Tomorrow Never Dies

Jacki and her best friend Megan won a radio contest to meet the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer, or as most called them, 5sos, in Boston. Who knew this one little contest would change their whole future. There was never a dull moment. Laughter, fun, excitement. New opportunities every day. Of course, life cant come easy, there's always drama involved. The good thing was, they never let it get to them. They lived their lives supporting the guys and keeping smiles on their faces. When it came down to it, they were fans. Were, still, and always will be. And they always say fans are a bonus right?


1. Great People, Great Day

Jacki’s POV:

Me and Megan have been waiting forever to meet these guys and now this was our chance. Our local radio station was having a contest for you and a friend to meet them, and have them perform acoustically and intimately to you and 28 other winners while they were in Boston for the three Gillette shows they were opening up for One Direction at. Plus, you won two tickets to the One Direction show that night! We had tickets for the first Boston show, so winning another set and getting to see our boys perform twice was such a blessing. We promised eachother time and time again that we were going to meet these boys, no matter what. And we were very determined to keep that promise.

The first day of the contest, was disappointing. We pulled all nighters so we could be awake to call in early, and nothing. Every hour they said to call in, we did. It was only the first day and we were already thinking on quitting. All I kept saying to myself to keep my mindset positive was, “we have the whole week to win, we can do it!”

The second day came, and we were more than prepared for it. Eight am my alarm went off to call. No luck. The four oclock alarm went off, no luck. Seven oclock came, and this was our chance. We texted eachother as we called the line, and the most annoying sound when youre calling in to win something is the busy tone. Everytime I dialed the number, the busy tone would automatically go off. I thought hey, let me call one last time. It rang, and rang, and rang. I didn’t want to hang up because you never know, anything could happen.

My phone beeped in my ear as the line kept non stop ringing. It was Megan.

“YOU NEED TO CALL ME RIGHT NOW!” My heart fell into my stomach and I had a feeling I knew what she was going to say but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Before I could even respond she was calling me.

“jacki I won.” Tears immediately filled my eyes.

“are you serious!? Are you lying to me right now!?” she giggled a little and replied with a high pitched “no”.

“We’re meeting them Jack we’re meeting them!!” I couldn’t help but scream and cry and tweet my ass off, clearly my emotions were going insane. All my tweets were in caps and all jumbled from shaking, I couldn’t even type. We couldn’t believe we actually won. This was an ultimate dream come true, it didn’t even hit us right away.

It was a week before the first show in Boston, and we were still trying to mentally prepare ourselves. Outfits still weren’t picked out, plans weren’t all thought out. Our emotions were going crazy because it hit us that we were finally seeing our boys again, after a little over a year, we were finally seeing Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis again and we couldn’t help but cry. We cried quite a bit over them, it was a normal thing for us.

August 7th, 2014

Today is the day. We are being reunited with our favorite boys and we couldn’t be happier. We got up a bit early to do makeup and hair and prepare our outfits. Which for this show, I decided to wear my black high wasted shorts, and a pale pink laced shirt. Megan wore a pair of beige shorts and a white and blue tank. We also finished packing our bags for the overnight stay at Megan’s aunts house that we were going to stay at in Boston.

Two oclock came, and we hopped in my moms car, which she lent us for the concerts, and went on our way. A coffee trip to dunkin donuts was well deserved. Blaring the radio so loud that we couldn’t even hear ourselves singing along, we headed to Gillette Stadium. The city was filled with bumper to bumper traffic, and there were a couple of accidents on the side of the roads along the way.

There it was, big old Gillette Stadium. I’ve been before for a Patriots game, and I loved how big and beautiful it was on the inside. We got there earlier than expected, even with all the traffic we still had a good 2 hours to kill before even being allowed to go to our seats. Good thing we planned on meeting up with some amazing girls that we met through twitter.

When it was finally time to go in, our hearts were in our stomachs. We walked in with one of our twitter friends Nicole, who by the way was the cutest thing in the world. She was so sweet and so genuine, and hilarious! Our seats were absolutely amazing, so close you could see everything. The catwalk was right there, right in front of us, and for not being floor seats, they were really close. That made our nerves shake even more, we were so pumped for the show to begin. They started by playing music videos on the big screen and the whole crowd was singing, and dancing, and clapping along to the beat, the more and more people got to their seats, the louder it got.


It was finally time for 5sos to come on. The bass of the music was thumping and shaking the seats. The spotlights hit the stage, and Ashton was the first to come out. Twirling his drum sticks, he raised his arms up to the crowd, the screams roared and Calum appeared along with Michael and then Luke trailing behind him. Luke came running down the catwalk, slamming on his guitar strings, I screamed so loud I think my mom heard me back home a half hour away. The huge screen that displayed on either side of the stage showed each of the boys, Luke running back to the other lads as the song begun, Michael and Cal smiling at eachother, and then Ashton, banging on his drum kit like his life depended on it. I loved watching them on stage, they were balls of energy and smiling and clapping along, everyone was so into it. Me and Megan pretty much made asses of ourselves. Screaming inappropriate things at them, crying, screaming, and more screaming. They were such an amazing opening act; they got the crowd hyped up just enough to get even more pumped for the boys to come. When it was over though, that’s when the tears came, the shaking got worse, our hearts not prepared to see our boys. There was just an hour to pass before the boys came out, and they played more music videos, including Little Mix which we danced and sang along to, loudly might I add. We kept apologizing to the girls behind us about “being annoying” thankfully they laughed us off and weren’t bitches about it. We couldnt help it, we were so excited. If any of these girls knew us, they would know, its been three years with these boys and we were still going strong. So we were going to scream and sing our hearts out until our throats bled.


The whole stadium blacked out, and the lights on stage shined bright. It got so loud, there was screeching, crying, and jumbled noises coming from every direction. The intro was finishing, and all of a sudden the spotlight hit the top of the stairs. There they were, the five boys I’ve absolutely devoted my entire life to. Me and Megan held onto eachother, phones in each of our free hands, screaming along with the roaring crowd, tears streamed down our faces. The first song, Midnight Memories rocked the whole stadium, fireworks, the bass of their bands guitars and drums were absolutely insane you could feel the beat of each song in your heart.

Songs, songs, and more songs played. They each talked in between certain songs. Liam kept saying that Boston was the loudest crowd they’ve had yet. During every single song Liam would say something like “sing it Boston” or “scream it Boston” or even “Boston let me hear you sing it!” the amount of times they said they loved Boston was so touching, and it meant so much to all of us in the crowd. When it was time to slow things down, they sat there and sang Little Things, which as we all know is their song everyone raises a light on their phones in the air. By the end of the song, Liam screamed for the crowd to sing the last of it. Ive never heard anything as loud as all of us singing in sync. I had chills covering my whole body. Zayn’s high notes, Niall’s laugh, Harry’s jokes, Liam’s dancing, and Louis’ love for everything he does, I couldn’t ask for anything more than to see them all happy and having a good time. To sum the whole experience up, it was one of the best days I have ever had. The people we met, the unbelievable seats, and the best part, finally seeing our boys again after well over a year.

Instead of going straight back to our car, we decided to wait it out and try and get around to the back of the stadium to see if we could meet any of the One Direction boys. We just wanted to try. You never know, anything can happen when you least expect it.

There were so many girls back there, we weren’t even going to bother. The screaming started so of course everyone that was hanging around, ran towards the huge crowd at the back. Me and Megan stayed put, not wanting to join the sweaty girls screaming, since we were for one sweaty already, and our voices were almost completely gone from all the screaming we did ourselves. A bobbing head and a hand raised in the air waving at everyone caught our attention, but we couldn’t quite see who it was. Some girls were screaming Harry, others Liam. We decided to just head back to the car and ignore whatever was going on since we couldn’t even see them anyway. In our walk through the whole parking lot, through Patriot Place, we recapped on certain events, and pulled our phones out to take “aftermath” pictures. Traffic was terrible, there were lines of cars everywhere trying to get out, and we were too exhausted and hungry to even bother sitting and waiting. We trailed into Trader Joe’s to grab some waters. There was a little commotion going on inside, but we tried our best to ignore it, thinking it was girls coming from the concert just like us. We headed to the drink isle, and the whispers and giggles seemed to get closer. We looked at eachother, confuzzled as our eyebrows furrowed. My jaw dropped, as I grabbed onto Megan’s arm. Who then did the same. Cal, Luke, and Ashton were standing there, right in front of us. There were four girls chatting it up with them, they looked so young, probably 15-16, taking a couple pictures, and all we managed to do was stare. We didn’t want to just scream out their names, and cause more attention. The girls started to walk away, saying their thank you’s, one crying. Calum glanced over at us as we grabbed our waters, our eyes met and in that second I froze. He shot a smile at us, and raised his hand to wave. I scrunched my nose and smiled back at him. Megan was the one to say the first hello. Luke and Ashton then quickly turned around, unlocking their gaze at the sandwich freezer, and making eye contact with us. Calum started to walk over to us with a cute little smirk on his face. My heart was pounding, and I was trying so hard to keep my cool and not look like a dumbass. Megan shot her arms out for a hug and he did so. Then he looked down at me, and opened his arms for a hug.

“im like all sweaty and I probably smell, im so sorry.” Megan said and shot a look at Ashton. They all laughed.

“yeah same here, sorry.” I followed putting my hands up to my face, covering my blushing cheeks, they continued to chuckle.

“totally understandable. Im a ball of sweat after the shows so no worries. How’d you guys like it?” Ashton looked over at Megan and held his gaze. Luke was looking at me every now and then, making awkward eye contact.

“Amazing to say the least!” I shot back at Ashton. “Wheres Michael?” I looked at Luke now, who rolled his eyes and sighed.

“sleeping probably, he didn’t want to come out.” They all sighed, and breathily laughed. 

“you guys staying for the other shows? There’s two more right?” Calum asked.

“Yeah just tomorrow, we won the Amp Radio thing, to meet you guys, and they give two tickets to the show so yeah, that’s our luck.” Megan replied, and I swear I saw Ashton’s eyes light up.

“aw cool, so we’ll see you tomorrow!?” Ashton smiled. The conversation lasted a couple more minutes, laughing, and just talking about random things. But then girls started to pile up outside of the store, which was their cue to head back to the bus, since their body guard wasn’t with them for some reason. Megan wasn’t shy at all to ask for a quick picture, Calum first. Luke smiled at me and said “want me to take it?” I stared into his blue eyes, smiled slowly and nodded. He bent down a little to level with my height since I’m so damn short. He stuck his tongue through his teeth for his signature smile, and then took another puckering his lips as I did with mine. Calum scooted over to me next and did the same, took my phone and took the picture for me, smiling so big. Ashton was next, who smiled, his dimple showing and his chubby cheeks attached to mine. We got hugs from each of them and they went on their way.

The girls outside starting screeching and it sounded like a pack of hyenas. We could hear Ashton telling them they were in a rush and had to get back to the bus. The girls still freaked out which caused more attention from other girls walking around, and cars started to beep at them, it got pretty crazy. We went to the cashier to ring up our waters, and the doors opened, as they came back into the store.

“call ray, just call ray to come.” Luke ordered to Calum, annoyed.

“what happened?” Megan asked them. They sighed heavily and started walking over to us. Girls were pressed up against the windows, watching us, phones out, recording everything.

“Theres tons of girls, and its just too crazy.” Luke rubbed the backwards snapback on his head.

“well what are you gonna do then? This place closes in like 20 minutes” I looked straight at Luke, then. And the lady at the cash register chimed in.

“we can keep you guys as long as you need if that helps. Im the only employee here right now besides my manager, im sure he wouldn’t mind.” Ashton smiled and thanked her, letting her know their body guard was coming soon. Calum seemed pretty pissed. He wasn’t smiling anymore.

“whats up with you?” I poked his arm and gave him a smirk. He shot a little smile back and huffed. “its just, we cant even come get a damn sandwich without being bombarded. I know this is what happens when you do what we do, but seriously we were just hungry.” I pouted and apologized.

“are you guys in any rush?” Ashton looked at Megan, like usual.

“Not really, there’s too much traffic right now so were just trying to waste some time and leave in like another hour or so.” He smiled a little at her. There was a little bit of awkward silence, that I decided to brake.

“we can keep you guys some company if you want, like she said were in no rush.” I caught Luke smiling, “cool” he said. “Yeah that would be awesome, if you don’t mind.” Ashton laughed.


Ashton’s POV:

It feels like 20 minutes went by, but its only been 5, maybe, if that. I couldn’t stop smiling at these two girls. They were so adorable, and funny, I couldn’t help but keep laughing at their comments and comebacks. It was a little weird, just us 5 in the store. Mid conversation, the door swung open behind us and Ray came walking in. I saw the girls eyes bug open, he was a pretty scary looking dude. His muscles were huge and he had a chin strap/goatee thing going on.

“cmon boys, lets head back” he said, his voice very deep and strict. I turned my head back towards the girls again.

“wait, we didn’t catch your names?” the smile still imprinted on my face.

“Megan” one said. “Jacki” they both smiled.

“well girls, I guess we’ll see you tomorrow!!” We all walked together to the doors, Luke held one of the doors open for Megan and Jacki. We started to part, us going one way, and them going the other through the parking lot. The group of girls was bigger than it looked inside.

We smiled, waved, took some pictures as quick as we could and then jumped in the Escalade that Ray drove there in.

Jacki’s POV:

When we got in the car, the first thing we did was post all the selfies we took with each of the boys.

“@jackimarino_x: @Luke5SOS you’re pretty rad :-)” with the pictures of us. 

“@jackimarino_x: @Ashton5SOS thanks for being so sweet!” with our picture.

“@jackimarino_x: @Calum5SOS stay smiling lovely ;-)” followed by our picture.

Megan did the same, with each of her pictures. Sending each a cute tweet along with them. Then I tweeted.

“@jackimarino_x: @Michael5SOS wish you came out lovely! But I cant wait to meet you tomorrow! :-)” with them. r pictures. each he gushin up babe,  @Calum5sos ng so sweet!" with each of the boys.

es to charge, and hit the sheets. our beore it actually started

Finally around 2 in the morning, after a Mcdonalds stop for food and a restroom break, we got to Megan’s aunts house. As soon as we got into the bedroom, we changed, plugged in our phones to charge, and hit the sheets, falling asleep to the sounds of crickets through the open window.

~~next day~~


Our alarms went off around 7:30 in the morning. We didn’t end up falling asleep until almost 4, due to pounding headaches, so we only got about 3 and a half 4 hours of sleep. We wanted to leave the house by 10 the latest, so we took turns jumping in the shower and started to get ready. Megan decided to go for more of a summer look and wore a long maroon maxi skirt ripped up the right leg, with a black sleeveless laced crop top and paired it with black sandals that went a little ways up her ankle. She scrunched her long dirty blonde hair, and wore a natural “no makeup” makeup look. I on the other hand, went for the more punk-ish look and wore black high waisted skinny jeans, ripped at the top of both thighs, with a nude off the shoulder crop top, which exposed my left bra strap, and I paired it with a pair of faded Steve Madden heeled booties to give me some extra height. I kept the hair and makeup simple, like Megan had. Blow-dried my hair so it was volumized and flippy, and achieved the “no makeup” makeup look. 

Our phones were blowing up from the posts earlier in the morning. We didn’t quite have time to check them, since we were in a rush, so we through them in our purses and headed on our way. Once again, a well deserved Dunkin Donuts trip was needed, so we grabbed our coffees, set the GPS, and headed back to Gillette.

Megan’s POV:

We got there about 11:30, which was perfect for sign ins. We each got lanyards with “5 Seconds of Summer VIP Acoustic Gig” on it, blue VIP wristbands, and two tickets for that nights show. After sign ins, these three girls came up to us before we lined up and told us how she saw us the night before in the store with the boys, and how there were fans saying we were groupies, and we were just fucking them, all because of a video of us laughing and talking. Rumors spread fast, and the bullshit was ridiculous. We didn’t let it ruin our day though.

 “okay guys, its time to line up and get ready to go in, so single file line right here in front of me.” She pointed her index finger right next to her on the ground with a huge smile on her face. We were first in line, thankfully. It only took about 10 minutes of getting us all to calm down and relax before we headed into the lounge. I held my hand out for Jacki to grab and hand in hand we walked in together like we owned it, and sat right in the front row, right in front of their stools. We didn’t care at that point what the other girls thought of us. We were all there for the same reason, and we hoped drama, and shit talking wasn’t going to start.

Even though we had met them the night before, we were still wicked nervous to meet them again. They were going to look at us different then the other girls in there since we already met them, and we knew that for a fact. I could tell they enjoyed our company, and I really hope they fall in love with us. That was me and Jacki’s main goal. Get them to know the real us, and for us to get to know the real them.


Luke’s POV:

We could hear the radio dude, I think his name was Joe, talking, and then there was screaming, and then laughing. I sipped my Starbucks caramel iced coffee and shook my hands off to get rid of the nerves.

“Who were those girls you were telling me about last night? They’re here?” Michael questioned me.

“yeah, they won to come here. Jacki and Megan.”

“They’re so funny, I couldn’t stop fucking laughing, they were so chill.” Calum chimed in.

“Should of came last night Mikey.” Ashton’s voice rang on the couch behind us. Michael shrugged off his comment and we got ready to walk out.

“For the first time, here at Amp Radio, without further or due, give it up for 5 Seconds of Summer!” we heard the crowd scream and that was our cue to start walking. Michael was first, in front of me, then Calum behind me, and Ashton last. We turned the corner and there were the screams again, I threw my hands up in the air and they screamed even louder. I was honestly too scared to look out and see Jacki and Megan so I didn’t at first. We said hello and took our seats. I grabbed my guitar and looked up slowly to the crowd of girls in front of us. I immediately made eye contact with Jacki. I felt my cheeks get flushed and I smiled a little, biting my lip. I put my hand half way in the air and started to talk.

“okay so I have a question, and you guys have to answer by round of applause, hands up actually that’s probably better.”

“We don’t know if we wanna play, well the first song is going to be Don’t Stop or Voodoo Doll”

Jacki and Megan were the first to blurt out “Voodoo Doll”. I glanced a look at Calum, and he looked in their direction.

“It’s so high though.” He whined. The girls laughed and took their phones out to record.

Michael sat down after he grabbed his guitar and mouthed “where are they?” I whispered in his ear “right in front of you, glasses, and black skinnies.” he looked right away at them and they smiled back. I saw a smile grow on his face as well.

Jacki’s POV:

For some reason I couldn’t help but stare at Michael throughout almost the whole performance of Voodoo Doll. At one part of the song, he locked eyes with me and bounced his head to the beat as I sang along. I kept catching Ashton starring at Megan, and he even checked her out at one point. Luke wouldn’t look at me for too long, little eye contact here and there, nothing major. Calum didn’t really seem interested in being there for some reason, but he was still cheery and smiley when he chose to be. Then there was Michael, who I was so attracted to. His very faded lilac hair, his eyebrow piercing, and his smile made my entire day. After Voodoo Doll, they sang Amnesia, which sounded so beautiful. That song was very intimate, and powerful and one of my favorites.  After that it was time for their last song, She Looks So Perfect. Me and Megan jammed out, put our hands in the air and danced along. Laughing at Luke’s adlibs, and Ashton’s cute faces. When the song ended, they did a little encore with the instruments, and answered some fan questions.

“okay, we’re gonna meet you now.” Ashton looked right at Megan and I felt her grab my arm.

We stood up as the guys went to the back to get some drinks and donuts that were brought to them from their crew. I looked up at Michael and he caught me starring and smiled, and I did the same. I could feel my heart falling into my stomach and I wasn’t ready. I was way too nervous. We got into line, and got ready to get in for our group picture. They had us go up in two’s which was perfect for me and Megan. I clenched the green ninja turtle’s bracelet in my hand that I was going to give to Luke, and Megan had a batman one that she was going to give to Ashton.

When our turn came, I walked right up to Luke and all I could see was the smile on his face. He opened his arms for a hug, and I passed him the bracelet.

“aw youre so cute, thank you” he said with a giggle and put it on his wrist. I placed my hand on his back and he wrapped his arm around my waist. Calum was on the other side of me, and I put my other hand on his back and he put his hand on mine. Megan went up to Ashton and hugged him tight and did the same with Michael before posing for the picture. She wrapped both arms around their waists. Michael held her back, and Ashton put his arm behind her and held up a peace sign. We were allowed to take two, so quickly me and Megan switched spots. My heart fluttered when Michael looked down into my eyes. I opened my arms for a hug and his face completely lit up. His smile was so big and his eyes, I swear they sparkled.

“It’s nice to meet you.” He said into the crook of my neck. We slowly let go of each other, and Megan blurted out “we should do a cute one, like hug eachother or something.” I immediately felt Michaels arms wrap around my waist and pull me into him, not forcefully, but just enough to catch my attention. Luke laid his head on top of Megans and closed his eyes smiling. Ashton jumped on Calums back and hugged him from behind. Michael nuzzled his face against me, kissing my cheek. I scrunched my nose and placed my free hand on his torso. When the picture was taken, I looked back up again at Michael and smiled. I slipped him a little piece of paper that had me and Megan’s twitters on them. He chuckled and took it from me, his hand completely taking over my tiny ones. He looked up from our hands and just smiled. Didn’t say a word. My heart melted completely, I couldnt help but gaze back at him. Megan put her hand on my back. We broke our contact and he held my hand as me and Megan were pushed away.


Because the meet and greet was so early we still had a good 4 hours before we could go into the stadium and get our seats. Our phones were practically about to die so quickly we had to find an outlet we could charge our phones in. We went to Trader Joe’s, Staples, and even a restaurant, we couldn't find any outlets. We went into Bed Bath and Beyond, hoping we would find something. There was a section of lamps that were plugged in that we found, and snuck our chargers into them. Customers and Employees walked by and looked at us like we were crazy.

Refreshing Amp Radio’s page, we waited and waited for our pictures to be posted. It felt like forever, until the moment came. We saved them to our phones and posted them everywhere, twitter, facebook, instagram, anywhere that we could show them off. Going through our mentions on twitter though, that we were too busy to look at the night before or that morning, were either hate, questions about the boys, or more hate. There were some positive tweets, but all around disgusting hateful ones as well. And after posting the two pictures from Amp Radio, the hate came rolling in like nothing else. As we refreshed our mentions, the more we had, a few cute tweets here and there, lots more followers, but more hate. 

“@jackimarino_x: Hate doesn’t make you a good person, and today I learned that jealousy brings out the ugly in people.”

“@irelandmalik: Nobody deserves hate. Jealous or not, be the better person.” 

That was all we wanted to state, we could have said nothing at all, but being us, we stick up for ourselves.

It was only about 1:30-2 so we still had some time before we had to go back towards Gillette. I scrolled through the tweets on my lockscreen and saw one girl who tweeted me that Michael had followed me. I kept scrolling and there were more tweets about him following me. I opened twitter and looked for myself, and there it was, the small “Follows You” box next to his name. Megan checked hers and saw the same as well. We were both all smiles, trying not to make too much commotion. My phone beeped and beeped, and then I saw “Message from @Michael5SOS: Hiyyaa! :-) ” a little ways down all the mentions.

My heart started pounding and I smacked my hand up to my mouth.

“megan, megan Michael messaged me, he fucking messaged me.” her eyes bugged open, and we tried our best to keep our cool so we wouldn’t attract attention.

“well answer him!!” she shrieked at me.

Hands shaking, heart pounding, and my nerves going haywire, I continued the conversation.

“Hey Michael! :-)”

“im going to be pretty straight forward..”

“okay..haha shoot!”

“you’re really pretty (monkey covering eyes emoji)!” I felt my cheeks get extremely hot. My face froze, and I couldn’t move. Megan grabbed my phone and read the message.

“Jacki!! Oh my god what the hell is happening!?” she started to freak out.

 “aw you’re so sweet, thank you (blushing emoji) now im going to be straight forward”

“go for it!”

“you’re adorable, and you give amazing hugs (heart eye emoji)”

He didn’t respond for a couple minutes which made me think back on what I said to him, dictating whether it was a good idea. Oh well now, it was said and done. But then my phone vibrated and thank god it was him.

“the guys were telling me how cool you and Megan were and I, we want to hang out!”

I responded not quickly, but left a little time in between my response, so I didn’t look that desperate.

“you guys are honestly the sweetest and wicked chill, we would love to!! :-)”

“where are you guys right now?”

“Bed Bath & Beyond, at Patriot Place, we had to charge our phones and this was the only place that had outlets haha”

“ha well, are they charged enough now if we have our security guard get you?”

We looked at eachother, smiles on our faces.

“megan this is not happening, this cant be happening.” She nodded her head.

“believe it!”

“yeah theyre fine for now! Plus we have portable charger things for them if they end up dying, so yeah we’re good :-)”

“sounds good! he’ll be there at some point, stay there!”

“will do (smiley emoji)” he ended the conversation with a lion emoji. That was that. I just had a twitter dm conversation with Michael Clifford. We’re hanging out with 5 Seconds of Summer. And to top it all off, we’re seeing our boys again tonight. The day couldn’t get any better.

We unplugged our phones and ran to the bathroom to re-touch our makeup. We blotted our faces, added some more mascara, not too much, and fixed up our hair. We walked around a little after that, just to pass time, and look around at whatever they had.

Its was a good 10-15 minutes that passed, and my phone was still blowing up with mentions and instagram likes, as well as Megans. We decided it was best, atleast for that night, to shut the twitter notifications off on the settings. So that way our phones weren’t going insane during the show, and it would save our batteries. We stopped at an isle that had pictures of different themes, LA, New York, Paris, quotes and sayings, and we started to hear gasping and giggling. We turned the corner, out of the isle, and saw Willy, one of their security guards, Michael and Calum, all walking in our direction, but not seeming to realize we were standing there. All their heads were facing to the side, smiling at something.

“hey!” I called out to them, they all turned and locked eyes with me. Immediately they all smiled.

“hi!” Michael screamed to us. When they finally got up to us, we all hugged and chatted up a bit about nothing. The girls that followed them in were all standing together in a group a little whiles away, just starring, all with their phones out.

“so, you guys want to grab something to eat, or go back to the dressing room, I don’t know whats more fun but whatever you guys want to do.” Michael looked back and forth between me and Megan. I could see Calum smiling from the corner of my eye. Willy had his back facing us, as he faced the group of girls, keeping an eye on them.

“im actually really hungry.” I stated, scrunching my face, holding my stomach.

“yeah same, we haven’t eaten in like two days.” Calum bent over a little with his eyes bugged, and Michaels jaw dropped. They seemed so shocked.

“two days, what do you mean you haven’t eaten in two days? Why haven’t you eaten?”

We both laughed a bit nervously.

“we’ve just been so busy with the concerts, and driving here and there. We’ve had dunkin donuts every morning though” Megan said with a cheesy smile on her face. The boys chuckled.

“we need to get you some food, lets go grab something. Pizza? Does that sound good?” Michael rubbed his hands together and looked at me.

“oh my god, pizza sounds so good right now.” I giggled at myself and put my hand on my stomach again. Calum looked down at me and smiled

“lets go then!” he smiled. “I could always go for some pizza, oh my god I cant get enough.”

We all laughed and turned to walk out. The girls moving over so we could pass.


We sat in Tavolino Gourmet a little ways down and got one big cheese pizza to share. The group of course followed us, thank god there wasn’t any paparazzi, that would have made it all worse. We talked to them about the people on twitter, us getting hate for meeting them, and they actually seemed pretty pissed.

“it’s honestly just jealousy.” Calum said.

“yeah, people have nothing better to do than put other people down for no reason, ill never understand it.” Michael chimed in. Me and Megan shrugged it off.

“trust us, we get our own bit of hate as you may know, its not like im gonna cry about it, but people don’t realize that certain things hurt peoples feelings, and some are just really cruel for absolutely no reason.” The subject seemed touchy to Michael, who I knew got tons of hate. He gets called ugly, worthless, everything under the sun. These guys are so nice, and genuine, and real down to earth. But at the same time, they are human, and theyre just teenagers, typical teenagers trying to do their best, and make mistakes along the way like any other person, and it sucks that they have to spend all their time pleasing people. No one ever thinks of the shit that goes through their heads on a daily basis.

“I give it to you guys, you’re tough. I give you props for dealing with dumbass bullshit from stupid people.” I looked at Michael then Calum. They smiled and looked down at their pizza.

“yeah well, comes with the job you know.” Calum huffed.

We switched the subject and talked about us recently graduating high school, and how we work hard, a little about our lives. Letting them know a little more about us. When we finished eating, Michael paid for the pizza and we made our way out.


We walked back to the back of Gillette where girls were crowding certain spots, hanging around in random places, and sitting on the grass. Willy went in front of us, to let us in, Calum and Megan in front of me and Michael. Girls started screaming and calling for them. They waved and kept walking.

We got backstage and entered this big room with leather couches, portable playstations, and a whole snack and beverage table. Ashton had his headphones in and was playing his practice drums, shirtless and already sweaty, and Luke was sprawled across one of the couches on his phone. He looked up and fixed himself, propping himself up and fixing his hair.

“hey guys!” he shouted, which caused Ashton to look up. His mouth was open and his hair was covering his eyes, that boy was definitely in need of a haircut. He waved with a cute little smile and went back to drumming. Me and Megan plopped onto the opposite couch from Luke, and started a conversation.

“its not that exciting back here, I wish it was but its not.” Luke pouted at us.

“yeah sorry, we’re pretty boring guys.” Calum chimed in from the food table. Michael sat down next to me on the couch, and Calum got Megans attention by talking about some video game. I didn’t seem interested at all, and Michael could tell.

“do you play video games?” Michael asked, eyebrows furrowed. I shook my head and tried not to laugh coz I knew how he was going to react.

“megan loves them, but im not a fan at all.” Michael looked at Luke who’s jaw was dropped and looked at Michael. He raised his hands up in the air and started laughing.

Ashton heard I guess since he chimed in from the corner,

“im with you Jacki! I think im the only guy I know that doesn’t really like them.” I laughed and watched him walk over to Luke on the opposite couch.

“you guys are boring!” Calum shot over at us. Ashton threw his arm in the air towards Calum and pointed at him.

“hey, be nice ass wipe. We’re still cooler than you!” He said in a playful manner. Calum was obviously just being funny, and I knew that. 

Even though we weren’t doing much, just sitting around talking, laughing, having normal conversations, it was wicked fun. At one point Ashton plugged his phone into the Beats Pill portable they had and blasted some music like Bon Jovi, Lincoln Park, and Miley Cyrus came on at some point. They danced and laughed and we all air drummed/guitared and (scream) sang to the songs. I swear I haven’t laughed that much in a very long time. It felt like we’d known them forever. I took a video on my phone of Ashton and Michael dancing, Luke laughing in the background the whole time sitting on the couch opposite from me, and Calum spitting out his water from laughing. Megan was in the frame, sitting at what they called “the video game chair” next to Ashtons practice drums, dying laughing herself.

When the song was over, a tuckered out Michael walked over to me and sat right next to me on the couch. He crossed his arms, laid his head on my shoulder and sighed deeply. I couldn’t help but giggle at him, he was so adorable.

“you okay there?” I asked laughing in between words. He lifted his head and looked right into my eyes and smiled.

“mhm” he put his head back down and took a deep breath, getting a little more comfortable against me. I picked up my left hand and cupped the side of his face with it and layed my head back against his. I scrolled through my phone watching the videos back and noticed that he opened his eyes and moved his head to watch them with me.

After about an hour of fucking around, it was time for them to get ready to go on stage. Willy gave me and Megan lanyards with “Backstage” written on them, so we wouldn’t get mistaken for sneaking in I guess. We got up and all walked out together. Megan walked in front of me with Ashton, Luke and Calum in front of them, and me and Michael behind. Ray offered to take us out to the stadium to go stand and wait for them, so we said our Good Luck’s to the guys, gave all hugs, and followed Willy.

Michael’s POV:

The guys were right, these girls were amazing. So funny, so down to earth, and real. We didn’t talk to girls much, besides fans of course, but girls that didn’t scream or follow us, weren’t really in our life. We were used to the typical girl asking for a picture, or autograph. Never anything fun, or different. With them though, they were so cool, and seemed like they were having a lot of fun.

The crowd was insanely loud, and Ashton made his way up to the stage, the music started and we ran up stage waving at the crowd. I looked over to my right and saw Jacki, I could see her perfectly. She was smiling, Megan next to her, they were clapping for us, and cheering along with the crowd. It made me nervous, I didn’t want to mess up, or fall while she was watching.


Thankfully the performance went well. The fans were incredible, like always. They never disappointed us. The sun just started to set during Amnesia, and by She Looks So Perfect the sun was pretty much almost down. We were all huge smelly balls of sweat, so we ran back to the dressing room, showered quick, and got dressed, throwing our snapbacks and beanies on, just in time for the boys to start. All four of us made our way to the crowd, where the girls were, and as soon as we turned the corner the crowd on that side of the stadium screamed, so everyone started screaming. We of course waved and smiled to everyone. Jacki had her back turned to us, and she was looking down at her phone. Megan looked at me and smiled and I put my finger to my lips shushing her. I reached my arms out to Jacki, slowly, and hugged her from behind. I put my head in the crook of her neck and said a cheery “hi!” she gasped and started to laugh. She placed her hand on her heart and turned to face me.

“you scared the shit out of me oh my god!” she pushed me lightly on the arm. The guys laughed, and Ashton made his way to Megan smiling. Calum and Luke stayed chit chatting on the other side of me. The lights went down, and the crowd roared again. The beat of the intro started. Ive watched the show from a far, up at the top of the stadiums, but never up close and personal like this. These guys were some of my best mates, and I loved watching them have such a blast on stage.

Songs and songs passed. Fireworks shot in the air, the speakers in front of us booming with the beat of each song. I glanced at the girls every now and again and they looked mesmerized. I knew how much they loved these guys, they told us backstage. And I know it meant a lot for them to experience it up close like that, and I was glad to say we were the ones who put them there and made them so happy. I loved seeing people happy and smiling. The whole show we were dancing together, singing along. Taking pictures and having such a good time.

When they came back out on stage after WMYB for the encore, You and I started to play. This song was so amazing, I actually was in love with it. I decided to take my phone out and ask one of the guys in front of us to take a picture of all of us. From left to right it was Ashton, Megan, Me, Jacki, Luke and then Calum. We all squeezed together and smiled, I put my hand around Jacki’s shoulder, as she wrapped her arm around my waist. Ashton and Megan squished together, and Calum and Luke did the same on the other side. The song ended, and I realized my arm was still around Jacki’s shoulder, but she didn’t seem to mind it. She actually was squished in against me, leaning her head on my chest.

Little White Lies started playing and she told me that was her favorite song. We jammed out to it, jumped around, danced. Calum took his phone out and recorded us dancing to it on his Instagram, me not finding out until after the show. The last song came, and I knew it was time for them to go. It sucked because that was the most fun ive had in a while and I didn’t want it to end at all, and I knew the lads didn’t want them going either.

“I need to talk to you when we go back to the dressing room” I knelt down to her ear and had no choice but to scream coz the crowd was going mental. She smiled and nodded her head.

Right before the show officially ended we started to go backstage then so it wouldn’t be a cluster fuck when the show actually ended. I put my hand on Jacki’s back as she followed Luke and Cal to the stairs to get to the dressing room. Ashton and Megan stayed for the last of the song and just planned to meet up with us after. I stopped Jacki halfway to the room and turned her to face me.

“would you want to stay for tomorrows show too?” her eyes smiled and she put her head down looking at her feet then she looked back up to meet my eyes.

“I wish I could but, we didn’t even pack for an extra day, we don’t have extra clothes, and I don’t know-“ she stopped and sighed. She felt bad I could tell. I let go of her shoulders and sighed licking my lips.

“but im sure we can figure something out.” I looked up at her, she was smiling, which made me smile.

“so, is that a yes?” she laughed and nodded. I threw my hands over her and picked her up in the hug.

“Yes! Yes!” I screamed and she blurted out laughing. I had one more day to make something happen between us, I could feel it, I knew she felt something, so tomorrow was my one and only shot.

Megan’s POV:

Best Song Ever was emotional, only coz you knew it was the end. The show was insane, and i loved sharing the end of this day with Ashton. He was so sweet and kind, and he was actually kind of shy, believe it or not. He took a picture before we left, of us on his phone and then and there put it on twitter, no caption, just posted it. We watched the rest of the show and headed backstage before the lights came back on.

We heard laughing and cheering a little ways down the hall and recognized Michaels laughs.

“ill explain later” jacki looked at me giggling.

A while passed and we had to head back to her aunts house to sleep. We knew traffic was going to be bad, so we stayed an extra hour or so just to wait it out. We were all on their bus, relaxing, me and Jacki trying not to fall asleep. Luke and Calum went off to bed, and Michael and Ashton stayed up until we were going to leave. We didn’t expect to stay as long as we did but we got caught up in more laughter and conversation, reminiscing on the show and watching videos back. Michael put the picture that was taken of all of us on twitter with the caption “great people, great day :-)”

It was around 1 in the morning, and it was about time we left. The guys needed to sleep, and me and Jacki needed to be up early to put some gas in the car and go a little shopping. We all lazily stood up and the boys walked us off the bus, Jacki wrapped her arms around Michaels neck and he picked her up and squeezed her in a hug.

“touchy touchy” Ashton said giggling.

“shut up and hug me please” I shot at him. He looked at me, smirked, showing those adorable dimples of his, and wrapped his arms around my waist. I pulled him in and squeezed him as he rubbed my lower back.

“see you tomorrow” he said in the crook of my neck, I could feel by his cheeks he was smiling.

“see you tomorrow”

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