The day i found you

Ashton always thought that love had no meaning. That is until he finally love of his owen. Can love really have a meaning? Or is love just from a fair tail?


7. A new chapter

Ashton's pov:

I was so weired out and yet at the same time I was happy to know that Luke felt the same way about us. I kissed really hard ounce more be he left me. I sat their startled and not knowing what to say. I just kept on staring at the door. "He kissed me." I put my finger on my lips. I can't believe that I just had my first kiss!!!! I ran down stars to see my mom looking at me with an excited look in her eyes. "So how did it go?" I looked over at my mom and screamed. "WE KISSED MOM!!!!! HE KISSED ME!!!!"

Before long me and mom were jumping up and down like a pair of school girls. She lead me into another room and sat me down. "Okay now tell me about every thing that happened when you two were together."  I sat their for who knows how long and told her about all the things that me and Luke did when we were alone together.


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