A Love From The Other Side (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 29 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 30 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
A Love From The Other Side; Dean Ambrose is a professional WWE wrestler. He's been dating to long time girlfriend Renee Young since they were younger. Late one night when Dean was leaving back to his hotel to the airport in LA, he got robbed, stabbed, and thrown down the cliff from the driveway. He came across Kim who was driving home from an event with her father. They came across Dean who passed out in front their car and was rushed to the hospital where it was announced that he suffered memory loss. Without knowing his name, Kim and her father decided to name him Jon Mox. Jon and Kim soon fell in love and got engage, but when it was discovered that he was still alive. Kim had went for a walk when someone came and took Jon to another place, accidentally causing him to remember everything again. Dean returns home where he reunites with Renee. As for Kim, she waited a year and no sign of Jon. While with Nikki and Brie checking in the hotel she saw someone... with the look of Jon Mox


8. Camp

(The Next Day) 

Kim: *wakes up* 

Nikki: Hey you're up? 

Kim: Yeah. What happened last night? How'd I end up in here? 

Nikki: Dean carried you in. 

Kim: What? 

Nikki: Yeah, he said you went up to him and started crying and acting strange. 

Kim: I don't even remember. 

Nikki: Kim, I know you miss Jon, but that's Dean Ambrose ok. You have to understand that. It's like you're best friend with Brie and only knew her, but then you see me and you think I'm Brie. 

Kim: I'm so sorry Nicole. It won't happen again. 

Nikki: It's ok, c'mon pack up, we have to check out in an hour. 

Kim: Ok. *sits by her suitcase* 

Stephanie: Everyone has been working so hard that Triple H and I have chosen a few of you to go with us on a trip to the woods to camp for the weekend. How do you guys feel? Yeah? No? Maybe? *smiles* 

Triple H: Well, I've chosen a few and they are. The Miz, John Cena, Nikki Bella, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, Eva Marie, Summer Rae, and Kim Ryans. 

Renee: *looks at dean* 

Dean: Why isn't Renee going? 

Stephanie: Well, I feel that she needed to stay behind and be with the others. Perhaps next time? 

Dean: Well, I don't want to go if Renee can't go. 

Renee: It's ok, go, I'll be fine here. *smiles* 

Dean: You sure? 

Renee: Yeah. *smiles* 

Dean: Alright. 


Triple H: Alright, who and who is going together? 

Seth: I have to ride with Randy. 

Eva: Yeah, I have to ride with Summer. 

John: Well, I can take the girls, and Roman with me, that's all 5 spaced filled there. 

Triple H: Yeah, and Miz, Seth and Randy can ride with Steph and I.  

Roman: Well there's Dean and Kim too. 

Nikki: They can ride together. *smiles* 

Stephanie: Yeah, they'll ride together. 

Triple H: Alright then. 

Dean: *pulls up* 

Stephanie: Dean, you are taking your car, Kim will be riding with you. 

Dean: What? 

Kim: *arrives* 

Nikki: *smiles* Kim you're riding with Dean. 

Kim: *looks at dean* 

Dean: *annoyed* Alright, it's cool with me. 

(All Sits In The Car) 

Dean: Sit in the back. 

Kim: *sits in the back*  

Dean: *driving* 

Kim: Are you hungry? I bought some chips to snack on. 

Dean: *annoyed* I don't want any. 

(Later On) 

Kim: Excuse me, Dean, is there a rest stop coming up? I need to go. 

Dean: Oh, we passed it already, I didn't know you needed to use the restroom. 

Kim: Oh, well then can you stop at a gas station please? 

Dean: *drives to the gas station* 

Kim: *runs to the store* 

Dean: *looks back and sees the bag of chips* 

Kim: *buying water* 

Dean: *eating the chips* This is good. *takes a few in his hands* 

Kim: *opens the door* 

Dean: *quickly shoves them in his mouth and chokes on it* 

Kim: *laughs softly* Here. *hands the water to dean* 

Dean: *takes it and takes a gulp* Thank you, I could of died. 

Kim: *smiles then chuckles* 

Dean: *smiles and drives off* 

All: *arrives at the woods* 

Eva: Wow, it's so pretty here. 

Summer: I know, isn't it lovely? 

Nikki: Yeah, it's really pretty, wish Brie was here to see it. 

Kim: *gets out the car* 

Nikki: Kim! *smiles and hugs her* 

Kim: *hugs nikki back* 

Triple H: Alright, let's go hiking up that path. *leads off* 

Eva: *steps on a rock with her heels* Ow! *cries* 

Summer: Eva! Are you ok? 

Eva: No, I think I sprained my ankle. 

Triple H: Let me see. *looks at eva's ankle* 

Eva: Careful, it hurts! 

Triple H: Well obviously, you're wearing 8 in. heels. 

Stephanie: Why would you wear that out here Eva? 

Eva: I didn't know we were gonna hike. 

Randy: She's pretending only because she doesn't want to hike, get up, let's go already. 

Kim: *looks at randy* She's not kidding Randy! *goes and looks for thick branches* Here, this should help. *takes off her scarf and ties a knot around the woods* There, wait. *grabs miz's scarf*  

Mike: Hey!  

Kim: *ties the scarf around for protection* Ok. *looks at the sun* It's getting dark, we should head back to the car and head to our hotel. 

Eva: *looks at kim* 

All: *leaves back to the car* 

Dean: Where did she learn all that? 

Roman: She lived in the woods all her life with her father. Her mother passed away when she as 10, her father stayed single. She lost her father not too long ago, and not just that, but her husband took off and never came back too. 

Dean: Yeah, I heard. 

Roman: She's a strong person for her size. 

Dean: Yeah, she is. 

Roman: C'mon. 

Kim: Roman, you can ride with Dean, I'll ride with Eva and make sure she's ok. 

Roman: Oh, ok then. *rides with dean* 

(At The Restaurant) 

Dean: *laughing and talking with roman* 

Eva: *looks over at kim* 

Kim: *forces a small smile* 

Eva: *fakes a smile* 

Dean: *phone rings* Oh, I'll be back. *leaves* 

Kim: *looks at dean leaving* 

Nikki: *looking at kim* 

Kim: I'll be back, I'm gonna get some fresh air. *leaves the table* 

Dean: *on the phone* 

Kim: *sees a cart with hot breads* 

Worker: *calls his wife* Hi honey, I'll be home a little late, so don't stay up waiting for me. There's a lot of people buying, and I have to make extra's. Take the kids and go to bed ok? *hangs up* 

Kim: *feels bad/walks to the cart* Hi. *smiles* 

Worker: How many types of bread would you like? 

Kim: I want all of them. *smiles* 

Worker: What? All of them! Are you sure you want them all? 

Dean: *about to walk in the restaurant and sees kim* 

Kim: Yes, all of them, so you can go home and be with your family. *smiles* 

Worker: *bags up all the breads* Alright here you go, total is $125. 

Kim: *grabs her wallet* Huh? 

Dean: I got it, how much? 

Worker: $125. 

Dean: Here, keep the change. 

Worker: Thank you, thank you too very much. God bless you two beautiful hearts. Hope you two last for a long time. *takes his cart and moves on* 

Kim: *looks at dean* 

Dean: *chuckles* Yeah, we're actually not together.  

Nikki: Kim! What are you doing? C'mon, come in. 

Kim: Can you take these in? I'm gonna go for a walk. 

Nikki: Ok, hurry back ok. 

Kim: *smiles and walks towards the lake* 

Dean: *watches kim* 

Kim: *sighs*  

Dean: *slowly walks to kim at the lake* 

Kim: *throws a rock* 

Dean: That's not how you do it. 

Kim: *gets startled* You scared me Dean. 

Dean: This is how you do it. *rock skips* 

Kim: *laughs* Wow, that is so cool? How'd you do that? 

Dean: You have to get the perfect angle. *shows kim* 

Kim: *throws and rock fails* Aw. *makes a sad face* 

Dean: Here, let me help you. *gets behind kim/puts his arms around her and shows her* 

Kim: *leans over* 

Dean: Now throw it. 

Kim: *throws the rock and screams* I did it! I did it! Did you see that!? *chuckles and then smiles* 

Dean: *smiles softly* 

Kim: *smiles to herself at the lake* 

Dean: You seem such like a happy girl. What happened to your husband if I may ask? 

Kim: *stands in silence* He... 

Dean: *phone rings* Oh hold on. Hello? 

Renee: Sorry, I got cut off, how is it there? 

Dean: It's beautiful here, I wish you were here to see it too. Right now I'm at the lake and maybe one day you and I can come here together for a vacation. *smiles* 

Kim: *gets hurt* 

Dean: You want a video? Ok, I'll send you one right now. I love you, bye. *records* 

Kim: *silently* He's dead. 

Dean: *stops recording and looks at kim* 

Kim: *walks off back to the others* 

Roman: Kim! Kim! Let's drink this patron together for you getting this awesome job. *laughs* 

Nikki: No, she doesn't need to drink Roman. 

Roman: *drunk* C'mon, it'll be fun. 

Nikki: No stop it. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok, let's do it. *drinks and takes shots with roman* 

Dean: *looking over at kim* 

Triple H: So any relation change with her? 

Dean: No. 

Triple H: Why not, she seems like a nice girl. She just made a little mistake. 

Dean: Yeah, but I love Renee Hunter. Kim will always be an acquaintance only. 

Stephanie: She's a very lovely and beautiful girl, how can her husband just leave her like that? 

Triple H: I don't know. 

Kim: *walking up the stairs drunk* 

Dean: *watching kim* 

Kim: *tips over* 

Dean: Kim! *catches kim* 

Kim: *smiles drunk* Dean Ambrose. *touches his face in tears* I'm sorry Dean Ambrose. *smiles and passes out* 

Dean: Shit! Uh... *carries kim to his room* 

Kim: *lying on deans hotel bed* 

Dean: *sees kims necklace and opens it and sees a paper* What is this? *unrolls the paper and reads it* Even if my memories don't come back and even if I have to return to my family... I promise to always love you and be with you forever. Whoever takes off the necklace first will have to obey them for the rest of the year. *looks at kim and puts the paper back in the necklace* 

Kim: *passed out* 

Dean: *sits on the couch and goes to sleep*

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