A Love From The Other Side (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 29 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 30 Aug 2014
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A Love From The Other Side; Dean Ambrose is a professional WWE wrestler. He's been dating to long time girlfriend Renee Young since they were younger. Late one night when Dean was leaving back to his hotel to the airport in LA, he got robbed, stabbed, and thrown down the cliff from the driveway. He came across Kim who was driving home from an event with her father. They came across Dean who passed out in front their car and was rushed to the hospital where it was announced that he suffered memory loss. Without knowing his name, Kim and her father decided to name him Jon Mox. Jon and Kim soon fell in love and got engage, but when it was discovered that he was still alive. Kim had went for a walk when someone came and took Jon to another place, accidentally causing him to remember everything again. Dean returns home where he reunites with Renee. As for Kim, she waited a year and no sign of Jon. While with Nikki and Brie checking in the hotel she saw someone... with the look of Jon Mox


3. Dean Ambrose Not Jon Moxley

Brie: *grabbing her stuff* 

Kim: *grabs her stuff* 

Nikki: We good to go? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Brie: It's so cold this early morning. 

Nikki: I know right. *checks into the hotel* 

Kim: *looking around and sees jon* Jon? Jon! 

Dean: *walking with roman* 

Kim: Jon! *runs up to dean* Jon? Why didn't you tell me you were here? 

Dean: What? 

Security: Mam, we need you to get out the way. 

Brie: It's ok, she's with us. C'mon Kim. 

Dean: Weird. *walks off with roman* 

Kim: *hurt* Jon Mox. 

Dean: *checks in with roman* 

Nikki: Kim, c'mon. 

Kim: *leaves with the twins* 

Brie: Kim, why did you call Dean Ambrose Jon? 

Kim: I'm sorry; he looked just like my Jon Moxley. 

Nikki: That's not Jon Moxley Kim, that's Dean Ambrose, he's a professional wrestler. He's been missing for 2 years and just came back too. 

Kim: Missing? What happened to him? 

Nikki: We believed he was dead, but eventually he came back and surprised everyone. 

Kim: No, I'm sure that was Jon Mox Nicole! That's my Jon Mox. 

Brie: Kim, it's not. 

Kim: *cries* 

Brie: Aw. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *crying* 

(Backstage RAW) 

Brie: Hey Bryan. *hugs and kisses bryan* You remember Kim right? 

Bryan: Yes, I do, how are you Kim? 

Kim: I'm great. *smiles* 

John: Hey. *smiles* 

Nikki: Hey. *smiles and hugs john* John, this is Kim, Brie and I's childhood friend. 

John: Welcome to the WWE Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Nikki: This is Kim's first time watching WWE. 

John: Really? 

Kim: Yeah, it is, I nevered seen the girls on TV or even went to an event to watch the girls. 

John: Wow, so first time huh? 

Kim: Yes. 

John: Well let me tell you, it's gonna be fun, great, and entertaining. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Well thank you. 

John: Alright, I'm gonna go get ready, I'll see you later.  

Nikki: *smiles* Ok. *kisses john* 

John: *leaves* 

Dean: *talking with mark* 

Kim: *sees dean* Jon. Jon!  

Brie: Kim! 

Kim: *runs towards jon and grabs his arm*  

Dean: Hey! 

Ref: *grabs kim* 

Kim: Jon! 

Dean: Get her that crazy girl out of this building! Make sure she does not get back in! 

Ref: Alright Dean. *taking kim out the building* 

Nikki: I'll go talk to her. 

Brie: Ok. 

Kim: *crying* Jon! Jon! 

Ref: You have to leave. 

Kim: *walks out the building* 

Nikki: *walks out the building* Kim? 

Kim: Nikki, I'm so sorry. 

Nikki: Why? Why would you do that? 

Kim: That's my Jon Moxley Nicole. That's him, I know it's him. 

Nikki: It's not him Kim. 

Kim: *cries* I know it is Nikki! *leaves in anger* 

Nikki: Kim. *walks back in the building* 

Dean: *fighting kane* 

Kane: *chokeslam dean and gets the win* 

(After RAW) 

Dean: *walking to his car* 

Kim: *sees dean and gets in front of the car and closes her eyes* 

Dean: *breaks* What the hell? *gets out the car* What are you doing? Why are you following me? *leans against the car and crosses his arms* 

Kim: It's me Kim Ryans. 

Dean: I don't know you. 

Kim: It's me Jon! Why are you pretending not to know me!? 

Dean: I'm Dean Ambrose, I don't know who this "Jon Moxley" you are talking about. 

Kim: You want to play it that way then? *cries* Fine! *slaps dean* 

Dean: *groans* You are one crazy person you know that! *gets back in the car and speeds off* 

Kim: *looks back* 

Dean: *exits the parking garage* 

Renee: *smiles* Hey. 

Dean: Hey. *smiles* 

Renee: How was your match? 

Dean: It was good actually. *smiles* 

Brie: Kim. 

Kim: Hey. 

Brie: What happened? Why'd you do that? 

Kim: It was him Brie. 

Brie: Kim, he has a girlfriend, they been together... well now ten years. 

Kim: He has a girlfriend? 

Brie: Yeah, they've been together forever. 

Kim: It can't be. 

Brie: I don't think that's your Jon, if it was, he would of known you and wouldn't have had you escorted out the building. 

Kim: Maybe? *cries* I love him Brie, I love him so much. 

Brie: *hugs kim* I know you do. 

Kim: Maybe he's home. 

Brie: If he was my mom would of called. 

Kim: Right. Why do I always get punished by the ones I love. 

Brie: Don't say that Kim. 

Kim: *crying* 

Stephanie: So your friend wants to work here? 

Nikki: Yes. 

Stephanie: I heard she's already causing trouble. 

Nikki: No, it's just a misunderstanding Stephanie. 

Stephanie: Alright, well, have her come in tomorrow and I'll see what I can do for her as a job here. 

Nikki: Ok, I will. *leaves* 

Brie: Well that was Nicole, she said our boss wants to talk to you tomorrow. 

Kim: Your boss? Am I getting locked up? 

Brie: No. *chuckles* Nikki believes that's your Jon Moxley, and she wants you get you this job, to help him remind himself that he's Jon Moxley. 

Kim: *smiles in tears* Really? 

Brie: Yeah. 

Kim: Aw, Brie. 

Brie: So don't cry, let's hope you get this job. 

Kim: I really hope so too. 

Brie: I'm sure you will Kim. *smiles*

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