The day i found you

Ashton always thought that love had no meaning. That is until he finally love of his owen. Can love really have a meaning? Or is love just from a fair tail?


4. Ashton and Luke

We meet up everyday each time and at a diffrent house. Today was Lukes turn. He called me up when i got out of school and said to go to his house for practice today. He sent me a text tellubg me his adress and how to get their. Today we were making some new songs and maybe give the band a name!

"Mom im headinh over to Luke's house now." I said as i started to head to the door. "Okay have a good time and drive safe." I smiled grabbing my keys and heading out. I got into my ferror and drove to his house. The hole ride their i was listening to music.

Mostly what ever was playing like pop or country. I was trying to think of a good name for the band. Thats when ir hit me. "5 seconds of summer!!!" I screened out loud not caring if people heared me. It was the perfect name.

When i pulled up Luke was out side smiling and waving at me. "Hey you came ashton." "Of course i did why wouldnt i?" "Michalle and caulm arnt comeing." My heart stopped for a moment. Its going to be just me and him alone in a house!

"O why not?" I said figuring he was waiting for me to talk. "Michalle is sick and caulm is at a funrial for his grandpa." "O that stinks." "Tell me about it. Hey do you want to chill in my room since we cant do much?" I was bit shocked but i said yes. When we got up to his room i couldnt belive how big his room was.

"Do u like?" I looked at him thrn back at the room. "Yea this place is so cool!" He chuckled and said, "thanks." "Hey Luke i had an idea for the bands name." Luke looked at me interested now. "Im listeing." "What if we called the band 5 seconds of summer." Lukes eyes light up when i said the name. "Its perfect ashton!!!"

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