when opposites attract

when boy meets girl. meet amelia hope, local girl with a bad reputation and a hidden past with a trail of secrets. calum hood who has just moved half way across the world from australia to the dull uk, liverpool to be precise somehow happens to meet bad girl amelia hope and is intrigued by the scousers mysterious past and rebellious attitude but do worlds clash or opposites attract?

this is my own story any similarities between characters or the story are coincidental.


1. prologue

my name is amelia hope.

If you ever fuck me over you will most likely regret it. I don't do dirty deals and if you take the piss I will warn you because I am not afraid of anyone. I'm 16 and dropping out of school this year. I have never got on with my family and let's just say we have never really saw eye to eye.

In my gang their is 7 of us, people describe us as the 'stereotypical teenager' which we are most definitely not and is some what offensive.

I am brunette, have blue eyes im not tall and you will see me with earphones in 24/7 and on my skateboard either at the skate park or central liverpool.


Hi guys how do you like it. I know it's not much but it's kind of hard to explain basically amelia hope is like the typical teenager with a bad girl image with all the piercings, tattoos and ripped black jeans with band shirts and over sized hoodies her 'gang' will be introduced later on into the story and liverpool is a town in england (where I'm from) but yeah comment and shit but for now peace out my cookie-shitters.

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