The day i found you

Ashton always thought that love had no meaning. That is until he finally love of his owen. Can love really have a meaning? Or is love just from a fair tail?


6. Twist

Luke's pov:

Okay now is my chance. I can talk to him just me and him. Who knows maybe ill even have the power to tell Ashton that I love him. O crap were at his room! It's now or never Luke. You can do this!

I followed Ashton up to his room my heart pounding in my chest. When we finally reached his room Ashton took a deep breath as he opened the door and let me step inside. I stood back as he stepped aside to let me go in first. I bite my lip but I entered. Then I walked around to check out his room. May I just say his room looked so cool!

I stood their in awww of him. "What is it?" I looked at him. "Your room is amazing!!!!!" I screamed at him. He just laughed at  me as he nodded. "Thank you lol I designed it my self." He said  with a very proud look on his face. I looked at him ounce again shocked. "You designed this whole room?" I looked at him surprised. "Yup all me." I had no words any more.

later that day

We had been up in his room almost all day and I still hadn't made my move yet.

Come on Luke what are you waiting for? I mean like really he's sitting right next to you. Just lean over and kiss him...or maybe you should tell him that you love him first. WAIT NO DON'T DO THAT LUKE!!!! You might just scare him or make him think that your crazy.

I knew that I had to do something at that moment so when nothing came to mind I leaned over smashed my lips into his. To my surprise he kissed me back but harder. We made our way over to his bed our lips still together and he laid down with me on top. We stayed like this for an hour. That's when my mom called saying I had to come home. I pulled away breathing hard. Ashton just laid their looking at me like wow. "I have to go my mom want's me home now." Asthon said nothing to me and just stared at me. As I was getting up to leave he grabbed my wrist. "Will you come back again tomorrow?" I looked at him surprised. "If that's what you want hen I will come over every day for the rest of my life." I gave him a flirty smile and left.

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