when opposites attract

when boy meets girl. meet amelia hope, local girl with a bad reputation and a hidden past with a trail of secrets. calum hood who has just moved half way across the world from australia to the dull uk, liverpool to be precise somehow happens to meet bad girl amelia hope and is intrigued by the scousers mysterious past and rebellious attitude but do worlds clash or opposites attract?

this is my own story any similarities between characters or the story are coincidental.


3. across the hall

That night I have a quick shower and am about settle in bed. I'm on the verge of falling asleep and ever so slightly close to enter the mysterious dream land when I am awoke; very rudely if I'm honest. Who the fuck is playing music this loud on a weeknight gone 1 am. I swing open the door, the anger radiating off me.

Banging on my new, already irritating neighbours door, it finally opens and I am yet again greeted with calum; the obnoxious Australian who I can't seem to get off my mind.

@who the fuck in the right mind bangs around with instruments in the early hours of the morning, are you fucking thick?@

@oh err sorry about that love, that's my band we were just practising@

@well can you keep it fucking down then mate@

after I finish shouting and calling him all the names under the sun I stalk back to my flat already knowing what a restless night it was going to be, so I crank a bit of all time low, blink 182 and mayday parade; the best bands ever hands down.

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