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The Pan Family has come to Movellas! *Credit to Shadownights for book idea*


2. Wendy's Book:Cinderella

Once upon a time,

There was a young girl named Ella her father had spoiled her ever since her mum died. So her father thought, "A mother and some sisters would be perfect for her!" so the father had went to town and met a women Bella who had two daughters Druzella and Aruzella. He fell in love with her but she was only interested in his money.

One dark and stormy night Ella's father died no not of natural causes. It was MURDER. Bella had grabbed a pipe and swung it violently at Ella's father's head.

They made Ella do all the work they even nicknamed her "Cinderella" because of how much time she stayed by the fireplace.

One day Cinderella got an invite to the ball! She was overwhelmed with happiness until Bella said she couldn't go. Cinderella ran into the garden that night, "Oh child, you pour unfortunate soul. But I can help you for a price!"A cloaked woman hissed at Cinderella.

"Oh what! I'll do anything!" Cinderella sobbed out, "This spell will only last till midnight that is the price."The cloaked figure said as she casted the spell.


Cinderella had the best night of her life, until the clock stroke midnight…...

Her dress changed to rags but only the slipper's were left, one had fallen of as she ran to her house. But the prince followed her and told her he loved her. then Cinderella finally had her happily ever after.

 The End

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