The day i found you

Ashton always thought that love had no meaning. That is until he finally love of his owen. Can love really have a meaning? Or is love just from a fair tail?


1. What is love?

What is love? If you ask me love is not real and has no meaning. Whats the point of love if you just get hurt in the end. Love is only true in fairy tails. I say this because in the real world you don't live happily ever after.


I sat at my desk looking down at my journal. Happy with what i wrote i closed my book and started to work on my home work. No matter how much i hated it i knew that i had to do it so i could pass. "Ashton are you doing your work?"

To awnser her question i just groenwd and smiled knowing she must be doing the same from the comment she got.

*skip home work*

When my work was done i looked over at an old photo i saved from the move. The picture was of me and my friends. I sat in my chair as i reambered that day. I was so sad that day but the reasons were diffrent.

The first reason was because i had to leave my friends behind. The second ine because of a girl. We dated up until i had to leave. We tried to stay together but a month later we broke up. I was really sad about it but what hurt the most was how fast she moved on and the fact she made little effort to keep in touch.

At least my friends kept in touch with me after the move. I didn't know who i was. Or what was going on during that time. Now how ever i know who i am and i know that love is just meant for fairy tails and not real life.

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