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I answer all things Pretty Little Liars and I post theories about the show. Comment on any questions!


1. Theory

PLL Theories and Answers
So season 1 is where it all started. -A came and the girls think their best friend was dead. They had so many questions and needed so many answers. Every Pretty Little Liars fan has asked a lot of questions.

Here are some popular questions asked:

Who hit Bethany young on the head with a rock?

My suspicions have been all over the place this season but I have a theory that may answer all the questions people have asked. My theory is Mrs.D has a twin. My reasoning for this was because there was an episode where "Mrs.D" was in Spencer's home with an evil expression and then soon after they assumed she was -A. Then there was another scary scene of Mrs.D arguing with someone intensely on the phone before the charity wedding event. Also, Bethany young knew Mrs.D and drew a picture of an "evil" version of her in a book. People suspected Mrs.D to have possibly killed her. So, what if Mrs.D's twin has been the one to have caused all these issues in season 4. I think that since Mrs.D is dead her twin killed her after Mrs.D was going to come clean about her twin. Mrs.D's twin could have possibly been the one to hit Bethany on the head with a rock because Bethany and Mrs.D's twin could have had issues or secrets between eachother. That would mean Mrs.D watched her twin "kill" Bethany and Mrs.D couldn't keep that secret any longer and her twin must have killed her. That would also explain the season finale since they didn't initially show Ali killing Mona but they showed another blonde. Mona definetly witnessed who killed her (or attempted, my other theory I will explain later). So, take all that in or if you have any questions please ask in the comments. But maybe since the hair in the scene at Mona's house was different Ali and Mrs.D's twin worked together to kill Mona because she caught onto her game. Now a real quick theory to Mona not being dead. Her face almost didn't look real in the trunk of A's car. And the police didn't find the body but found a lot of blood. That could mean Mona got away and maybe she'll come back later. I don't have really any explanation yet to that until I see the next couple episodes. I'll be updating every episode.

Ok here's another questions:

Why did Ali want Bethany dead?

I think this leads back to Mrs.D's twin. Mrs.D herself had an affair with Mr.Hastings and apparently now had one with Bethany's dad. Possibly Mrs.D's twin could have had the affair with Bethany's dad and Ali didn't know that. So she could have gone sociopathic after that and wanted anyone to do with Bethany's dad, dead. Twisted isn't it? I think Mrs.D's twin could answer a lot. I also think that Mrs.D's twin could have stopped by Mrs.Cavanaugh's room and killed Toby's mom on the way over.

Who killed Mona?

I think once Mona caught on to Ali's game her and Mrs.D's twin teamed up to kill her. There were 2 different hairstyles if you noticed and the one was no doubt Ali but the other in Mona's room looked like a wig or Mrs.D's (sorry lol)


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