Tomorrow Never Dies

Jacki and her best friend Megan won a radio contest to meet the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer, or as most called them, 5sos, in Boston. Who knew this one little contest would change their whole future. There was never a dull moment. Laughter, fun, excitement. New opportunities every day. Of course, life cant come easy, there's always drama involved. The good thing was, they never let it get to them. They lived their lives supporting the guys and keeping smiles on their faces. When it came down to it, they were fans. Were, still, and always will be. And they always say fans are a bonus right?


2. Feelings

Jacki’s POV:

Shopping around at nine in the morning wasn’t easy. Once again, the night before was a no sleep kind of night, only about four or five hours. We were pretty beat up, but didn’t complain, we had a wild and exciting day ahead of us. It sucked that this was our last day. We had only just met these boys and really got to know them, and now there’s feelings spreading all around that I don’t think are going to go away. I don’t know how we got ourselves caught up in this love fest, but boy did we not want it to end.

We decided to go to a mini shopping mall a little ways away from Gillette, and find some stores in there we could get an outfit from. There was a Forever 21 that we checked out and each bought an outfit at. We got a couple thongs, and regular panties, not even because we necessarily needed them, but because they were really cute.

After an hour or so, shopping, and looking around at other stores, we headed back to Aunt Deb’s (Megan’s Aunt) house to get ready. Along the way, we were stuck in traffic for a good, I would say 45 minutes which made us rush even more then we intended to by the time we got back to the house.

Showered and ready to get dressed we pulled our clothes from the Forever 21 bags, removed the tags, and sprayed a bit of perfume on them so they didn’t smell like the store. Megan picked out basic black leggings she had packed in her suitcase, a sleeveless high neck grey cropped top, and a blue plaid flannel wrapped around her waist. Straightened her hair and wore light makeup. I wore the black skinny jeans I wore the day before, and bought a plain maroon colored crop top and a plain black kimono. I curled my hair and kept the makeup light, due to the hot weather.

I got a text from Michael telling us to meet up with them as soon as we could so that way we could go see Fenway Park with them and go a little touring after their radio interview that morning. We rushed until we were completely ready, brushed our teeth, grabbing our phones, and running to the car.

It was around 1-1:30, and we drove to the studio that they were doing their interview at. Thankfully, Willy was waiting for us right at the gate. We pulled in and parked our car. As me, Megan and Willy were walking to the doors, we started to see the crowd of girls get bigger and bigger the closer we got.

“you should see how many people showed up its insane!” Willy stated and smiled.

The crowd was humongous. They were all chit chatting and laughing and screaming to eachother. As the girls started to notice me and Megan walking over with Willy, they got kind of quite. We could hear whispering and gasps. 

“Jacki!! Megan!!” one girl screamed. We darted our heads in her direction and everyone started screaming our names and waving. It was really weird, we were just like them, fans. Except, we were their friends as well. We smiled and kept walking.

“that was strange..” I looked up at Megan.

“yeah I thought everyone hated us what the hell.” We shrugged and laughed it off and walked inside. A couple interns for the radio station greeted us at the door. We decided to wait for the guys on the first floor so we didn’t have to go up and down a bunch of times. We passed time sharing words with Willy and one of the interns, who was so sweet and adorable. She was just a year older than us, trying to get her career going early.

The elevator doors opened and the boys came out with Ray and another body guard, I think his name was Tom, and John was right behind them as well.

“hey guys!” Calum cheerfully smiled at us and was the first one to come up and hug us. Michael came up to me next, scrunching our noses at eachother, he bent down and kissed my cheek, and hugged me from the side, rubbing my back. Ashton went to Megan and squeezed her tight in a hug. Luke then smiled and hugged us last.

“we hug a lot don’t we?” Michael laughed.

“we just love eachother” Ashton laughed, still squeezing onto Megan.

“alright lets go now if you want to get to fenway” Ray said.

“let’s do a quick hello to the fans outside and then you can head out, sound good?” the intern asked. Their crew nodded and away we went. The guys walked in front with Ray and Tom, and me and Megan stayed behind with Nicole, Danielle, Kylie, Willy, and the rest of their crew. We all talked as we made our way outside, the guys staying on the legde of the steps, waving and taking pictures of the crowd. Me and Megan went with the twins and Kylie as Willy came along as well, to their bus that was parked on the other side of the studio. We hopped in and waited for them to come so we could go a little sightseeing.

“wait what about our car do we just leave it here?” Megan questioned me.

“I can take it and follow the bus wherever, and just park it for you guys when we get back to the stadium.” Willy suggested.

“if you wouldn’t mind, we can always take it and follow.” i looked over at Willy, but he insisted. He then hopped off and went to our car, starting it. We could hear the bass of the music from whatever he was listening to.

“any louder there Will..?” Kylie said over the walkie talkie.

“sorry, this bass is just really loud, I love it.” He laughed.

The guys finally made their way on the bus, with Ray and Tom trailing behind them with some of their other crew members.

“Alright lets do this!” Ashton screamed with his arms in the air. We all cheered and headed to Fenway.

Fenway was so cool. Coming here so many times since I was little, neither me or Megan actually looked around and toured. So even for us, being from the area, never saw any of it, and were really into it. We all took pictures with the green monster statue, and the guys met the Green Monster himself. They talked for a bit, and that was that. It was a pretty fun afternoon, sightseeing, and a quick stop for food. Me, being me, wasn’t all that hungry. Michael though wasn’t having it. He convinced me to share his chocolate milkshake with him, so, as he said “you would at least have something in your stomach.” Ashton and Megan both got a coke, but ended up sharing the rest of Megan’s once Ashton drank all of his.

Megan’s POV:

Ashton for some reason, was all over me. Im pretty sure I knew the reason why, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it. He was always walking next to me, touching my back, and now sharing my drink with me. He was being awkward, but in a cute way. It was making me fall more and more for him.

After lunch, we headed to the stadium so they could rehearse and just relax backstage before the show. It was about four now, so they had some time to kill. Me and Ashton were sat on the opposite couch from Luke and Jacki, who were watching videos on his phone. Im guessing funny videos since they were both dying laughing. Michael was playing a game with Calum in the corner.

“hey.” Ashton nudged my arm. I looked up from my phone and starred into his eyes.

“want to try the drums.” He asked with a smile on his face. I couldn’t resist those puppy eyes of his, and plus I was interested in learning, even though I knew I sucked, I wanted to just fuck around and have some fun. He grabbed my hand and walked me over to the drums, motioning his hand for me to sit. He passed me his drumsticks and put his hands behind his back, waiting for me to play something.

“oh god.” Jacki shot over at us, both her and Luke looking in our direction. I got nervous and tensed up a bit, not even that I was going to be serious about it anyway, I was just going to atleast attempt to make a beat. My hands started going, and banging on the mini drum kit. Ashton started laughing in the background, which caused me to stop and huff a little.

“what the hell is so funny?” I said smiling, I couldn’t help but giggle back.

“youre just so cute that’s all.” He was still laughing, holding his stomach. I didn’t think it was that funny but Luke was laughing along with Jacki on the couch.

“you guys are annoying” I said playfully.

“im sorry, here let me show you.” Within seconds, I felt his large hands wrap over mine. I could feel his stomach pressed against my back, as he knelt down a little so he was on the side of me, right next to my face. He started to play a little bit of “Amnesia” while holding my hands and banging on the kit.

“there you go, you just played a song!” Jacki started clapping and cheering as Luke played along.

“technically you did, I was just the puppet.” I smirked at him, causing a smirk to appear on his face as well.

A while passed by then, Michael and Jacki cuddling a little on the couch, his arm around her shoulder hugging her, and her head was buried in his chest. We were listening to music and Ashton was busy practicing his drums for the show that night. I went up to Jacki who was laughing at something Michael had said, and asked to talk in the hallway real quick.

“Jacki, what the fuck.” I felt my eyes bug open, and Jacki furrowed her eyebrows.

“what, whats wrong?”

“what are we going to do? Ashton and Michael, we cant just leave tonight and leave it as just friends, what the hell are we going to do.” She put her hands on her cheeks and shook her head.

“I don’t know Megan. This is the happiest we’ve been in a long time and I really don’t want it to end now.” Her cheeks started to flush.

“we should tell them, how we really feel. It’s the best thing. And I know they feel something for us too, theres something up, there just has to be.” She looked down at her feet and then up to me again.

“Jacki, listen to me. Things like this don’t just happen to anyone. Our luck is finally turning around, and I want it to stay this way. We have to be smart about this, we just have to tell them.” She sighed.

“after the show, we can do it then.” We nodded in agreement as the door to the dressing room swung open. Ray walked out along with the guys following behind. It was time to hit the stage once again. Their last night in Boston.

Jacki’s POV:

Michael wrapped his arm around my shoulder, and I quickly pulled him to the side.

“whats wrong?” he asked, eyebrows furrowed. I laughed and glided my fingers down is left arm and held his hand. He looked down at our intertwined fingers and smiled, cheeks growing a light shade of pink. He chuckled under his breath.

“nothing nothing, I just want to say thank you.” His eyes met mine again.

“thank you for what?” he chuckled some more and kept lock on my eyes.

“for being so nice, and listening. I haven’t-“ I shot my eyes over to Megan who was standing with Ashton and Calum talking about whatever they were talking about.

“-we, me and Megan, haven’t been this happy in a long time. Just thanks for everything.” He tightened his grip on my hand and smiled a cute toothless smile, looking down at me.

“anytime.” The smile was still plastered on his face. I saw his eyes go from mine, to my lips, and back up to my eyes. He repeated this a couple times, until I got the picture. I turned him so his back was facing everyone, and he was blocking me. He softly giggled and removed his hand from mine, placing it on my cheek. I felt my arms move from his sides to his torso. He leaned down a little, since, even with these Steve Madden booties I was still quite short. My heart was racing so fast, and I felt myself tense up. As soon as his warm breath pierced my lips though, I gripped his shirt and relaxed, melted almost into his touch. My lips parted, and enclosed on his top lip. The butterflies in my stomach were going haywire and I felt something that Ive never felt before. Our lips stayed attached for a while, it felt like time was in slow motion. I could feel him smirk against my lips and I couldn’t help but smile too.

“hey, lover boy! Time to go, come on mate!” Calum shouted over to Michael. He breathed out a laugh and kissed my forehead, rubbing his thumb on the apple of my cheek. My hands let go of the grip I had on his shirt as he slowly walked away towards the guys. Calum nudged his arm and started “ooing”

“shut up.” I heard him softly say to Calum. I licked my lips and walked to Willy and Megan, and there we were once again, walking out to the stadium, to be faced by all these gorgeous girls, screaming, crying and waiting for 5sos to start. That made me wonder so badly why Michael would choose me. I stood there, looking around at all these other girls that could be with him, but it was me that he wanted, and I didn’t know why.

Ashton’s POV:

Looking out into the crowd of all these faces, there was only one I couldn’t help but stare at. Megan was so amazingly beautiful. Probably one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen. She was so funny, and so down to earth, I never thought I would meet someone that liked us lads for the real us, not just as 5 Seconds of Summer. We’ve all had our breakups, stupid fights, bad friendships, but all in all, they were situations we learned from. If I had never gotten over my past relationships, I wouldn’t be able to feel the way I felt for Megan then and there. It was something deep inside me, I didn’t know how to explain it. Just a warm sensation that shot through my body everytime I looked into her eyes.

Hitting the drums for the last time here in Boston, I decided to go out extreme and have a little drum solo. The guys didn’t mind, chiming in with their guitars after a while. The crowd roared with screams and chants, it was such an adrenaline rush. Sweaty yet again, we ran off stage straight into the back to wash up and put on some dry clothes. Over the walkie talkie, Ray told Willy to have the girls come backstage. They bursted through the door, being held open by Ray, and shot huge smiles at us.

“that was so awesome, good job guys!” Megan shouted to all of us. We cheered and clapped together, giving ourselves a pat on the back. I gave Michael a smile and walked over to Megan.

“question?” she smiled and raised her eyebrows.

“shoot” she replied.

“would you want to go catch some dinner? You, Jacki, and the lads?” she laughed and looked down at her feet.

“so, a date? If that even is a date?” I found myself giggling and replied,

“yeah yeah yeah, a date.” she looked over at Jacki, who was smiling up at Michael. He was wiping the last bit of sweat off his forehead and throwing his snapback on.

“you guys hear that?” I pointed to them, catching their attention.

“dinner, yeah sure, you okay with that?” Mike looked at Jacki who simply said yes and smiled over at us. They grabbed their bags that they had left backstage during our set, as I told our security guards to stay behind. Surprisingly they didn’t budge, they nodded and smiled.

“don’t do anything stupid you guys.” Willy shouted. 

“no worries we’ll be fine!” Michael shouted back, grabbing onto Jacki’s hand, their fingers intertwining. I couldn’t help but stare at them, they were so cute together, and ive never seen Michael this happy before. I wish I could just come out with my feelings for Megan, it was hard though. I didn’t want her to be weird after, or me make it awkward. I didn’t even know if she liked me the way I liked her. I showed it here and there, but I don’t know if she caught onto it. I couldn’t tell if it was just her being nice, or if she felt the same way.

Walking to the restaurant, Mike and Jacki hand in hand in front of us with Cal and Luke, and me and Megan watching from behind, there were no girls around to make a huge deal out of us being there. There was a small group, maybe eight or nine girls, in the back. I’m assuming they didn’t have tickets. We caught their eyes and they started talking to us, not shouting but almost.

“LUKE!! Calum hey!” one said.

“Hi Michael!, hi Ash!” the others chimed in. I put my hand on Megan’s back, reassuring her that she was okay, and if anything bad was said, both me and Michael would say something.

“aw Michael, you guys are so cute what the hell man, I wish” one of the girls pouted to Jacki and Michael, who still were intertwined. He laughed and shook his head looking down at his feet and then at Jacki, who faced him and smiled. There were obviously people at the stores in Patriot Place, so we knew there would probably be some commotion. We decided to go to Five Guys, we were craving something fattening and delicious. We sat inside, laughing, joking and learning a little more about eachother without even knowing. It wasn’t really a date, more like a hangout, but it worked coz we got to know more about eachtoher. We devoured our burgers, fries and drinks and sat in for a little while longer. Mid-way into our meal, girls sat inside, not even eating, just starring, phones out, nothing new to us. We didn’t mask anything, we stayed ourselves, like usual.

“im so sorry about that, I know this might get annoying but im really sorry guys” I stated. The girls smiled and shrugged it off.

“nothing to be sorry about, we’re fine.” Jacki looked at me with a reassuring smile. We continued our conversation a while after finishing our meals and got up and went on our way.


Megan’s POV:

It would take us a while to walk back to the Stadium, so I thought it would be a perfect time to talk to Ashton. Seeing Jacki and Michael pretty much made their feelings for eachother clear, it was my turn. I placed my hand on Ashtons forearm, and gently gripped it. I could feel his muscle tense and then slowly relax. He moved closer to my side as we walked.

“hey we’re gonna go check out some stores you guys wanna come?” Michael asked, looking at us, Ashton answered for the both of us.

“no go ahead, we’ll be around. Just text me whenever you’re gonna come head back.” they smiled back to us in response. This was perfect, we were alone now. It actually made me more scared to tell him, but I knew I had to. My mouth opened, letting a small gasp of air in, but before I could speak Ashton spoke first.

“hey, can I tell you something? But promise you won’t laugh?” he walked slower now, letting his hand out of his pocket and slowly gliding it against mine. My eyes looked down at our now intertwining fingers and all I could feel were instant butterflies. “Oh god!” I kept thinking to myself. I nodded and looked back up at him, meeting his eyes.

“I really like you Megan, like a lot.” My cheeks felt hot and I knew I was blushing. He giggled a little looking down at my rosy cheeks.

“don’t do that, no don’t blush, it makes me even more nervous then I already am, please no.” he put his hand up to the side of his face and giggled in between words. I giggle myself and chocked back on my words a little bit.

“sorry, that just made me really happy.” Smiles not leaving either of our faces, he stopped walking and turned to face me, pulling me towards a bench that was oddly misplaced. We both sat down, quite close to eachother and he continued.

“the thing is, honestly before we met you guys, we didn’t know what it was like anymore to have a girl around without screaming, or crying, or asking for stuff. That’s just our normal now.” I nodded as I listened to his statement.

“you and Jacki are just, so real, and not like any other girls I’ve ever met.” Youre so amazing, and I hope im not making it awkward for you but I really do like you.” He couldn’t have said it better. Me and Jacki were happier than ever, they were happier than ever, atleast that’s what they’ve said. We just all felt so comfortable with eachother, like we’ve known them since we were younger, but in reality, its only been two days. Two crazy, fun filled days, that I know we weren’t going to forget.


“That makes me feel so good Ashton honestly, I don’t hear that stuff often and when I do, which is like never, it means a lot to me.” he tilted his head a little almost in confusion.

“Well, listen to me, you’re beautiful, never let anyone tell you different.” His hand found its way to my cheek, and slid down to the side of my neck. He slowly leaned in, and our lips met. His, cold but soft, worked their way to both my bottom and top lip. Boy did he know how to kiss. His hand slid down to my thigh that was crossed over my other leg. We separated, noses touching. His smile grew wide, exposing his dimple, and his giggle became dominant. I giggled along with him as he cleared his throat and stood up fixing his shirt behind him. He held his hand out to me. They were huge, his hands, fingers, they were the size of my face practically. I grabbed a hold of it and stood up next to him. We walked away as he swung his arm around my shoulder not letting go of my hand.

Jacki’s POV:

Michael, Cal, Luke and I all went walking around a little while Megan and Ashton went off alone. We could hear the screams and music coming from just behind us in the stadium. They were playing Story of my Life, which meant the show was almost over. We finished our window shopping in the stores around and headed back towards the stadium.

We met up with the rest of the guys and Megan backstage.

“want to check out the end of the show?” Luke looked at me smiling.

“yeah yeah, lets go.” I grabbed Michaels hand as he opened the door for me to walk out after him, and me holding it open for Calum behind me. We could hear the boys talking on stage, and I could feel my heart starting to pump. No matter how many times you see this show, every single time, your adrenaline goes crazy and your heart pumps out of your chest, the show is just that damn good. We made our way out to the floor, standing behind barricades that blocked the fans on the floor seats from coming over to us.

“We want to thank you guys so much for coming out, its been an amazing few nights Boston. We’ve been One Direction, drive home safe. This is Best Song Ever!” Harry screamed into the microphone. We all clapped and sang along, phones out recording the last blazing storm of fireworks. The boys started waving and walked to the top of the stairs on stage, and disappeared into the smoke. We all joined together and fast paced walked to the set of stairs to go backstage. Walking up the stairs, I felt a nudge against my arm, and I looked straight up into these bright blue eyes, it was Niall, he was smiling so big and sweating, heavy breathing.

“sorry sweetie!” he said, placing his hand on my back.” I smiled and shook my head.

“no no my fault.” My heart was definitely pounding. Michael moved to my side, putting his hand on Niall’s shoulder. They looked at eachother and chuckled.

“hey bro” Niall said to him. Michael gave him a “hey” back. Louis behind him was giving him a bit of a shove, basically telling him to get walking, so the fans that could see us would stop screaming. Megans hand met mine, and we gripped eachother as Ashton followed behind her, and Michael stayed next to me. We walked along with Niall back behind the stage.

“we want to be on the road by 12 to be in DC by morning.” One of the boys crew members said over the walkie talkie Paul was holding. Twelve, that was only just shy of an hour away. We only had a little more time with them.

“Michaeeelll!!” We both turned and saw Harry jogging toward us. He slapped his hand on Michaels shoulder and hugged him from the side, Michael removing his hand from my back in the process. He looked over at me and Megan and shot us a smile.

“hello! Whats your name?” my heart froze.


“nice to meet you Jacki! And you are?” he pointed next to me at Megan.

“Megan.” He smiled, showing his dimples, and perfectly straight white teeth.

We walked and talked, like it was a normal thing. There were people backstage, girls with vip im guessing. They rushed the boys out back and onto their bus.

I felt Michael grip my side and pull me into him. I wrapped my arm around his waist and laid my head on his chest. Calum and Luke walking in front of us now, Ashton and Megan next to us talking to them. It felt like for some reason we were walking for a long time, but then we reached the big black doors leading to their dressing room. They packed all their stuff up that was laying around in the room. Luke stealing a banana from the food table, and Calum grabbing the video game set in the corner. Ashton grabbed his drumsticks and beats that were hanging off one of the couches, and Michael grabbed his phone charger and headphones. Me and Megan were stood next to the doors talking with Willy, who was always there for us these past two days. He was so sweet and such a cool guy to talk to. I grabbed my keys from him which he was holding onto for me, as we all walked out to the buses.

Thank god for barricades, or else this huge crowd that formed in the back would have charged. Screams and flashes were happening, almost never ending. The boys names being shouted in all different directions. It felt weird to be on the other side of the barricades this time. Usually, we would be part of the crowd, getting trampled, screaming at the top of our lungs, and crying coz they would be right in front of us. But here we were, standing with them, talking to them, like we’ve known them forever. We saw Harry walking on a bus that Lou had jumped on. He looked over at us and stopped in his tracks. Lifting his hand up to wave, but then shaking his head, smiling and walking over to us. Me and Megan stood outside the guys bus, waiting for them to finish packing it up and come back outside to say goodbye.

“it was nice meeting you guys.” He smiled and hugged each of us. He gave amazing hugs, tight, warm, and he was so tall, not only to 5 foot me, but even Megan, who was a few inches taller than me. Megan being Megan, wasn’t shy asking for a quick picture. Thank god for her. If she wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have gotten pictures with Ash, Luke, and Calum the first day we met, and I wouldn’t have gotten this picture with Harry.

“Sure sure, yeah. Here give it to me ill take it for you.” He grabbed her phone and leaned it in the sky, pointing down to our heights. Looking at the picture, he was on the right, me in the middle and Megan on the left.

“thanks harry!” he smiled and looked down at me putting his hand on my shoulder.

“drive home safe okay!?” he shouted to us as he walked away. We gave him a thumbs up and one last goodbye.

Luke came off the bus first, huffing looking down at me. He opened his arms for a hug and pulled me into him.

“im gonna miss you guys!”

“aww we’re gonna miss you guys too!” Ashton came out next, Then Michael and Calum Last. Ashton took Megan to the side, and Calum hugged me tight. He laid his head on mine and pouted his bottom lip.

“please don’t leave..” I rubbed Calums back and we squeezed eachother tight. Michael grabbed my cheeks and turned me so we weren’t facing the crowd of girls. I put my hands on his sides gripping his shirt in each hand, and he leaned down and kissed my lips hard. Our lips unattached, and he moved his hands down to my waist, pulling me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding his snapback with one hand so I didn’t hit off his head. The screams coming from the girls behind him got louder, and I couldn’t help but laugh, and he laughed along with me. We slowly let go of eachother, as Ashton walked back towards us, with Megan connected to his arm, she obviously seemed upset, so I went up to her and rubbed her back. Michael opened his arms and wiggled his fingers.

“come here beauty, embrace me.” He said to Megan, which made her softly giggle under her breath. He hugged her tight, and let go slowly. His eyes bugged opened and he gave me a surprised look.

“wait a minute!..” Me and Megan looked at eachother confused. He seemed to get happier. Willy started walking over to us to say goodbye.

“Is there any way you guys could stay!? We’ll pay for food, if money’s the issue?” Me and Megan looked at eachother and just smiled.

“we need to get our checks from work.” I giggle to him.

“we need clothes, and more money to spend, and work is a huge deal. Its not like we cant take vacation or anything, but I don’t know.” Megan looked at him and shrugged.

“We’re going to DC for a couple days and then back over here to Philly. I think we’re supposed to be there for three days.” His eyes bugged again, and the smile slowly appeared back on his face. I noticed Ashton started smiling too.

“what are you thinking Michael?” he let out a sigh and put his hands on his chest.

“come to Philly with us?” I looked over to Megan who was starring at Ashton smiling.

“cmon itll give you time to get situated down at home, and then we can fly you up to Philly!”

I sighed, a smile growing on my lips. I looked into his eyes, which were glowing, and hesitant for my response.

“We’d love to!” he shouted and nudged Ashton on the arm, hugging me, then megan and running on the bus. Calum walked off the bus and stood at the door, Luke standing at the top of the steps, bending down so we could see his face.

“are you seriously coming to Philly with us, or is Michael just busting our balls?” Luke laughed.

“no hes not, we’ll see you there!” This plan worked out perfectly for us. We had a friend that was going to one of the Philly shows, and we’ve been trying to meet up with her again ever since we met for the first time in New York a couple weeks before when we went to go see 5sos on the Today Show. She was one of our twitter friends, and we loved her to death. We had to inform her on everything that’s been going on, and tell her the good news about Philly.

After a while of cheering and hugging all around again, we said bye to Willy, gave Mike and Ash one last kiss, and went to our car. They had us use one of their police escorts to take us out to the front of the gate so we could get out quicker, and before the buses. We rolled down our windows and waved goodbye to everyone on the bus.


The ride home was long, tiring, and draining. Even though we were excited about Philly, we were so exhausted from the last three days of running around, and going from place to place. All in all, these last three days have been literally the best days of our lives. We experienced something that every fan dreams of. And what was so unreal, is that we drove here on the 7th, not having any idea what was to come for us, the luck we had, the people we met, and the friends we made, and we left on the 9th, in love, breathless, and excited for everything to come in the near future.

Once we finally got home, to my house, it was around 2 in the morning, maybe a bit earlier. Traffic was horrendous, which made the ride even longer then it should have been. I turned on my bedroom light and plopped on my bed. Megan did the same. We changed into comfy clothes and washed the makeup off our faces. We didn’t realize how much we actually weren’t on our phones, because we were so busy with the guys, and the concerts. Before going to bed, we both plugged our phones in and went completely through our twitters and instagrams. Both our followers sky rocketed, and our mentions were non stop. There was hate, confusion, and questions taking up my whole notification feed. I ignored all the bad and focused on the good. That’s one thing I learned through this experience we’ve had. You cant focus so much on the bad, coz then your mind will turn against you, and you too will start thinking bad, about yourself and everything around you. Focus on what makes you happy, and stick with that.

I posted the picture of us and Harry on my instagram with the caption of a heart eyes emoji and a purple heart. Scrolling through my feed, people were liking the picture like crazy, it wouldn’t stop blowing up. I decided to shut my instagram notifications off, since they were going insane one after another after another liking that picture, following me, and other pictures that I posted from the concerts. Looking through twitter, an update account tweeted me and Megan and tagged us in a picture of us and Harry, that someone in the crowd had taken. Someone had also shot a picture of me and Michael kissing, and hugging, and more pictures of us hugging the other boys, and Willy. One girl posted vines and tagged us in them, of us when we were watching the show behind the barricades on the floor. All this attention was weird for me. I wasn’t used to people being involved in my life, but I had a feeling it was going to happen. There was obviously no way of you hanging out with any of the boys or 5sos without being seen with them, and then your life becomes stalked.

In the end for us though, it was worth it. No matter what anyone had to say, or whatever they posted about us, anything, it was worth it for us to have such amazing friends as these 4 guys, and all the people we met along the way, it was one hell of an experience and I didnt let anyone ruin it for me. I decided to let the hating go, be the bigger person and end my night with one last tweet before bed.

“@jackimarino_x: thank you to everyone who made these last three days, the best days of my life! (crying emoji) (kissy face emoji)” attached with two pictures, one I took of the stage and fireworks, and the one Michael put on instagram of me, Megan, and the rest of the guys.

“@Michael5SOS: Thanks Boston, you were absolutely incredible! (heart eyes emoji)”

“@irelandmalik: What an amazing past few days, ill never forget them!” attached with a picture of the stage with Niall on the big screen.

“@Calum5SOS: @jackimarino_x @irelandmalik thanks for being rad (monkey emoji)”

“@Ashton5SOS: Boston you were amazing! Big love to all who made it wonderful!”

“@Luke5SOS: Meeting new people is always a great thing (cool emoji)”

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