The day i found you

Ashton always thought that love had no meaning. That is until he finally love of his owen. Can love really have a meaning? Or is love just from a fair tail?


5. crushing

Ashton's pov:

Over time I found my self falling in love with him more each time. From his hair to smile to his everything. Even when I closed my eyes their he was. I was really starting to hate my self for doing this. I had told my self their was no such thing as true love. Now here I am starting to believe that maybe just maybe I was wrong.

"Ashton you have some friends over." I headed mom call from down stairs. Friends? What friends is she talking about? I ran down stairs only to see Calum, Michale, and Luke standing their. So that's what she meany by my friends. "Hey guys what's up?" They all looked at me and then at Luke. "Well we figured that since your part of the band  and all we should get to know you better." Calum said looking at his feet. It was now Michale's turn but he refused to say a word. So Luke talked for him. "The shy guy over here is having a birthday party next week and he wanted to know if you would like to come?" 

My mouth dropped my stomach started to turn. Omg just like a date with my crush!!!! I turned to my mom. "Yes he would love to go Michale thank you so much for ivienting him over." Michale nodded his head yes with out a word. Then him and Calum ran out of my house and back to their houses. Luke was about to leave to when I grabbed his wrist. "Wait don't you want to hang out a bit  longer Luke? I mean you just got here." Luke looked at me and smiled.

"I would love to stay and hang out." He then turned to my mom. "Um Ashton's mom would you mind if i used your house phone to call my mom. I left my cell at home." My mom smiled at him and nodded as he called his mom. Well he talked to her my mom pulled me to the side. "Okay Ashton tell me what the plan is. Am I going to  be staying with you guys or do you want me to leave you guys alone?" I stood their thinking about this. "I want you to stay with us but at the same time give us some space so were still alone." "So like if your in the living room ill be kitchen." I shook my head yes with a smile. I know I can always count on mom to understand what's happing.

"Hey Ash sorry I took so long my mom said I can stay over a while." I smiled at Luke. "That's great want to head to my room and ill show some of my songs?" "Yea sounds like fun." As we were walking when he wasn't looking I turned to my mom and mouthed, "Omg this is really happing mom. I'm doing it!" She tried not to laugh as she gave me a thumbs up.

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