The Pan Family Diaries

The Pan Family has come to Movellas! *Credit to Shadownights for book idea*


5. Jade's bio

Name:Jade Reneyah Darling


Typr of Species:Human

magic type:fairy

Appearance:brown braided hair,usually wears dresses with (flower) Jade patterns and has green eyes

Weapon(s):usually swords and daggers

Mother:Wendy Darling

Father:unknown to her,but the only fact she knows is that he's a fairy

Backstory:She's Wendy Darling's youngest daughter,so she's the most immature. She ran away one day when she had a fight with Jane,her half sister,about her meeting with Peter Pan. Then,Jade saw a glowing light and knew what it was: a fairy. She was blonde and had a green leaf dress. The fairy sprinkled pixie dust on her and led her to Neverland,where she lives now


Likes:the stories about Peter Pan (she has never met him.though),stories of fairies,writing,drawing,sushi,and stories about Wonderland that her mother's friend,Alice,has told her. Technically,she has a thing for stories.


Dislikes:mean people and pirates. She still respects them,though.

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