rocks in the river, they were clear still, with many different colours, each with a unique glowing light, the ground still visible beneath. I let go of Clara's hand, walking up and across the path, over a large hill, the river flowed steadily beside us, rushing and winding down the hill. Along the side of it where small shrubs with tiny ornate flowers, they were all different colours, with their own little light inside. It appeared as a little flickering flame, but it was never extinguished, it had an eternally burning light. I sighed, here was the place I loved the most, I hoped Clara would enjoy it too, maybe then we could come back here more often.

                I intently walked along the path, observing the shrubs with flowers full of light, they should start fruiting soon, that would be an absolutely magical thing to see, I always miss it, but this time I was prepared, arriving in the correct season. I heard Clara calling out from far behind me, I rolled my eyes and turned around, eyebrows raised. "Why are you walking so slowly?" I needed to be there now, they were about to start without me, I could hear the cries of joy in the distance. I ran back down to Clara, picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. She squealed in protest, but I ignored her, even as she punched her fists into my back. She didn't hit hard enough to leave a bruise or even cause the slightest bit of pain, it was like being attacked by a kitten.  

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