A Love From The Other Side (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 29 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 30 Aug 2014
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A Love From The Other Side; Dean Ambrose is a professional WWE wrestler. He's been dating to long time girlfriend Renee Young since they were younger. Late one night when Dean was leaving back to his hotel to the airport in LA, he got robbed, stabbed, and thrown down the cliff from the driveway. He came across Kim who was driving home from an event with her father. They came across Dean who passed out in front their car and was rushed to the hospital where it was announced that he suffered memory loss. Without knowing his name, Kim and her father decided to name him Jon Mox. Jon and Kim soon fell in love and got engage, but when it was discovered that he was still alive. Kim had went for a walk when someone came and took Jon to another place, accidentally causing him to remember everything again. Dean returns home where he reunites with Renee. As for Kim, she waited a year and no sign of Jon. While with Nikki and Brie checking in the hotel she saw someone... with the look of Jon Mox


6. First Day Working

(The Next Week On RAW) 

Kim: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest Seth Rollins. *smiles* Seth, last week you got the chance to beat Roman Reigns in a no disqualification match, and later tonight you are facing him again in a cage match. How are you feeling? Knowing it's your first cage match ever. 

Seth: How do I feel Kim? How do I feel? I feel great, knowing I will win again tonight! Now, listen to this ok Kim. I am Mr. Money in the Banks. 

Kim: Yeah, you are. 

Seth: I will cash in this contract soon, and I am gonna be the new WWE World Heavyweight... 

Dean: *attacks seth from behind* 

Kim: *screams and runs off* 

Brie: Great mic skills Kim, you did better than I thought. 

Kim: Thanks. *smiles* 

Nikki: For someone to not watch WWE and has no clue what we're all about. Kim you are perfect. 

Kim: *chuckles* No I'm not. 

Jane: Hi Kim, can I have a talk with you? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Jane: Stephanie wants you to change job. 

Kim: Oh? Ok. 

Jane: She's gonna have you as interviewer and your first storyline. 

Kim: First storyline? 

Jane: She's gonna have you work up with Dean Ambrose. She thinks you two needs to make up and get on the same page. 

Kim: Oh? Does he know? 

Jane: Yes I told him before I got to you. 

Kim: What did he say? 

Jane: He was kind of disappointed, but he said he'll do his best on screen with you. 

Kim: Oh, ok. *smileS* Thank you. 

Jane: No problem. *leaves* 

Kim: *walks back to the twins* 

Brie: What happened? 

Kim: I'm getting paired up with Dean for a storyline. 

Brie: What? Who's the other girl then? 

Kim: Wasn't told. Jane just said me and him. 

Brie: Good luck Kim. *smiles* Your dream is coming just a little closer. 

Kim: I'm unexperienced in the ring; I don't know how to wrestle. 

Brie: I'll teach you, don't worry. 

Kim: Alright then. *sighs and then chuckles* 

Dean: Hey! 

Kim: Uh,yeah? 

Brie: I'll let you two talk. 

Dean: Who are you? Why are you working here? 

Kim: Um, I'm uh... I'm new here. 

Dean: Yeah, I don't even know you and why are we working together? 

Kim: I don't know. 

Dean: Look, only on screen or out there we can talk and look at eachother! But back here like now off camera, we are to not talk or even be in eachother's way ok! 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dean: *rolls his eyes and walks off* 

Kim: *closes her eyes and exhales/turns around* 

Seth: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: Uh, hi? 

Seth: So, harassing Ambrose huh?  

Kim: It wasn't even like that. 

Seth: Slapping him. *laughs* I give you props for that Kim. Not a huge fan of him either.  

Kim: *smiles*  

Seth: Listen, I have this storyline coming up with you and him. Let's go out and eat afterwards and get to know eachother a little bit more yeah? 

Kim: Oh, so you're the other person. Who's the other girl? 

Seth: There's not.  

Kim: Oh? Well then... yeah, I guess we can. 

Seth: Alright, I'll see you after my match. *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: *stands in awkwardness looking around* 

Summer: Hey, congrats on getting a contract. 

Kim: Thank you. 

Eva: Yeah, we are so proud of you. We heard you got this job because of the twins right? *looks at summer* 

Summer: Yeah, we heard you got this job because of them. 

Kim: Kind of. 

Eva: And the rest was because you are having an affair with Triple H, correct? 

Kim: What? I barely just met him last Tuesday. 

Summer: Right or you were harassing another superstar Dean Ambrose. 

Kim: I wasn't harassing... 

Renee: Hey Summer? What's going on? 

Summer: Renee? We were just welcoming Kim onto the roster. *smiles* 

Renee: Yeah, I heard, congrats. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks. 

Summer: Well, see you later girl. *leaves with eva* 

Renee: Hi, I'm Renee Young. 

Kim: Kim Ryans. 

Renee: It's nice to meet you, you did great at a backstage interviewer. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you Renee. 

Dean: Oh, there you are? 

Renee: Hey baby.  

Dean: What are you doing with her? *looks at kim* 

Kim: *feels stupid* 

Renee: Babe, this is Kim Ryans, she's new here. 

Dean: Yeah, I heard. I'm supposed to be working with her sometime soon with Seth. 

Renee: Oh, how fun. *smiles* 

Dean: Not really. *messes his hair up* Kind of wish it was with you. 

Renee: *smiles* Aw. 

Kim: *smiles* I look forward into working with you, and it was nice to meet you Renee. *smiles and leaves* 

Dean: Seth wants us to go eat with him after the show, let's go. 

Renee: Oh okay yeah. 

Seth: *walks out first to the ring* 

Roman: *walks out next* 

(Cage Lowers Down) 

Seth: *goes and attacks roman first* 

Roman: *fights back* 

Dean: *heads to the match* 

Seth: *curb stomps reigns and heads up the cage* 

Dean: *climbs the other side of the cage* 

Seth: *jumps down and turns around* 

Roman: *runs and spears seth* 

Seth: *laid out* 

Roman: *climbs up the cage and wins* 

Seth: *looks at dean and roman in disappointment* 

Dean: *laughs* 

Roman: *smiles* 

(After The Match) 

Kim: *walking backstage* 

Seth: Hey? Where you going? 

Kim: I was gonna head off. 

Seth: No, you're gonna go out with us remember? 

Kim: Us? 

Seth: Yeah, I invited Dean and his girlfriend Renee too. 

Kim: Oh? Ok. 

Dean: Hey, let's go. 

Seth: C'mon Kim. 

Dean: Wait, she's going? 

Seth: Yeah? 

Renee: What's wrong with that? 

Dean: Nothing, let's go then. 

Seth: So Renee, you must be real happy that Dean's back right? 

Kim: *looks at dean and renee* 

Renee: I am Seth. *smiles* I am. 

Seth: That's good. *smiles* 

Renee: We've been together for 8 years. When guys believed that he was dead, I waited 2 years and look where he is now. Next to me by my side. *smiles* 

Kim: You guys been together for 8 years? 

Renee: Well ten now. *chuckles* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* I envy your relationship. 

Renee: Why? 

Kim: I lost my husband. 

Renee: What happened? 

Kim: He took off with a friend the day after our wedding and never came back. 

Renee: Oh my gosh! That is bad, how long ago was this? 

Kim: This will be the second week now. 

Seth: Recent then, I'm sorry Kim. 

Kim: It's ok. *forces a smile* 

Seth: That's funny Dean came back the same time too, do you remember anything from your past? 

Dean: Nope, no one. *chuckles* But it's ok because none of them mattered anyways. *smiles* 

Kim: *gets hurt* 

Renee: Kim, you alright? 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, I'm just hungry. 

Seth: The foods coming darling. 

Kim: *fakes a chuckles* Don't call me that please. 

Seth: Sorry. 

Kim: So, do you know when our storyline is starting? 

Seth: I think next week or so, why? 

Kim: Oh, just asking. 

Kathy: *calls kim* 

Kim: *looks at her phone* Hello? 

Kathy: Hi Kim, how are you? 

Kim: *panics* Is he home? Has he came back home yet? Is this why you're calling? He's back is he? 

Dean: *looks at kim* 

Kathy: No he's not, but I just called to tell you that I have to get back home, and I will be back next week to check up on your house. 

Kim: *makes a sad face* Oh... ok, thank you for letting me know, so he's not back then? 

Kathy: No he's not honey. 

Kim: Ok thanks Ms. Colace, take care. 

Seth: Well... let's eat and then head on our way out. *eats first*

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