A Love From The Other Side (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 29 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 30 Aug 2014
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A Love From The Other Side; Dean Ambrose is a professional WWE wrestler. He's been dating to long time girlfriend Renee Young since they were younger. Late one night when Dean was leaving back to his hotel to the airport in LA, he got robbed, stabbed, and thrown down the cliff from the driveway. He came across Kim who was driving home from an event with her father. They came across Dean who passed out in front their car and was rushed to the hospital where it was announced that he suffered memory loss. Without knowing his name, Kim and her father decided to name him Jon Mox. Jon and Kim soon fell in love and got engage, but when it was discovered that he was still alive. Kim had went for a walk when someone came and took Jon to another place, accidentally causing him to remember everything again. Dean returns home where he reunites with Renee. As for Kim, she waited a year and no sign of Jon. While with Nikki and Brie checking in the hotel she saw someone... with the look of Jon Mox


4. In Trouble With The McMahons

(The Next Day) 

Kim: *meets up with Stephanie* 

Stephanie: Hi, you must be Kimberly Ryans right? 

Kim: Yes, I am. 

Stephanie: I heard you been causing problems for our talent Dean Ambrose. 

Kim: I... I... I don't think I am. 

Stephanie: I already got two complaints from him, well three actually.  

Kim: I'm sorry. 

Stephanie: Look, I don't want you near him and I don't want you to harass him or putting your hands on him ok. He is a professional wrestler, well respected, and you cannot destroy that for him. You are an embarrassment towards our WWE Company, and I can't have you here with us backstage. You need to go home and not ever come back. This is just a warning. Next time I will have you locked up. 

Kim: I'm sorry I already caused so many problems here. 

Stephanie: Yeah, I don't even know you and you're causing all these stuff here. You're lucky Nikki came to talk to be before I got to you only. 

Kim: *sits in silence* 

Stephanie: Now if Nikki hadn't come and talked to me, you wouldn't even be sitting here, you would be sitting in jail already. 

Kim: *swallows hard* I'm sorry, it won't happen again. 

Stephanie: Now Nikki said you want to work here, is that correct? 

Kim: Uh, yeah? I do actually. 

Stephanie: What are your experiences with us huh? 

Kim: Uh... 

Vince: *walks in* Well hello there Kim. 

Kim: *looks at vince scared* 

Stephanie: She came a little early and I started ahead.  

Vince: That's good, so what's going on Kim? What's this that I keep hearing? 

Kim: I um...  

Stephanie: Harassed Dean Ambrose. 

Kim: Yeah, that. *tries not to cry*  

Vince: Harassing my talents huh? 

Kim: I'm sorry Mr... 

Stephanie: It's Mr. McMahon to you. 

Kim: Mr. McMahon. 

Stephanie: Father, Kim here wants to work here. What do you have to say huh? 

Vince: You want to work here after harassing my talents? 

Kim: It wasn't talents, it was just... 

Vince: Dean Ambrose. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Vince: Well I'm sorry, but after hearing that you're harassing Dean Ambrose, I cannot have you working here with us. You already embarrassed us, and you are a very disappointing person. We cannot have you working here because you already burned the bridge three times. 

Kim: Three? 

Stephanie: Yes, three. 

Kim: How? 

Stephanie: The hotel, backstage, and the slapping him. 

Kim: So I'm not getting the job then am I? 

Stephanie: No. 

Vince: Now get the hell out of this building and do not ever step foot backstage or in attendance ever again. 

Kim: I nevered even been in attendance, so there's not need to say that Mr. McMahon, but to not be backstage. As long as my friends are there, I will respect that as well. 

Stephanie: Good, not get out like my father said. 

Kim: *wipes her tears* I am, and I'm sorry I caused those problems. *leaving the office* 

Nikki: *smiles* Did you get it? 

Brie: Kim? *smiles* 

Kim: *cries* I am banned from a WWE Live event. 

Brie: *hugs kim* Kim. 

Nikki: I'm sorry. 

Kim: I have to go, I can't be here anymore girls. I have to go home now and I'll never get to see Jon again. 

Nikki: *makes a sad face* I'm so sorry Kim. 

Kim: I can't believe this is happening to me. 

Brie: Don't say that, I'm sure time will come when time is right. 

Kim: *leaves to the exit*

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